How a starter motor works – Fixing a lazy starter

How a starter motor works – Fixing a lazy starter

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! As you can see it’s becoming a scrapheap overhere See overthere; a lot of scrap Back there is more rubbish.. I really need to clean up now before it gets even worse That’s what I have to do today The weather is bad.. But I got something handy! Especially for this, we’ll have a look later Look overthere, hidden within all the trash; The forklift It hasn’t run for a long time But I really need it to move some things Let’s see if’s still alive Battery terminal was loose With a bit of luck there’s still some power left Spider webs.. This is petrol, I put on the choke The starter is kind of lazy.. It’s not the battery only I think.. this won’t be easy.. Other battery Sooo.. look at that Let’s see if that makes any difference this battery is fully charged Damn.. Terrible That’s the starter I’m going to take it out Very important if you’re going to dismount the starter; Disconnect the battery This positive wire runs directly to the starter So if you touch that with your wrench and you touch the metal of your machine with it Your wrench will burn away So; disconnect it We have a better view now Here’s the engine Bellhousing the gearbox overthere and there; that’s where it is; the starter That’s the positive wire which I mentioned before It runs straight to the battery Lucky enough I disconnected it The patient.. How works a starter? This part is the motor That’s a heavy electric motor This is the starter relay These are the connections This one was connected to the positive terminal of the battery This one is connected to the + of the motor So if I put + on that, the motor will run and this one; that’s the signal wire if that’s connected to + The coil which is inside will be powered It will pull on a lever That lever slides this one forward and in the meantime this one moves back it connects these terminals So the + of the starter will be connected with the + of the battery and the motor will run so in the meantime this one moves forward the motor will be powered and then it will crank The part which moves forward is called the bendix The bendix has a pinion; a small gearwheel And that one will connect to the ring gear of the flywheel So that ring gear will start turning and it will crank the engine Engine will start; Then you’ll stop cranking, that one moves back Engine will keep running That’s it, that’s how it works This one doesn’t have enough power Let’s see if we notice that if I let it run now To test it; we’ll need the ground first This one is connected to the negative terminal of the battery The + of course, I connect that overhere Nothing happens yet The relay isn’t powered yet Therefore; I have to put + on that connector I can do that with my screwdriver and then it will run You can see that moves forward I think it lacks power What can be the cause of that? A possible cause can be a bad contact in here If those have too much resistance, the motor won’t get enough power That’s an easy test; I will connect the + directly to this one Then it will run immediately You can tell by the sound; It doesn’t make any difference That’s too weak Something is wrong with the motor Let’s take it apart and take a look inside It’s dissassembled Here’s the starter relay If it’s powered, this one moves inside This lever moves the bendix forward And this is what it’s all about the motor itself a locking plate In the back are the brushes It’s possible the coils are damaged and that’s the cause why it’s that weak another possibility; you can see some oxidation here That causes resistance The starter is mounted.. with this aluminium part to the engine block It will get its ground through here So the power must pass through this edge Overhere and then through this to the brushes and it’s possible it has too much resistance there and that’s why it lacks power First thing I’m going to try is this; Polishing this Cleaning it Reassemble it and see how it runs then Since it’s in pieces anyway; I can polish the collector at the same time This surface That’s where the brushes run over and those transfer power toward the rotor some polish Let’s polish that That makes a difference I’m not sure how conductive this polish is So I clean that with contact cleaner That’s clean Moment of truth It’s running better But I don’t think it’s great But I’m going to reinstall it to see what it does Reconnect the battery Now.. I’m curious I found it dissapointing.. Let’s see what it does Same battery But a polished starter Choke on Finally I can do some cleaning Well folks.. not everything went by the plan The scrap container is on its place The place is clean The forklift starts again So we can do something more exciting next time Thanks for watching! See you next time!

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  1. Dankje Milo… start motor van mijn Subaru Buggy is niet werkend.. volgens mij snap ik nu een beetje hoe ik hem moet maken… of als je zin hebt om mij te helpen en daarna een stukje te crossen….. :-p

  2. I really should clean my starter and replace the brushes …in combination with my high compression engine it sometimes even does not reach tdc and sends the piston back down.

  3. This was very cool! Everyone always says that "the starter is bad, needs to be replaced" so seeing someone take one apart and clean up the corrosion to get it working again was neat. I recently "fixed" my car that wouldn't start. I did a little investigating and inspected the starter and figured out the starter wasn't working because a wire had come unattached! Bolted it back on the solenoid terminal it belonged on and car started up no problem.

  4. This is by far the most helpful video I've watched. My car's starter was doing the exact same thing. Cleaned and put back on and car started right up.

  5. هذا عود وصخ وهيج شكله لعد اذا نضيف شلون يصير اي عمي

  6. You are awesome my friend. Think you for sharing this, it's exactly what I needed to know. From America , many thanks. I just subscribed to.

  7. hey master je presentatie is ge vat en inhoudelijk,misschien een presentatie/eigen programma in Hilversum? Ik heb je toegevoegd bij m n favarieten!

  8. Damn !!!!!! And just payed 180.00 for a reman starter shit too late !!!! But ill def do this before replacing a starter.

  9. the way I fix a lazy starter is to make sure there outta bed by 6:30 am coffeed up and out the door by 7 and told not to come back until they have done a days worth of work..!!! and for cryin' out loud.. someone explain it to the dog that things will not fall apart if something doesn't work right off… Good boy.. there always has to be a manager…

  10. Hoi Emiel ik help een Aude Eiger (trekker) en die startmotor is afgefikt maar een nieuwe erop en hij deed het weer als een vos

  11. Milo you should have said take the negative battery cable off first and replace it last . Cool video just the same . Lost count years ago how many starters I have done .

  12. Great!was about to rip my stater apart,but didnt know what the little wire point was for.
    Nothing wrong with my starter,wiring problem!
    New wire clip,problem solved!
    Dankje man!!!

  13. Had to hot wire the ignition on my boat yesterday, I was in the engine bay and mate connected the wires together. I didn’t check it and thought engine sounded different, ten minutes later the wires were smoking so disconnected them. Had to be rescued and towed in, I think I’ve cooked the starter but going to try today this today with a new battery before buying another starter motor.

  14. Ga nu de startmotor van mijn grasmaaier ook op poetsen. Hopelijk heb ik ook succes. Alvast bedankt voor het leerrijke en leuke filmpje . Gr Johan

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