How the 2020 Audi RS6 Avant Could Resurrect the American Wagon | WheelHouse

How the 2020 Audi RS6 Avant Could Resurrect the American Wagon | WheelHouse

– The Station Wagon was
once the vehicle of choice
for the American family but
it went away with a whimper.
On the heels of Audi
announcing their RS6 Avant
coming to America, finally, the wagon
has stepped in the spotlight once again.
(upbeat music)
But what caused the wagon’s
demise in the first place?
And are they going to make a
comeback for good this time?
I think they might.
Just a few weeks ago,
Audi posted this picture
teasing 6 of their RS models
to be released in 2019.
A week later, another
picture graced the internet,
it’s tail lights partially lit
and gleaming through the cover.
Those tail lights are identical
to the ones on the S6.
Leaving all those big
brains and clever girls
on the inter webs to make
the connection that it is
in fact, the RS6 Avant wagon.
Speculation came to an end
when Audi made a statement
confirming that the Avant
is on it’s way to the States
for the first time in Audi
Sports 25 year history.
This is a big deal.
But before manufacturers
were hopping up sedans
with more trunk space, middle
class America was using the
wagon as a means to cross the country
to get to grandma’s house.
I think there’s a case
to be made that besides
the pick up truck, the
station wagon might be
the most American vehicle ever.
(upbeat music)
The first station wagons
were built in the early 1900s
by independent companies
fitting custom wooden bodies
on Ford model T chassis.
Eventually, manufacturers
built their own models in house
and switched from wood to steel.
The first all steel station
wagon body came in 1935
with the Chevrolet Suburban
and by the early 50s,
nearly all the true family mobiles lacked
the wood body that was once the norm.
But the wood appearance
was a sign of luxury,
which is why the wood look was kept
by putting wood grain decals
or even sometimes panels on the sides.
By the 1960s, the
station wagon had reached
it’s zenith of popularity in the U.S.
There were compact
wagons, mid sized wagons,
and yes of course, full sized wagons.
And that’s kind of cemented the wagon
into the DNA of American vehicle.
Pipey youngsters would sit
in the rear facing seats
on road trips, playing sweet
or sour, only to realize
they’d be stuck facing that same driver
for the next 250 miles.
We’ve talked about it before
and we’ll talk about it again
but the first straw that
broke that wagon’s back was
the Oil Crisis of 1972.
All these cars had big gas guzzling V8s
that put a dent in the old
pocket book at the gas station.
So families looked elsewhere
for more economical vehicles
to tout their chunky youngsters around.
In 1977, Chrysler began working
on a small, affordable van
that looked and handled more like a car.
Chrysler took a full size
van and shrunk it down a bit
so it fit on a station wagon chassis and
threw a more fuel efficient engine inside.
It was a sales success that
sent the other big manufacturers
into a frenzy to build their own version
of the miniature van.
It wasn’t long before the
SUV also hit the scene
and suddenly the American
wagon was at the bottom
of the family vehicle totem pole.
– Now you can have all this.
– Although the market for
wagons began to dwindle
here in the ol’ US of A.
Overseas, the estate continued
to maintain the popularity.
Estate is the same thing
as station wagon but Brits
just like that word because
it’s fancier, I’m assuming.
Actually I’ve just been
informed that estate is
kind of the equivalent to
the projects here in the US
so it’s not quite fancy.
It does sound fancier though.
(upbeat rock music)
Those tea drinkers across the pond,
the love to outclass us
revolutionaries with their words.
Bonnet, which is a hood.
They spell tires with a y.
But that all backfired when you decided to
