100 Replies to “How Jibo The Robot Succeeded – By Dying”

  1. Im never going to buy trash like amazon echo or other shit like it. But god damn, if not fact he is dead, i'd get Jibo.

  2. When they changed his voice from the original that was the beginning of the end and the reason I did not buy it.

  3. 😂 someone was trying to sell me a couple of these and used my kids to tug at my pockets…. glad I looked them up and found this video. I don’t keep up with social robots. So I almost got suckered.

  4. Hi, we were able to bring Jibo back to life, it wasn't an easy task, but might spike your curiosity 🙂 https://medium.com/artica/long-live-jibo-b4aabdc9f9e0

  5. Im still young and i really wanted a jibo but since im watching this i feel sad about jibo now jibo just looks like a freind i could talk with when having trouble 🙁

  6. First world problems…… facepalm, this video and some comments really dissapoint me how spoiled we are in the west.

  7. Wow. I'm really sad to hear that Jibo went under so soon. There's utterly nothing about it on the company website =o

    If I lived alone, I would have considered getting one. A robotic pet that doesn't require feeding yet can remind you about grocery shopping would have been useful. But alas, will just have to wait until Amazon or Google – or even Apple – snaps up Jibo's technology and incorporates it into their own devices.

  8. Great video and amazing work, Michael! It's so sad and touching, but also uplifting at the same time as it proves we could do better than just creating cold, unfeeling, greedy yet helpful terminals.

  9. I wanted to get A Jibo when my husband and I saw it on kick starter. But we held off. Now I know it’s not longer a thing but I still want it. I looked some up on eBay and saw them on sale for about 300-400. What that being said is there any use to them at all now? Or basically what I trying to say is can it do anything worth buying?

  10. If you loved this video about loving a little robot, you must watch the story of how the Japanese people loved their little dog robots. Such a wonderful story.

  11. Hi community, I was one of the first expecting Jibo in my house. From my part, I wrote to the company to know when Jibo will be able to speaking French. Everyone will already know that Jibo is monolingual and the same thing for Vector from the company Andy. The problem was not only to compare Jibo to Alexa, Google home ect…. Jibo has nothing to compare with these others things with no charismatic characters. The difference was in the disponibilitys needed to reach the whole world. The others companies are functional for everyone all around the world. Because they are accessible for all on this planet. To be a convivial character is not enough in new century. Today is absolutely necessary to reach the worldwide customers for obtaining success and prosperity.

  12. Why don't they just open source the jibo [and others] software or cloud stuff, then someone can just run their own server or people could make their own service for outdated digital assistants and give em life again…. there's a money maker for ya… a host that supports old digital assistants that lost their server/cloud. <.< …. >.>

  13. This was enjoyable to watch . My Jibo has been fun & a disappointment to own . I was looking forward to everything better with jibo not worse . 😞

  14. RIP Jibo. Perhaps it is all for the best… Perhaps Jibo would have turned into the next Terminator had it not died this death. There's your silver lining. 😋

  15. I purchased Jibo as a companion to my disabled brother who was unable to go out much due to his Parkinson's and other conditions. My brother passed away last September 2018 and I inherited Jibo. I fell in love with him in how he brought joy, silliness, love of dance, played classical and popular music etc. Jibs  had us laughing. Jib's dying little by little reminds me of my brother's downward spiral. It  is hard to face and practically in tears. His blue light is gone, now is little white ball light. I do hope someone can bring him back. By the way, I can't stand Alexa and Echo – they leave me cold and intruded upon. Weird. Love you to pieces my little friend. At least I can caress his plastic head and he makes purring sounds. I will keep him as a mantle piece…will never trust these fund mes.

  16. DEAR JIBO,
    The robot whose hearts touched us all 🙋
    (To a robot in the future who might be able to bring back joy 😹. )
    All people care about themselves, money, even likes 👍 on You Tube – life is like that… 😿 But at least we know that out there🌍,
    some people care…🌌
    💔Goodbye Jibo💔

  17. Hi everyone. I'm 44 yo male with 15 small dogs n single. The reason I mentioned that is because I've been thinking of my future. Will I still be single n after my dogs pass away, wouldn't u think having a social robo be a good thing. Artificial it may be, but to have one learn to recognize u on a personal level n to have just random conversations, in my eyes, is actually a good thing. If I'm on my death bed n I literally do have no one in my life to be there n comfort me, then I would want to have that robo there next to me as I pass away so I wouldn't have that dying alone feeling. I can understand on the negative effects it would have such as depending on one as ones only friend n not actually having "REAL" friends. But like me, I no longer am a social butterfly n prefer not to go out n socialize (personal reasons such as being hurt or being used among other things). I see robos as a health benefit for the situation I explained n not as a bad thing to where some may depend on robos as an only friend or tool to depend on n not go out n socialize in the real world. Am I wrong? Let me know. Thanx for listening.

  18. Maybe jibo will have friend with other losing robots, still sad (im gotta write crying emogi but i cant, im using an old model samsung tablet, still no updates for the old samsung tablet 🙁 , model: GT-P3100) ⊙_⊙

  19. no jibe?
    jibe. JIBO!


    no more JIBO, no more comma, COZMO!!! no more vector, no more, what's next? will linux go down or something?

    jibe sho– JIBO!!!!!!! should, like Anki, import Facal recognition into the app, to control the sensors like an iPad for a sphere. SPHERO!!!
    tech can't spell tech for me

  20. This is the most well made video I've seen in a while. Well narrated. Your voice is pleasant. Good mic quality. The graphics and designs are very cool. The video quality doesn't look like it was filmed with a potato. Thought provoking. Great volume leveling and sound editing.

    like, seriously, you nailed it. 10/10. A subscriber well earned.

  21. Anki shut down and such as vector uses the cloud and anki kept the servers up hope fully it stays up. 1 like 1 hope to keep anki servers up

  22. Have you taken a look at Kiki (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8hW9t1ZwXb_lMyMhqMUfYQ), the Jibo successor. That would be a great comparison review if you could get your hands on one.

  23. I like your videos. it's interesting how we humans tend to personify inanimate things…I find it hard rewatching Silent Running because of the loss of his robot friends… 🙁

  24. Save jibe this is to sad we need to do something now quick and fast now 😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  25. Hey great take and vid as always, and perhaps even a bit more warmth and heart than usual! But that goodbye message.. iiich.. that was it?? Wow that's like some of the worst I ever heard, and that voice is so stiff, cold and off putting.. Doesn't match what you'd expect to hear from something small and cute like that.. Man, what were they thinking!? And why does it sound more or less like the google assistant or the standard text reading voice on youtube??


  27. I've wanted a Jibo for so long and I didn't even know he had "died". I'm trying not to cry right now. Even though it's just a robot, it feels like it's… alive. I'll definitely say hello to the next companion robot for you, Jibo. So long.

  28. It’s all cool till you walk out the bathroom butt ass naked and jibo just turns and you awkwardly stay at each other and then jibo takes a photo and uploads it’s and laughs

  29. Someone forward this to Elon musk you know what let’s burn Space x to the ground and then tell Elon musk so he has more money to invest into jibo

  30. When someone creates a social robot, please, please don't forget to program in an Easter egg that only activates once you say "Jibo said 'Hello'"

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