Honda Walking Assist Device Prototype #DigInfo

Honda Walking Assist Device Prototype #DigInfo

On November 7, Honda unveiled a prototype walking assist device that helps support the bodyweight of the user. The new walking assist device reduces the load on leg muscles and joints in the hip, knees, and ankles by supporting a portion of the person’s bodyweight. The device has a simple structure consisting of a seat, frame, and shoes, and weighs 6.5kg, including the shoes and the battery. The bodyweight support-type walking assist device is
for regular daily use. So, it doesn’t need to be strapped to the body. You just put on the shoes and place your weight on the seat. You can wear it in only 10 seconds. It’s easy to start using it. The device is operated on a lithium ion battery and can remain operational for about two hours on a single charge. Natural walking is achieved by changing the amount of assisting force applied to the right and left legs through the control of two motors, based on the information obtained though sensors imbedded in the shoes of the device. We’re just beginning to test this technology. It’s important to identify and solve any issues encountered with this technology one at a time
by testing it in various situations. Depending on the number of issues we encounter
during testing, our release schedule will change, so we are currently unable to give a definite release date. Based on the know-how acquired through its study of human walking represented by its advanced humanoid robot ASIMO, Honda has carried out research on walking assist devices, and plans to evaluate the effectiveness of the experimental model in actual environments such as at a factory.

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  1. Not all people are English speakers. If the level of knowing a foreign language makes people morons…dunno man. What the hell are we using now to judge others? Tell me damn it….tell me!!! Because this is anarchy.

  2. i understand it could help the disabled, but i don't think anybody wants the Honda logo displayed across their ass when they are walking.

  3. Hi, I was affected by Polio when I was nearly 5-6 years old. About three years ago I've had surgery on my legs to make them strengthen. Though Doctors had told me that strengthening my legs will not make me walk as they'll be too weak. Now my legs are weak. However, I can stand holding on to something stabled and having part of my weight on it. I can take two to three steps before I start running out of breath. My question is, is there something know of to help me walk and stay stabled/not fall?

  4. Though it does look funny, it could be cool if it lets you run really fast or go long distances. Its a complicated segway…..Not necessarily for handicapped

  5. how sir? It helps those who cant walk due to knee injuries and bad legs go outside and live rather then stay inside all day and rot their life away doing so. Yes it looks weird, but you gotta start somewhere. Turning us into robots would be to reject our natural legs and replace them entirely, this only helps the legs, it gives you no other advantage except to walk better

  6. It sticks out too far the legs need to be more uniform with the human body, the seat needs to go up to the waste line and a belt attached to stop it moving around to prevent crotch pain, it also needs to support the whole of the hip section.
    One other thing what would happen if one of the legs near the top snapped, where would the leg end up, directly into the groin of the person wearing it, so some kind of protection is needed for potential structural failure.

  7. First this then obviously turning us into robots, as you can see on the video the idea isn't only for disabled people, they plan on using it also for workers in factories…This is going the wrong way, hopefully we are wrong.

  8. ahh but this is the thing, who builds the robots…? Who programs the robots, and who places the robots in the factory. We are not going to turn into robots, we are probably going to be replaced by them, there is a difference.

  9. Because you believe that once the robots will be done they don't plan to make robots building robots? LOL That's what i like with naive peolpe, incapable of thinking of the worse, a bit like those 4 year old kids that doesn't see the world as we, adult see it.

    But i'm glad there's enough room in your head to understand that something will change…but don't count on "humain" to give up life for robots, some will change somes parts, some will change almost everything…

    AI is part of robotic.

  10. I can see some claims for crushed testacies happening. How much are they? Are they gyroscopic/will they help will balance? Can they support full bodyweight?

  11. it would help with my independence being able to walk to the store for food and prescription drugs and the big thing have an extra load coming back home but it will most have an ALERT to call for help even a way to call for family or taxi to get home and ALERT TO REPAIRS ARE NEEDED  // ALERT  for police to help with bad guys abusing the wearer

  12. you can also use it for soldiers that carry a lot, or other professions its just the battary time needs be atleast 12-24 hours,

  13. как приобрести данный аппарат на территории России?

  14. Good idea, for people with handicap. But generally, we dont need walk assistants or things like segways or al this stuff which makes walking redundant. People worldwide move too less and are getting sick.

  15. どうしてこれが電動補装具として未だに一般に普及しないのか、不思議でなりません。整体や人間工学に関する知識が欠落した人が設計しているせいなのか、骨盤などに悪影響がある形状になっている可能性が高いことは一目で分かりますが、仕様の見直しで解決不可能ではないと思います。

  16. Funny, all your "jokes"… There are many, who will just love to get something to help us move… stairs and all… Me first.

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  18. I have diffuculty in understanding how a company could not be able to manufacture a car without dent who can able to manufacture such a robot like this.

  19. What happens if your legs touch together already all the way down to the knees?
    And not to mention if your hung like a Horse and your balls are pushed out front of your legs for comfort
    New flash this is not gonna work

  20. Изобретение века! Вот только резиновой дилды не хватает на ней, а для женщин и 2 можно.


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