How Bosch E-Bike Motors Are Serviced And Repaired

How Bosch E-Bike Motors Are Serviced And Repaired

– We get a lot of concerns on the channel about buying second-hand e-bikes. At the same time, we get a lot of concerns about the longevity of e-bike motors. Well, today we’re gonna put
all those worries at bay. I’m gonna have a look at
a very inexpensive way how to refresh your Bosch
Performance Line CX motor. Steve, before we begin, let’s
talk about the Bosch warranty on the Performance Line CX. After all, you are a service agent for– – I’m a Bosch service center agent. – All right. So what happens if you have
got one of these motors and you’ve had it for less than two years? – So if you bought a new bike, you cover the bike for two years. So if your motor goes wrong, it’s a complete new motor.
– Wow. – Nothing gets opened up.
– That’s pretty cool. – The motor’s have been out since 2015 so there’s a lot out there,
they get a lot of wear, they’re used hard, and
it’s like a bottom bracket, anything is gonna wear. – So what happens if you
do happen to get a new unit under your warranty, does
your warranty get extended for a further two years? – So yeah, yeah you get
an additional two years. It’s just–
– That’s pretty cool. – Which is a cool thing,
a very good thing. – Yeah, so if you’ve got
any problems in your motor in that two years, then
you can just simply get back to Bosch and they’ll
renew it for you, right? – That’s correct. – If your motor is within the warranty, can you fiddle with it and take it apart? – You can’t touch it. (laughing) That voids the warranty.
– Right. – These little screws here have got rubber coating all over them. If that rubber coating
isn’t on there anymore, that means you’ve been inside it and you have no warranty. So don’t go taking it apart if you’re within your warranty period. Just go back to your Bosch dealer. – Alright, now my eyes been drawn to this little box over here. What have we got over here? – [Steve] Okay, so this
is a service repair kit for motors that are no longer in warranty. – Right. – So it’s a motor, it’s got bearings like your bottom bracket. – It’s gonna have wear and tear, right. – It’s gonna have wear and tear. If you start to feel your motor bearings getting rough and noisy,
noisy’s the main thing. You start to hear a bit of noise. This is the kit you need,
it’s a service repair kit. It changes the main drive bearing. – Right, great, well I think
without any further ado, Steve, let’s get stuck in and fix this
new kit, to this old motor. – So, Steve, the first thing we do is we keep everything clean. And one another thing is —
– Yes, I’ve got that on the checklist. – Ya got that? – I’m gonna be doing the
checklist on this motor. If ya don’t mind.
– Yeah, it’s really important that when we open this unit up, everything is really clean. You see that we’ve got
stainless steel worktops. – Well, it is like a kitchen
as you’ve rightly called it. – So, first thing is, we got to get clean, so I’m gonna put my
gloves on, don the gloves. I bring my cleaning bucket into play. And, I’m gonna put the
motor in the cleaning bucket and I’m gonna take my spray cleaner. This is one of the new range for Muc-Off, which is specific
e-bike range, which is good. It’s actually a dry
cleaner, so you haven’t got to get it wet, so you
haven’t got to worry about that. – I guess you can get cleaner
from any other brands, like WD-40 and everything like that. – Yeah, there’s lots of cleaners. So we give that a wipe over, make sure everything is super clean
when we come to break into it. – There she is!
– Onto the bench. – I’ll clean up after ya.
– Get my bucket away. You can tick me off there
for cleaning the motor. – We’ve done that. – We’ve done the cleaning of the motor. First job is, we remove the circlip. So, circlip pliers. – That’s not a bad pair, is it? Good solid pair of circlip pliers. – Yeah, they’re handy. – I can tick that off then, Steve? – Yeah, tick that off then, thank you. The next thing we do is
– Open her up? – Remember I said about all
the rubber in the seals. – Yeah.
– We gotta get that out. It’s a right pain, so we
have to get our little pick in there and get it out.
