Honda Lawnmower Maintenance / How-To: Oil Change & Filter & Blade (HD)

Honda Lawnmower Maintenance / How-To: Oil Change & Filter & Blade (HD)

Hello friends,
today I show you how to service your lawn mower by yourself. It is not very difficult. First a warning! Pull the spark plug in order to avoid
the engine starting on its own. Step 1
We have to close the gas valve. When the valve handle follows the line,
then the valve is open. When the valve handle does not follow the line,
then the valve is closed. Step 2
Replace air filter Remove the lid and clean it. We discard the dirt and the old filter. Everything has to be clean. The air filter housing has to be very clean
before we insert the new filter element. We have to clean the lid
before we install it. The lid has to close airtight. This looks very good! Step 3
The oil change. First we remove the stick
and measure the oil level. If it is too much, then we have either water
or gasoline in the oil. If we don’t have enough, then the oil level
was not checked often enough. Only if it is as good as this, then we measure the oil
with a measuring cup to be able to tell how much fresh oil
we have to fill into the engine. We use a measuring cup and
tilt the mower to one side, as shown in this video. The gas tank fill opening should be up. A good mower should be designed in a way,
that gasoline cannot escape, when we tilt the mower for the oil change. Because we do this on a cold engine,
we let it drip a little longer. For this reason, I am going to
fast forward the video. In this case we can see that
we extracted 420 ml oil. We can now tilt the mower back on it’s wheels,
and also insert and close the oil stick cap. We need to recycle the old oil. Every drop counts! Now we get to step 4 Replacement of the blades. We block the blades from spinning with a piece of wood,
while we loosen the bolts. Pussies can wear gloves, while we loosen the bolts. When we remove the blades, we remember the installation
location and position of them. We re-use the washers. Step 5
We will replace the V-belt. In this case the v-belt is still good,
even though the mower is already years old. The belt powers the wheels.
It doesn’t have to work hard. I will replace the belt only for this video.
We need to remove a guard. We need to unhook the spring
with a flat screw driver. When you twist the transmission as shown here,
then it is easy to remove the belt. Compare the new and old belt
by part number and size. Then install the belt the same way
you took it off. Now we have to hookup the tension
spring in a smart way. After that we check the belt tension. We install the cover again. When we install the blades,
we cannot forget the washers. As shown here, I even used new bolts.
Tighten the bolts by hand at first. We will use the manufacturer recommended torque. In this case it is 40 Newtonmeter.
That limits the chance of loosing
the blades during our mowing sessions. We use wood to keep the blades from spinning. And again I do not wear gloves. That makes
sense in my case, because I never slip. That’s why I still have all my fingers! Step 6
Spark plug replacement We need to use a spark plug tool in order
to not damage the ceramic isolator of the spark plug. We can shine a light into the chamber to look
for damages or surprises. In this case we
didn’t find anything. The old spark plug dosn’t look bad.
For this video I use a new spark plug. I follow the instructions,
printed on the packaging. I screw the spark plug in by hand,
until I reach the end of the thread. Then I do a half turn
as shown here. The plug doesn’t hold great.
I tighten the contact prongs a little more. Of course without damaging the plug. The plug has to sit good and tight and waterproof.
If the plug or cable is damaged,
we would have to replace the cable. Now we fill in the new engine oil. This label shows how to measure the oil level correctly. The dip stick does not have to be screwed in
in order to measure the level! You can see that there is no oil in the motor. We don’t know what your specialist recommends,
but Honda recommends Honda 10W30 oil. Here I fill in .4 liter
with a funnel. As always we look for cleanliness.
At the end we check the oil level again. We need to close the oil stick tight. If we make a service tag,
it will be helpful for the next service. then we know exactly
what we did last time. Now we need a test run. Don’t forget to open the gas valve.
Otherwise you won’t get it to run. Thank you much for watching.

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  1. Please some one tell me how to replace the tension spring, where is the other side of the spring hook to?

  2. Awesome video and instructions. TY very much. Do you have one on replacing the choke and drive cables ?

  3. Man I have a hrr216k9vkaa I cannot take my drive belt off the transmission guard there are no screws to be found

  4. that same damm computer generated voice from a script… turn this off and get one with a human being telling you what to do

  5. clean the damn mower. and as soon as you drain the oil refill it so you don't forget, can be a very expensive mistake on a customers Honda mower.

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