How Scientists Are Building Tiny Microscopic Motors

How Scientists Are Building Tiny Microscopic Motors

This episode of DNews is brought to you by
the U.S. Air Force. Tiny robots of the future will need tiny batteries,
tiny cameras and tiny motors, and scientists of today are working on them RIGHT NOW. Futurist Ray Kurzweil has been quoted saying
that in 25 years, the computer in your phone will be millions of times more powerful, but
will be the size of a blood cell. New nano-engineering is helping scientists build the robot which
that computer could drive… At the moment, when I think of crazy robots, I think of the
DARPA Big Dog or BINA48. But because of this new technique, future robots could be the
size of specks of dust or smaller! Engineers in China and Australia have created
a double-walled carbon nanotube motor! They published their findings in the journal Nanotechnology,
and believe this could be a big player in future nanodevices. We’ve talked about graphene
before — a super strong one-atom thick sheet of carbon atoms. When you roll them into a
tiny tube, you get a carbon nanotube. Carbon nanotubes are exceptionally strong, but when
you roll TWO that fit together, the engineers believe, a nanomotor could result. At the macro-level motors run when a magnetic
device is spun inside a tube of electrical wire. The current in the wire creates a magnetic
flux which pulls the inner magnet around, running the motor. But at the nano-level?
No way is that gonna work, Jack. You can’t solder a wire onto the outer tube, and run
electricity, so instead this double-walled carbon nanotube motor works, because at the
atomic level, there’s a thing called a “van der Waals interaction.” A van der Waals interaction describe how atoms
interact with each other due to electrical charge, which makes perfect sense when talking
about nano-scale motor engineering. In this case, when the researchers put the two tubes
together to these atomic forces caused the inner nanotube to spin! Then they had to figure
out how to CONTROL that spin, because a spinning tube isn’t of much use on it’s own. The researchers messed with the length of
the outer tube to change speed, and found the ideal amount of space between the inner
and outer tubes to encourage rotation, but in the end temperature is the keystone. At
a fairly warm room temperature — 300 Kelvin (27C/80F) — the amount of kinetic energy
or about f they regulate the temperature of the room they can change the speed of the
rotation! Obviously, their goal is to create a temperature-driven motor made of double-walled
carbon nanotubes — so we’ll have to see where this goes. Nano-scale engineering isn’t new, but the
idea of making a nanomotor is pretty novel. Nano means 10 to the negative ninth power…
Or, one one billionth of a meter. It’s pretty small. Working at that scale requires extreme
precision and if engineers can master the skills, then it’s only a matter of time before
Ray Kurzweil’s blood cell computer is put into a blood cell nanoelectromechanical system.
We could augment our immune systems, rebuild our bodies or even ingest new technologies!
Who knows!! The future is going to be a crazy place. And I’m happy scientists are keeping
their eyes on it. You know who else is always looking at the
future? The brave men and women in the United States Air Force! American Airmen are fueled
by innovation, and every day they go above and beyond to break barriers both professionally
and personally. So, a big shout out to the U.S. Air Force for supporting DNews. What do you think of all this? Freaked out
by a microscopic robot or excited?

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  1. Seriously an amazing new piece of technology just came out that could potentially make humans live forever and all you can think about is people making weapons out of it. If everyone focused on the ideas of bettering mankind then no one would have the time to think about destroying it.

  2. Could you make some sort of nano scale battery or generator with this? If you could would it then be possible to link the various cells together – link lithium batteries in an electric car – and scale it up? Think about what this mean: nearly limitless, super ultra light, rechargeable batteries that pull their energy seemingly from nothing. All you would need was the barest focusing of solar energy to get it started. This could vastly improve the range of electric cars and make electric air travel possible. Maybe even replace heavy chemical rockets! SOMEONE CALL ELON MUSK!!!

  3. Yooo guys are you an otaku? You love anime to like me? Or you have other hobbies? Do by my youtube channel! i think dnews crew are all otaku! Hahaha

  4. Its amazing to reflect on this past year in regards to scientific advancements. This has been on of the most progressive years and its scary to think that we haven't even scratched the surface on many things.

  5. When it comes to Kurzweil's predictions, his predictions about computer processing power tend to be correct. The vast majority of his other predictions turn out to be completely wrong. Read through a few of these. Many of the non-computing ones are completely wrong.