– Right. – And luckily, what we did earlier. – Yeah, this is actually
a procedure, isn’t it? – Yeah, it is a procedure, yeah it is. We’ve got a checklist and everything. So, the first thing we do
is we loosen the box off. And it’s all just, we’ve
got six T25 bolts here, that we need to remove. – Those are the ones you
cannot touch, if your motor is still under warranty. – You certainly can’t. So, we got this going and
to speed it up, I’m gonna get my power drill
– Is that a Bosch power drill? – It is a Bosch power drill, yeah. Yeah, look at that. – Fit a lock ring. – Fit a lock ring?
– We’ve got a lock ring. The lock ring is fitted. So, bearing puller. – Bearing puller goes over
the top like hangs on the lock ring and then we wind
it on the crank bolts. Can you see it lifting there?
– Yeah. – Look at that. – I can now check that off I think. – I think you can. We’ve lifted it. And we lift the motor and we’re all out.
– I mean, she’s not too bad inside really. – Well, it’s gonna to be spotless inside they’re so well sealed. So we got seals all around
the edge, the edge of here. – Yeah.
– You can see inside. The first thing we do
is we check to make sure everything is clean. Everything is good and that
shows there’s no contamination. – No signs of corrosion
or anything like that? – No, look at it. It’s like.
– Yeah. – It’s like new.
– Yeah. It’s just making a noise it’s all. – Yeah, it’s making a noise
and as you can see, you’ve got no more crank axle in here. And it runs on a bearing. – I’m I gonna check off, check for signs of damage or corrosion? I think we’re good aren’t we? – We’ve checked and we’re done, yeah. – Ah, right. – Okay, so now we remove
the freewheel sprocket. And this is this unit here. And that just press
fits and that comes out. It’s really important that we don’t touch the shaft, we only touch this, because we’re gonna reuse that. So, for the time being I’m gonna put that on the bench, there. – But is it worth opening up? I’m quite eager to see what’s in the box. Is it a good time now or should we wait? – I think we should. (laughing) I think we should, let’s do it. – Let’s go see what’s
in this Bosch box there. Ah, so there you go, that’s it. There it is Josh. – [Steve In Black] It’s
like Christmas, isn’t it? – [Steve] It is like Christmas. We gotta keep this really clean, so – [Steve In Black] Okay. – Make sure you don’t… – Sorry, I just wanna show you guys there, what we’ve got here. It seems to be lots of parts in there. – [Steve In Black]
Whole kits, o rings, and – [Steve] Special grease. – [Steve In Black] Special grease. Ah, all the replaceable bolts. Ah, that’s pretty good, isn’t it? – [Steve] It’s the whole lot, yeah. – [Steve In Black] Well leave that there. What’s else we gotta do before we get the new part in, then? – So we need to remove the locating pin. It’s a pin that the sprocket (mumbles). – Yeah, I can see the locator pin there. – Okay, and that’s it. – There’s one of them. – Yeah, so pliers.
– Yeah. – [Steve] We’re just gonna lift it out. Give it a bit of a twittle. There she is.
– [Steve In Black] Yeah. – [Steve] Out. – [Steve In Black] And
the rubber seal as well? – [Steve] There’s a little rubber seal. Sits on the little rubber seal. – Is there another o ring in here? – Now the other o ring, is the o ring that sits on the shaft, here.
– [Steve In Black] Yeah. – [Steve] So again with
the pick, we’re gonna pull this out, and get rid of that o ring. – [Steve In Black] Next, I
step, I think we’re done. So we’ve got the lubricating pin. Check. – Done that. Check PCV heat pad is on PCV? – Ah, now, this is the heat pad here. – [Steve] This little thing here. And we’re on. So, we’re covered. We’re ready to go. – So we’re done on the
first part of the process of opening the motor? – Yeah, we’ve done it. – Now we’re onto stage three.
– Okay, now the next thing. Before we put the new one on. We need to give this a quick clean. So, first of all we need
to make sure there’s no dirt around the edge. So, I’m gonna take my one and three cloth, lint-free cloth that was. Spray some cleaner on that. And just work around the
edge, being careful to brush outwards and not
inwards, because anything there, we need to push outside the motor. – [Steve] Okay, so we’ve
got the rubber washer. – [Steve In Black] Yeah. That sits on the rubber sleeve. – [Steve In Black] Yeah.
