How Does the S Pen Work? – Galaxy Note 7

How Does the S Pen Work? – Galaxy Note 7

is the Note 7 S-pen.
The brand new stylus from Samsung that fits
inside The Note 7 Smartphone.
Its little plastic tips are supposed to mimic
a real life pen as you write electronically
on the screen of the phone, and the whole
thing is water resistant.
Just like the phone itself.
So lets do what we always do… and see what
makes this thing tick.
There are a few improvements over the Note
5 S-Pen.
The two main differences is that the tips
are finer on the Note 7, or more pointier,
and The Note 7 S pen can detect twice as many
pressure levels.
So your artwork, or penmanship will look and
feel more realistic.
Included in the box are replacement tips,
just in case something happens to the originals.
There are two types of material used for the
The white plastic which is slightly more brittle
than the included grey rubber type tips.
Replacing the tips is easy enough.
Pop out the little metal tweezers that are
included in your box and just give the tip
a little pull.
Then the replacement tip can be slid into
I imagine that the rubber tips will leave
slightly less of a grove in plastic screen
Since they are a bit softer.
But time will tell.
So how does the S-Pen Work?
Lets find out what is inside.
The whole thing is water resistant, and permanently
sealed, so there are not any easy access points.
But the usual breaking things in half approach
seems to work just fine.
Now that we have identified that the weakest
point on the S-Pen, which is right below that
plasticy chrome clicky part.
So Lets see how this works.
A few people have complained that their S-Pen
has stopped clicking.
Which means that it gets stuck inside the
This doesn’t seem to be widespread though.
With Millions of phones being shipped a few
are bound to be defective.
The spring mechanism inside is pretty much
identical to any other style of clicky pen
that you can buy at the store.
A few springs, and the rotating plastic piece.
Remember, since this pen is not made to be
taken apart, if anything breaks on it, or
if it stops working… the only option is
to replace it.
Fixing is not an option.
I will link replacement pens and replacement
tips down below in the video description if
you need them.
The shaft of the pen is sealed by the plastic.
There is no easy access point here either,
so we are going to have to crush it away if
we want to see whats inside.
After crushing it open with my pliers, we
expose the main board, and before we look
at that, lets look at the tip.
Now to me, this is the most interesting part
of the pen.
These coils of wire.
As we’ve seen from the teardown video thus
far, there is no power sources inside the
S Pen.
So how does it receive its power and communicate
with the Phone?
These coils here are the main event.
If you remember from my invisible wireless
charging desk video, Wireless charging does
not need direct contact in order to work.
These copper coils in the phone will still
charge through thin objects.
So when we look at the Spen, we can see that
even before the pen touches the surface of
the phone, it is already receiving inductive
power through those coils in the tip.
And the digitizer, inside the phone, has already
detected the electromagnetic field in the
tip and is ready for the pens contact.
The main board in the S-Pen is covered in
a thick rubber coating.
This is probably another layer of waterproofing.
Under that layer is a ton of resisters that
I imagine help out with the 4000 different
levels of pressure detection.
Which is quite an improvement over the 2000
levels of pressure detection in the Note 5
S pen.
I do not believe that this S Pen is a prime
candidate for a reassembly video.
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