How to Apply | RWTH International Academy

How to Apply | RWTH International Academy

Welcome to our tutorial on how to apply for
an international masters degree program by
the International Academy at RWTH Aachen University.
My name is Alice and I work for the International
Academy’s Master Office. And I will give you
some practical insights into the application
process and the steps that you need to take
in order to submit a complete application.
The RWTH International Academy is the official
affiliate for executive education at RWTH
Aachen University. The International Academy
is thus in charge of promoting and developing
the integration of professional and academic
education and we thus make a lasting contribution
to life-long learning. We currently offer
14 international master of science programs
focusing on engineering, natural sciences
and medicine. All these programs are taught
in English. Applicants to our programs have
to apply through the RWTHonline application
portal. Before you start your application,
you need to register as an applicant and create
an applicant account. Following your registration,
you will be allocated an applicant number,
which is your personal ID number within the
application portal. You will receive a confirmation
e-mail with your applicant account details.
Now you are ready to log in to the application
portal as an applicant. Please make sure that
you have familiarized yourself with the general
and specific requirements to your desired
study program. And please be aware that different
programs may have different requirements.
To double-check, please visit our program
websites. Before you start your online application,
please make sure that you have prepared the
following documents and saved them as PDF
files on your computer. Motivation letter
– your CV – your transcript of records and
your university degree certificate – proof
of English language proficiency – two letters
of recommendation, combined in one file – the
GRE for some programs, those are M.Sc. CAME,
MME-EPS and Textile Engineering, – proof of
relevant practical work experience – and you
will also be asked to complete a supplementary
sheet as part of your application. This document
is provided as a download in the application
system. Once you have prepared all these documents,
you can start your online application and
you will be guided through the system step
by step. After filling in your information
and uploading all the documents, you are ready
to submit your application. Any changes to
your application can then only be made by
the admissions team. You will be notified
about updates by e-mail, e.g. when your application
has entered the next evaluation phase. The
application process is entirely oline. Therefore,
please do not send us a printout of your application
form or any other printed documents. Before
or during the application process, you might
have some questions. So let’s take a look
together at the most commonly asked questions
concerning the application process.
Do I need to prove my English knowledge? If
so, how? Since the International Academy’s
masters degree programs are taught in English,
you need to prove sufficient English language
skills. Your English language certificate
must not be older than 2 years by August 1st
of the year the program will start. Exemptions
for the English language requirements are
only applicable for persons holding a qualifying
degree from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, New
Zealand and Australia.
Where can I find Information about scholarships?
You can find a list of scholarship opportunities
on our website. You go to “M.Sc degrees in
Engineering”, then on to “General Information”,
and then click on “Scholarships”.
How much work experience is required? Do internships
count? As the official Academy for executive
education at RWTH Aachen University, work
experience is an integral part of our students’
profile. You need to present proof of practical
work experience of at least 6 months before
the application deadline. At the time of enrolment,
in late September, you need to be able to
provide proof of 12 months. Work experience
can also be completed as practical training
or internships.
How and when should I submit documents that
were not available at the time of application?
Missing documents can still be submitted by
e-mail after notification from the admission
office until March 1. The final degree certificate
and the English language proficiency test
do not need to be uploaded during the application,
but must be presented at enrolment at the
latest. During the evaluation of your application,
you will be informed which documents are missing
and required in order to proceed with the
We are looking forward to receiving your application
and welcoming you in Aachen soon!

47 Replies to “How to Apply | RWTH International Academy”

  1. Please, can you give an example of how can i certify the work experience? I’m intending to apply for you software system engineering masters. Graduated last july, started working as embedded systems software engineer at valeo egypt since mid September. ( it may be not possible to apply this year as i won’t be 1 year experience by the date of enrollement, i’m asking for the next year)

    Thanks in advance

  2. If a student wants to apply for a Masters degree and does not have any work experience after completing the bachelor. Are they can apply?

  3. In the website, only few courses include the mandatory work experience requirement. Do we need to submit the proof of work experience for all the masters program?