call sedans saloons.
Sedan is a way fancier word.
I dare ya to tell me otherwise.
As time went on, wagons and
estates had the tarnished image
of being the lame car that your
parents drove you around in.
But overseas, they continued
to prosper as the immensely
practical do it all vehicle.
Audi realizing they could
expand their wagon market,
went off and built a performance
version, the RS2 Avant.
(car speeding up)
It’s the ultimate sleeper, if you will.
Audi partnered with Porsche
to take the 2.2 liter
turbo charged 5 cylinder from the S2
and squeeze 311 horsepower out of it.
A practical car you could
carry your kids around and
a month supply of groceries
capable of slamming
your kid’s noggin into the headrest
and putting your pedal to
the floor, that’s cool.
The RS2 started the trend of
performance wagons for Audi
and really, all other manufacturers.
Volvo, those crazy Sweds,
took notice and came out with
the 850R and even raced the damn thing
in British Touring Car championship.
That’s sick.
BMW they got their E34 M5
touring edition into the mix.
Touring is the second fancier
word for station wagon.
In 2009, Europe got the E61 wagon
with a 500 horsepower V10 engine.
BMW limited the top speed to 155 but
if you got that taken out, it
could hit 200 miles an hour.
And speaking of V10s, Audi went
ahead and put a Lamborghini
V10 to their 2008 Audi RS6.
Just look at all the stuff
that Europe’s getting
in those wagons and we’re not.
(car driving)
If you’re starting to get
some jelly wagon fever and
live in America, like me right
now, well we had our chance.
Remember when Dodge
built the Magnum in 2005?
That thing had all wheel drive and a hemi.
SRT even got their hands
on it and made it sicker
but with the mortgage crisis of 2008,
Dodge cut the Magnum from it’s lineup.
Just imagine if the Magnum
had the hellcat engine.
Maybe the most popular
wagon produced stateside
was the second gen CTSV.
GM threw in a supercharged
LS V8, which is basically
the C6 Corvette zero one engine.
The CTSV wagon went away in
2014 and was the last American
made sport wagon that we
could get our hands on.
(car driving away)
But there is hope on the
horizon because in 2020,
Audi is going to bring us the RS6 Avant.
(upbeat piano music)
Avant, again, another
fancy word for wagon.
And this model is going
to be especially cool.
A 591 horsepower hybrid
that goes 189 miles per,
which only adds to the allure of the wagon
and why it’s such a big deal as of late,
especially to us USAers.
(car driving)
You know, I think we’ve been brain washed
over the last 20 years to
think that SUVs are somehow
more practical when in
actuality, they’re not.
They get worse gas mileage,
they’re harder to park
especially in cities
and no one really uses
those third row seats.
The station wagon was replaced
by the minivan, the minivan
was replaced by the SUV,
the SUV finally usurped
by the crossover.
Which leaves the wagon
in a perfect position,
ready to jump into the line up
and gain back its popularity.
But that will only happen
if people buy them.
And yes I know, a $112,000
for a sport wagon isn’t cheap.
I want to see a 500+
horsepower wagon built by Ford
in the next 5 years.
Dammit, I can dream.
Check out our 4 part series
on Ford versus Ferrari
at Le Mans, one of the greatest
rivalries ever in sports.
There’s love, loss, betrayal
and a whole lot of racing.
It’s a great story, one
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Thank you.
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I love you Brits, I wish I had an accent.
Hold on, I’m not done.
I wish I had a cool accent,
I’m from California.
I’m sure there’s a
Californian accent but since
L.A. is in California, all of our movies
and all of our TV shows
have California accents
in them as well so I don’t
know what it sounds like.
This is a big problem.
Be nice, I’ll see you next time.