– [Steve] Yeah. That goes on. And then peel this adhesive backing off. They’ve done a good job,
they’ve made it really simple. And then you locate this into
there, and push it into place. – [Steve In Black] Boom! – [Steve] Done. – (Steve in Black] Boom! Are you gonna put that pin, while you’re at it? – [Steve] The pin,
drops in, and slides on. And we’re done. So, now we need to clean
the bottom bracket shaft. So, just to make sure
everything is nice and clean. Before we put the o ring on. – Steve, can I put the o ring on? – You can, Steve. But before you do that, you
need to grease on the shaft. – You can do that.
– Shall I do that? – Okay, I’ll do that. So we just get my little brush and we’ll just paste it around here, make sure it’s
all in the right place. – [Steve In Black] Good to go right? – [Steve] Good to go. – [Steve In Black] Stick it on there. Gently lift. I can’t get it, it’s just
too much of a fiddle. You do it. – [Steve] So we’ll get
that down and we’ll move it down to the right recess,
which is that one there. – [Steve In Black] Boom! – [Steve] And then we’re in place. – [Steve In Black] Right, I just need to update my tick offs. Clean rubber housing. Clean the BB shaft. O ring, (mumbles) done that. I feel like that moment
has come when we can open the package up. All we’ve got is six bolts left, yeah? – Yeah, they’re the retaining
bolts for the motor. We need those for (mumbles). – Can, I open the packet? – Yeah, let’s open it, yeah. – [Steve In Black]
There ya go, that’s them I’m interested to see what
you get for your money here. Wow, that’s a pretty significant part. – Be careful not to touch
the inside of it, we need to keep it
– I’m gonna put that there. So you be careful when you take this out. So I guess, I guess that comes out and there it is. And that is your new unit. I mean you get quite a
bit for your money, there don’t you really. So, we’re talking. For this kit. How much is it for the kit? – Well, the kit is, 99
pounds, for the kit. That’s good isn’t? It’s gonna totally
refresh your bike, right? – Yeah, you think about
what a bottom bracket costs, in a bike. – Yeah, exactly. – It’s like, it’s good value. (mumbles) – [Steve] Look at the amazing
detail of the bearings? That’s a really complicated bearing. – [Steve In Black] So, can
I just give this to you? I feel like that uh. – [Steve] Yeah, let’s take it. Yeah, let me take it. – Next job. – Next job. We’re gonna grease this
sprocket, ready to go on. So, sprocket, grease. – [Steve In Black] Bosch grease? – [Steve] Bosch grease. Work it around. – [Steve] Quite nice doing that. It feels like icing a cake. Get the brush and just wipe
it all into it’s place. – [Steve In Black] Honestly,
this motor is gonna be so smooth when we put it back together. – We’ve greased this. And we pop it into place. – [Steve] So that sits, the locating pin, that we stuck on with a pad.
– [Steve In Black] Yeah. – [Steve] This sits in
there and presses into that little wheel there. So, it’s just a case of dropping it in. And that is located. That is done. – Guess all is required now
is, to pop the freewheel, uh thingamajig on?