  4. I had to ask one more question, .should I have HIGH percentage to apply the university for master program ?plz answer

  5. Mam, what are the requirements to apply for a bachelors' program . And are there bachelor's programs also available in English in your university for free tuition fees?

  6. Ma'am I am In final year of my mechanical engineering I want to apply for my masters in RWTH does work experience is required

  7. Hi. I want to join the university for a bachelors degree in medicine. Are they taught in English as well? If not, what level of German do I need?
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Are the applications evaluated on First come first serve basis or all the applications are evaluated only after the deadline? Is it in any way beneficial to send the application early? Thank you

  9. Great and very informative video thank you so much….one question is…how much does it cost for MS in Automotive engineering…for non-eu students?

  10. Hello, I have few queries which i wish you to help me with.
    1. In 3:15, I couldn’t understand the dropdown list of form of studies.
    2. What should be the corresponding address while applying, can it be permanent address?
    3. I couldn’t get the dropdown list in Type(Higher education section), Name of certificate, CGPA conversion to 4scale.

    Kindly help me at earliest.

  11. Mam , i want to admission in your univercity in . I want to know how much your course fees and hostel fees, plz mam tell me

  12. Hello Madam,

    I have some doubts regarding filling out of online application for RWTH Aachen.

    1.What is Master-1 and Master-2, why is communication engineering not listed in Master-1.

    2. Type of higher education entrance qualification. I have completed BE in Electronics and communication engineering in India under VTU . What type should I select? Preparatory college or School abroad under General qualification for university entrance or subject specific qualification for university entrance.

    3. Under academic background, my course in BE Electronics and communication engineering which is not listed. I have put just Electronik is it okay?

    4. What is course description , module handbook? There is a book that is issued by the college which would state the syllabus. Is it sufficient if I write it in a doc file and get it attested by the college department?

  13. Madam
    My medium of language is English in university, so can I submit my Medium of Instruction Certificate as a proof of English proficiency while applying?

  14. Can I get email-id of any consulting faculty of your University.I have more queries regarding the Masters program.

  15. Hello , I am trying to apply for masters in media informatics. But there is no specific space for uploading LOR and Motivation letter . Is it not needed ?

  16. Mam can I shift fields from Civil engineering to Ms in physics.And what prerequisites have to be followed for applying Ms,while have a degree in civil engineering.

  17. Hello RWTH International Academy!
    I have a question.
    I filled all the requisites as requested by my study program.
    Nonetheless, it did not request a Statement of Purpose or a Motivation Letter explicitly, and as such I did not attach any.
    However, the system did state that all my documents were complete, and all translations were uploaded within their corresponding files (merged into a single file).
    Will I have any problems if I did not attach a motivation letter? If so, how could I correct it?

  18. it seems the RWTHOnline application portal has been changed. There are not sections for uploading recommendation letter, proof of job experience and motivation letter. I hope this does not lead to the rejection of my application.

  19. Mam, I completed my graduation in engg. this year so I don't have the work experience as required so can I still apply for the courses

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  22. Such a nice video! should be uploaded on the webpage. I have a question… we can not save an application and complete it later? right? Because I don't see the option to edit the application that I was working on

  23. Our courses offered for winter semester 2020/21:

    • M.Sc. Management and Engineering in Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering

    • M.Sc. Management and Engineering in Structural Engineering and Risk Management of Industrial Facilities

    • M.Sc. Management and Engineering in Production Systems

    • M.Sc. Networked Production Engineering

    • M.Sc. Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering

    • M.Sc. Textile Engineering

    • M.Sc. Robotic Systems Engineering

  24. Hi RWTH !I m doing master studies in mechanical engineering.Is it possible to get accepted for a master degree to your university in a different major?(electrical engineering)

  25. I want to apply Computer Engineering for Master program. My bachelor taught was English. Can i apply by using my Medium of Instruction? And within two months i will take my IELTS exam. Please let me know about this.

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