100 Replies to “How the 2020 Audi RS6 Avant Could Resurrect the American Wagon | WheelHouse”

  1. I own 2 SAAB wagons – great cars. Such a shame we Americans didn't get the late model 9-5 wagons, they look amazing. Also, the new Volvo V90 wagon is pretty sweet too.

  2. The Mercedes-Benz Amg E-Class wagon has been in The United States in every generation of the E-class since 2005 and they have almost always been the fastest on the market, why the Audi praise, how about praise the ones who never took it away from us.

  3. Europe i hate you guys for having cool cars. Im stuck in a country that likes and prefer big bulky oversized cars. All love though lol

  4. You lost me a hybrid. No thanks. The battery technology isn't there and I would hate to see the cost of replacing batteries in an Audi.

  5. Don't forget Buick has been making the Regal TourX for a year or two now, they sadly only come with the 250hp turbo I4 base engine of the Regal line but they are AWD, and if people start buying them maybe we can get a TourX GS and get the V6 with 310hp. And since GM renewed the copyrights to the GN, GNX, Grand National, and Grand National Experimental names and abbreviations, maybe, just maybe, after a new AWD Regal GN is out for a year or two with a turbo V6, making 400+, maybe will get a AWD Regal TourX GN.

    I’m starting up a YouTube based mostly on my Subaru, projects I got going on like my brothers drift car. If you don’t mind checking it out let me know what you think maybe like and subscribe

  7. 1:14 That footage looks it is shot at Universal Studios in California. I have done that studio tour a couple of times, so that street looks familiar.
    Shoutout from Sweden 🇸🇪

  8. I have been loving my 2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLX Wagon with a VR6 and 5-speed. It's not very fast with about 175 hp, but it was incredibly cheap, and extremely fun to drive with those wonderful VR6 noises. That, and I can haul the whole family and a stroller in back.

  9. As a Brit I shall give my own take.
    Saloon vs Sedan. I prefer Sedan myself so you get that
    tyre vs Tire : You tire yourself. You fit a tyre to a car
    Estate vs station wagon : Is shorter and cooler m'dude
    Bonnet Vs hood : You get that too I use hood.

  10. No, the wagon will never return in the US to replace SUVs and crossovers. Americans just want their shit big and globally moms twitching for their next fix of safety won't ever not fawn over the biggest tank they can reasonably use. It's all size matters.

  11. My mom has actually been looking at Audis since all the kids left the house, and she doesn't need her Highlander anymore. She loves the way the Audis look too.

  12. CORRECTION: The Dodge Magnum was never available with a HEMI in the AWD variant. The AWD Magnum was only available with the 3.5L V6.

  13. Nolan, you are so right. The times and (dare i say) pop culture has such an impact, hell, when i watched this video, an SUV ad came up. BRING BACK THE STATION WAGON!!! Better economy, more fun, and they look better too

  14. If the Magnum Hemi and Wagon version of the CTS-V couldn't stick around, the RS6 wagon isn't going to be that much more than a niche thing either.

  15. I agree that the wagon can make a significant comeback. However, Not at the price range of the audi. Remember that mainly families use these cars and given that the cost of suvs is so high i can see the market for a reliable, sturdy wagon.

  16. My Wife Has a 2018 Buick TourX WAGON you have to go drive one 2.0l turbo all wheel drive 5 link independant rear and absolute beast of a wagon

  17. the wagon that already has a better interior, weight distribution and engine hasn't convinced Americans yet

    E63S? Goddamn I need a e34 touring

  18. I always find it funny that the title of my Suburbans (have owned 6) say it is a "station wagon." BTW, how is the suburban the first station wagon but then you show a picture of a suburban as the SUV that replaced the minivan? Which is it? Is the Suburban a station wagon or an SUV? Clearly the state of Michigan thinks it is a station wagon.

  19. If I had a family vehicle, I'd had a wagon, personally I would like something from the 70's, with a swapped injection engine (for everyday use), but a modern wagon would be good too
    Wagons are stylish and with the same space as an SUV, and way more stable
    And crossovers… well, crossovers are ugly and I'm just sick of crossovers

  20. The weirdest wagon related phenomenon in the US is that if they take a wagon and raise it a half inch, stick black plastic around the wheel arches, and put “cross” or “all” in the name, it outsells the normal version at least 10 to 1. Can’t even buy some of them as normal honest wagons

  21. Holy fuck, I just came more often than the rest of the month combined. Just the sheer brutal sound of the engines… my gawd.. I! need! one! right! here! right! now! 🤤

  22. the thing that cracks me up the most about him forgetting about the e63 wagon is the fact that its one of the fastest cars in the world and you can drift with it pretty easily if you wanted to. it literally is one of, if not the most versatile vehicles in the world.

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