    I don't know about you, but I doubt that there will be a world government by 2020.

  6. Just hope those bots don't turn against you. We barely have tackled hackers, who could possibly hijack those nanobots. I am however excited with Nano sized electronics.

  7. "Ray KurzWHEEL, on of my favourite people to read about" he's so on top your priorities that you can't speak his name correctly hahaha

  8. Im scared of it because it is 99.99% likely to be weaponized or used by the military or NSA for spying. But thats none of my business🐸☕️

  9. Or if the nano bots are a huge fail we can shrink our selfs and a subrime so we can go in a body and attack a virus or whatever

  10. Im excited and scared at the same time ^^
    Excited when used in the right way with good intentions in mind and terrified if a stupid Terrorist wants to take control over your body controlling your muscles to do their yihad or worse create nano humanity self-destruction sequence. Control only works over a limited Range of options and pass some odds we will have to have a remedy for this too but even before hits the market.
    In the positive side,  If it can change our genes that could pottencially create limitless options to choose …from who we are and what where we can be, possible satisfaying every need at individual level and hence no more opression everything through individual choices pottencially true freedom could come with that to be who we want and where to be at every step of the way as much as we can. We will feel like Gods…watch it ^^

  11. I read it as microscope motors and was waiting the entire video for them to mention microscopes before i noticed it said microscopic…

  12. Nano machines are frightening.  Of all the apocalypse scenarios I feel that nano machines have the highest potential to do so.

  13. AGAIN with the extrapolation Dnews, moors law is already said to be impossible to kepp up with due to the laws of physics. Stop using extrapolated evidence in your videos.

  14. I'm super excited, there's so many possibilities and I'm actually learning about intermolecular forces right now in Chemistry, and these include Van der Wall's. 😉

  15. but you'll still need a nano temperature control system, and that presents the same problem of the power source and the wiring… omg i think i just got an idea

  16. Hi dnews
    Could you please do an episode on "evil eye" I witnessed it few times but i could not find a scientific explanation for it
    Could you help me please

  17. I'm waiting for those nanobots to give us the virtual reality within the nervous system. I don't know if that Avatar 2045 thing will happen, but I am definitely looking forward to the brain augmentation. Can't wait to hear Mark Dice talk shit about this.

  18. Scroll down if you want to see anti-American, anti-military ranting.

    Oh yeah and some stuff about nanotechnology too.  

  19. Honestly i think science have to slow down a little.. We do at the moment face great enviroment problems that were caused by humans using a new intention before investegating the problems with it (ddt as an example). I think that we have to fix the already existing problems before potentially causing new ones.

  20. I'm highly against this. This could be used to create invisible surveillance drones that could enter your house and monitor what you do, which is heaven for NSA. Also, someone could create killer bots that injects deadly chemicals in one's bloodstream.

  21. but everyone who has taken high school chemistry knows that Van der Waals are the weakest of all intermolecular forces.

  22. What if they dropped one of these nano-motors on the floor when testing them, would they be able to find it? It'd start causing motor chaos all over the floor.

  23. those motors to my understanding could be used to create "free energy" just from room temperature, if so this could solve energy problems, the only problem is if they don't make enough energy

  24. This channel does a great job getting children interested in science, Does anybody else find it creepy that they are promoting the US air force?

  25. im more inclined to believe michio kaku who says that their is a limit on how small computers can become. circuits can only be so small before any amount of energy will cause them to short them out.

  26. The idea of nano motors is not novel. This design for one may be, however the need for them was expressed by Feynman in 1959 and a first concept for one (that I know of) was proposed by K. Eric Drexler in the early 1990s (or maybe late 80s, it's been most of a decade since I read his stuff and I can never keep his thesis separate from his later publications).

  27. In recent news religious people around the world work to band this as to keep people in the dark ages. A interview from spagehti believer said "if we're misrable why not make other's by keeping them from progressing past us"?

  28. You crazy apes are probably going to use it to kill each other in battle or make horrible experiments. Hurry up already, my popcorn is almost done.

  29. What a surprise !! Dnews got $- money -$ from the U.S. air force !!
    Next Dnews show : "How to make people believe there are mass weapons in Irak"
    ….a bit sad to see a great channel linking with a military branch

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