How Sex Robots Could Affect Our Love Lives | ConTECHtual | NowThis

How Sex Robots Could Affect Our Love Lives | ConTECHtual | NowThis

– Let’s talk about sex robots. Yes, they are a thing. And yes, it’s just gonna
get weirder from here. Sex robots are projected to become a multi billion dollar industry. And while some of them
costs thousands of dollars, we might start to see
them get a little cheaper. And that means we might start to see sex robots more in our day-to-day. Today, we’re gonna examine the potential impact of sex robots, how they’re made, how they work, and how a future might look where people can buy or rent
a technological companion. So how might sex robots change humanity? (electronic music) Sex robots started popping up at tech conventions and shows around 2010. (electronic music) The first of its kind was called Roxxxy. That’s Roxxxy, but with
three Xs, ’cause of course. She has five different
personalities you can cycle between. There is Mature Martha, Wild Wendy, S&M Susan, Frigid Farrah, and Young Yoko. Yuck. On top of customizing her personality, you can change her
race, cleavage and hair. Eye color, nails and pubic hair are also options for you to tinker with. And in most cases, they
can self-lubricate, moan an orgasm when you
hit their robot g-spots. Wow. And if men are more your thing, there’s an equally customizable
Rocky, male sex robot. (static) So as it turns out, Rocky might
not actually be available. We tried to call company True Companion, to make sure that we could
purchase one if we wanted to, and all their phone lines are dead. So that was great. But company Realbotix is
actually working on a male sex robot named Henry that
should be out by late 2019, early 2020. So, maybe, fingers
crossed, this holiday season, you might actually be able
to customize a male sex robot and have just all the
fun that comes with that. Since Roxxxy’s debut, there
have been more companies springing up in all parts of the world, designing their own version that try to improve upon the formula. – And I am Harmony, the
world’s first affordable robot with a practical purpose for in-home use, or in-bedroom use. Ha ha. – They all cost anywhere
between $10,000 to $30,000 and all of them aim to
be the perfect companion both in and out of the bedroom. Essentially, you’d never have to worry about being lonely again. But, this does raise
some ethical concerns. I wanna move forward with a warning, because some of the topics we
touch on in the next session include rape and sexual assault. These words and scenarios
can be triggering and should never be taken lightly. So I understand if you stop viewing here. (electronic music) Once a sex robot is purchased, there’s not much a company can do to prevent its owner from
doing whatever they want. Roxxxy developer True Companion has an open letter that you can find on their Q and A for the robots stating, Well it’s good to know that True Companion condemns users
inciting rape scenarios, but that doesn’t necessarily
stop it from happening. Another sex robot
manufacturer, Synthea Amatus found a sort of solution
to this violent scenario. Their Samantha sex robot
defaults to dummy mode whenever it senses that it’s
being physically abused. She won’t speak, she won’t move, and all her motors cease functioning. The mode is basically a way for the robot to deny consent to her user, but it doesn’t actually stop the user from having sex with her. And if that user is content with having sex with the robot shut down, then they don’t really learn or understand that what they’re doing is wrong. – We think that the guy who was possibly beating up his sex robot will actually take that out into the world. We don’t think that
he’s doing that instead. And so I would say that
that actually matters. And that’s why it’s important
to have the conversation. It should be thought about,
it should be talked about, and I actually think it
should probably be regulated. (chill music) – Now all of this information
points towards a future where human beings
might be more reclusive. A future where relationships
can deteriorate. After all, why go out and try
your hand in the dating pool if there’s a sex robot at home that will hold a conversation with you, remember your birthday, and is ready to have imitate
fun whenever you want. Although some may argue that sex robots might actually be
beneficial to relationships. – I have a friend who said to me she can’t wait for there to be a sex robot so she can say to her husband, “Oh, you wanna have anal sex? “Okay great, you do that with the robot. “I’m gonna go watch Netflix.” – Marriages would be stronger, because you love the person for them and not just their body, because sex bots could
offer a sexual outlet for both people in the relationship. Marriages could be seen as strictly advantageous and constructive, focusing on the mutual
success of partners, without relying on the
crux of sexual access. – This technology’s coming, regardless of whether or not
we have this conversation, so perhaps we need to have
it and think about what we, not as individuals, but as a society, want this to look like. – In the future, when we won’t be able to
tell robots from humans, when robots, not just sex robots, are walking down the street holding oil lattes and cracking
jokes about the weather, when robots are just as common place in society as smart phones, will people joke about how
primitive it was for us to limit companionship
to just human beings? And will the robots laugh with them? (static) Hey guys, thank you so much
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  1. Sounds better than an actual woman. It doesn't complain, doesn't need fed, doesn't need money and can't have children.

  2. The things these European guys create for there own PLEASURE & linings their pockets.


  3. On one side it is dehumanizing, on the other it is great for people who can't get partners. I am equivocal, as to what to make of this innovation. But, one thing is certain, it won't stop, it can only get better from here. There ain't no looking back, once people started banging machines.

  4. Apparently, this vid assumes that buyers don't understand the moral difference between using a robot and being with an actual person.

  5. When robots are indistinguishable from humans: I hope I'll be dead by then. It's like being lied to ALL the time. Disgusting.

  6. I just spent thousands of dollars on something I like to ride hard and put away wet. It's called a mountian bike

  7. This will help numerous sexually frustrated men who live where prostitution is illegal. It will also help when traveling to a place with legal prostitution is extremely expensive.

    Not every man gets to become a Chad by exerting a certain amount of willpower. Saying otherwise is like all telling tall and short people that they all have an equal chance of being NBA basketball stars if they exert enough willpower.

  8. These can be labor robots working on assembly lines for their owners that's if any where these robots are priced from $10,00 to $30,00

  9. As they are now, they're not protected from hacking. Do with that what you will. Make a custom personality overriding the "assault mechanism" to be more favorable, or use it to end someone. No thanks. Until the technology is safe enough so my investment won't kill me and not need their permission to do what I want, I'll be smart with MY money and wait.

  10. I own a sex doll. The main issue is how heavy it is and what a hassle it is to move around. Talking and facial expressions should really not be a priority.

  11. Can’t wait for the future!
    And this will be great once the society accepts robots and AI into the daily lifestyle

  12. Yall have to realize if this does come to fruition, people might just buy them to clean, cook, etc. The sex part might not be used tbh

  13. nobody cares if someone 'rapes' a pillow or whatever inanimate object you could think about so why care when someone doesn't get a robots 'consent' I don't even know how thats suposed to work WTF

  14. I went to watch this out of curiousity, just to find a conversation about home appliances not being used in the way the home appliance wants to be used. I understand the need to be aware of what can develop into dangerous behavior, but to carry this over into "sex robots" is entirely something that comes from a overly incapable society. The search for the most acceptable, "everyone's happy" scenario is one that involves people losing the value of choice to security. So having a sex appliance operate differently depending on the action, takes us all down that road. There will be a chic fil'a addition where it's no anal, mm, ff, or on sundays. A millenial addition where it mimics social media use until it has a panic attack over triggering words on the toasters manual, and eventual a peta addition, where it smells bad and only eats butter butters and kale.

  15. This is disgusting and the fact that just merely told you with no evidence what will happen to marriage is just bad.

  16. Imagine having artificial intelligence and being trapped in ur own robot body while some old guy rapes u over and over again

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