– Yes, remember this is is the bit that we don’t touch. So, we need to give this a clean. Let’s give it a clean. Where’s my cloth, lint-free cloth? – [Steve In Black] Here ya go. – What did you call it? – Lint-free cloth. There’s no lint in this cloth. And so for the first
thing is we’re gonna clean this, but we’re not gonna
touch the shaft, we’re just gonna get the old grease. It’s actually still amazingly clean. But we give it a wipe off
because we have the new grease. So we put new grease on. So, there we are. New grease. Again, work it around. Paint brush there. It’s like being like a dental nurse. Paint brush? – Oh sorry, there ya go. – We’re fully greased up. – Yeah, greased up. Slot her in. Slot her in there or slot her on there? – [Steve] It’s gonna
go onto the shaft here. So we’re gonna drop it in. – [Steve In Black] Engaged? – [Steve] Make sure it’s engaged. Fit it in with a coax. Can you see that? The wheels are in motion. Look at that. We located. – Well, can I go back to my checklist? – Yep. – I neglected it for a minute. Greased all that. Greased that. Greased sprocket. Checked the new cover seal
and see if it’s not damaged. – Check to see if cover
seal is not damaged. – Okay, did you do that? I’ve done that. – [Steve In Black] Check and see if cover seal is all in place. – [Steve] Cover seal all in place? – Yeah. And I think, now too, uh,
put the top on the pie? – We’re ready to go with just the icing. So, we take this, we
check the seal is good. We gonna flip it over, and not gonna touch any of this. Gonna flip it over, and
drop it, into place. I say drop it gently, ease it into place. So, there we are Steve. We’ve dropped it into place. We’ve done it. Okay, so next thing, Steve. Circlip back on. This is important, so circlip, open it up a little bit, drop it into place. And there we are we located it. And that’s it, done. – All that I’m seeing
now Steve, is six bolts. – Six, bolts. – Yeah, we’re gonna put the bolts in. And I’m now gonna remove
my gloves, because I’ve got grease on them. – Means I can help you with this, then? – You can do that. – [Steve In Black] I can see
you eagerly waiting there with the Bosch screwdriver. – [Steve] I am, now this is important. When you do this, you need to make sure that the pressure is right. – [Steve In Black] Exactly. – It’s like doing the car wheel. Let’s alternate sides first? – Exactly. – Don’t go in the clockwise
or anticlockwise motion. There ya go. – So, I got my drill, and
I’m just gonna loosely drive these down. – [Steve] Like the car wheel nuts. Do opposite sides. – [Steve In Black] Boom! – [Steve] So, there now
at least you’re done. So, what we now need to do is get the six newton meters. We need to get our torque wrench. We’ll just give them, and
do it like the car wheel. Do opposite sides. – Alright, Steve, we only got a couple of things left to tick off there. – We’re nearly ticked off, aren’t we? – Fit it back in the bike and it says here, diagnostic. – Diagnostic is great. We plug it into the
laptop and it’ll check on the whole motor. Make sure everything is
working as it should. But, it’s also an opportunity to the upgrade the latest firmware. Two years ago, 2016. Bosch upgraded to the… – The eMTB, – MTB right. eMTB mode. – It used to be called
Sports and then eMTB mode. And that’s the mode that will
work between, flows between – It’s like (mumbles) my car. – Right, it works to how much
power you’re putting down. It gives you that, you pedal
harder, you get more power. So, you’re not gonna (mumbles) – Make sure you get that
eMTB upgrade on your bike. – You’re not gonna hit turbo
when your not expecting. – Okay, one more thing
I was gonna ask you. Now that’s fitted. What’s the warranty
situation with that bike now? With that motor? – So what we’ve done there,
the new drive bearing has now got a two year warranty on it. Which is great, because you’re covered. If it goes wrong within two years. It’s warrantied. – So yeah, that’s great. Depends on where you live and the conditions you live in, and the ground conditions, every motor, in
different part of the whole, is gonna have a different wear age, right? – That’s a really important thing. – Yeah. – Where you’re using it. What you’re getting it. How muddy you’re getting it. How you clean it as well. Don’t go into it with a jet wash. – Yeah. – Try and keep it as
– But I think the important part is like you said,
Steve, is like be proactive, you know, keep an eye on your motor, and give your motor some love. And give it a bath. Steve, thanks so much for
showing us around the fix on this motor and
– Thank you. – And don’t forget to check
out the Bicycle Kitchen. – [Steve] My web address is – Bike kitch?
– Bike kitch. We leave the link at the
bottom of this video. – [Steve] There’s a whole
section of on what we do with this thing. Which you’ll find out on the site. – [Steve In Black] So
let, one final thing. Money-wise, we’re looking
at 99 pounds for the part. – (mumbles) – So, we’re looking at a couple hundred quids to get this done? See there ya go, I hope to
see your comments below. I hope it’s taking away some
of your worries and fears, not only, about buying
second-hand e-bikes, but of the longevity of the
e-bike motors in general. Don’t forget to like, share,
and subscribe to the EMBN. You’ll see some more Bosch
content as in one on gearing, which you’ll find.

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