Honda Just Changed the Game

Honda Just Changed the Game

rev up your engines now over the past 41 years Americans have bought more than 13 million honda accords so there’s
definitely something behind them and and as I’ve talked to before Honda makes
great engines this little four-cylinder engine can run forever Honda is the
number one manufacturer of internal combustion engines in the world they
make very good angeles particularly once made it to a 5-speed automatic and i
know i’ve warned people about honda automatic transmissions having problems in the past this particular one to 2012 it’s a
5-speed automatic it’s got good response and a highway like I said when it’s up
into fifth gear you can get thirty four thirty five miles a gallon and yeah it’s
iffy in town you’re only gonna get about 22 miles a gallon cause it sacrifices
gas mileage in town for really zippy acceleration now if you were thinking
about purchasing an accord either used or new my advice stick to the
four-cylinder engine it’s got plenty of power plenty of that but if you’re a
speed demon go ahead and buy the v6 it’s got a lot more horsepower honda makes
very good v6 engines do but of course you’re gonna get worse fuel economy
there’s twice as many moving parts and a v6 as there isn’t a straight floor so as
they do wage repairs are gonna be more expensive on a v6 then on a 4 cylinder
now just like the competitors Camry they got a lot of room and I’m they’re a
little bit sporty or inside the backs got plenty of room yes cause the trunk
it goes and goes and goes it’s even got a cute little portal so you can get inside
okay you just have to get something for the kids in the back open it up and
there’s the trunk overall it’s a very well-thought-out car
and just like the Toyota Camry hey they start every time then when you
put them in gear they’re pretty quiet cars even those this one is dirty I have to say they’re more stylish than the Camrys are and if you really want a sports sedan get one
with a standard transmission since they sold so many millions of them here in
the United States aftermarket parts of good quality are also available parts
don’t cost a fortune to fix these things if they do break down
you can get radiators, air-conditioning compressors, starters lots of quality
parts and a reasonable price far away from the Honda dealer because there’s a
lot of them out there millions and millions a lot of people still own them
for decades hundreds and hundreds of thousands of miles so there’s a really
good aftermarket form I’ve had dozens of customers with Honda Accords and I never had one of those customers end up saying oh that was a lament they were all
either extremely happy with the car or satisfied with the quality of what they
got for what they paid and as you can see when you step on the gas they get up
and go if I wanted a fast driving cornering car I’d prefer an accord to a
Camry and yes as I mentioned before Honda’s had problems over the years with
their automatic transmissions but realize Honda designs its own
transmissions they almost always perfect their imperfections they don’t show the
baby out with the bathwater like say Chrysler Fiat Chrysler they’re always
trying different transmissions in their cars somebody makes it does another
company makes it does another company makes it and then yet another company
makes their transmission just keeps throwing the designs aware and saying oh let’s try this new one and then you got problems new technology generally always has faults and yes Honda’s had some problems with oil dilution in their
modern turbocharged GDI gasoline engines see how I’m does work I’m sure they’ll
figure that out and it won’t have in the future there I blame a modern trend of
all manufacturers going to smaller and smaller engines putting gasoline direct
engine throwing a turbocharger on to get a lot of power out of a tiny engine yes
they’re gonna wear out faster yes they’re gonna have problems like
gasoline making it past the piston rings getting into the oil diluting it and
causing excess of engine wear so in this respect if you’re buying say a 2020
Honda Accord I would say don’t buy the 1.5 liter buy the 2-liter engine so
far it’s had no problems with oil dilution realize that sometimes you can
go too small you want a sporty sedan you don’t want to get one with the smallest
engine hey a 2-liter engine isn’t a gigantic engine but it’s got a lot more
power last longer odds are it’s gonna have the
less problems in the long run so now you know a little bit more about Honda accords a long series of sports sedans and it’s pretty much been perfected over time the
Japanese way you want something that has a nice history behind it but there
upgrade that but they do it gradually and they rarely have problems they’re a
fun vehicle to drive there’s always that fun factor when you combine fun with
reliability hey you can’t beat that, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. I love my 2013 accord 2.4L, runs like a champ and great gas mileage. Got 43mpg this morning on the freeway. I definitely recommend it, the V6 is a beast, but mpg sucks.

  3. Friend has a 1993 Accord the engine started leaking fluid and requires a head replacement. He bought a new Accord in 2013. By 2018 the engine blew. He bought a tesla instead.

  4. I've only had one Honda, and that was an '81 Accord two door hatch with the CVCC engine and a 5 speed. It was a great car, I loved it

  5. Honda Accord is such a good car why do I have to worry about aftermarket parts but I love your enthusiasm Scotty and you electronics we both promote electronics in our channels

  6. Thank you Scotty! I own a 2012 Honda Accord, and love it everyday I drive it. Only regret is not getting it with standard transmission. Appreciate you and your knowledge of automobiles. 👍👍👍

  7. Had a 99 Honda civic and loved it. My 2010 isn't the best in my opinion. Trunk is smaller, dislike the braking system very much, and the dashboard is enormous, etc.. Could list a lot more I don't like about it.

  8. Wait… Honda has been using the CVT transmission in the Accords the last few years. Idk the exact year they started. 2013-2014 model year but I’m seeing those accords after 2013 very cheap now with low mileage & I’m blaming the CVT since they may not last that long ig. Is Honda CVT trusted?

  9. Honda CVT transmissions are good? Scotty focused on the engine, but these Accords have CVT transmissions. Not traditional automatics

  10. I have the same model, it’s a 12’ with 103,000 miles and it’s been absolutely amazing. 6 years strong and no issues, just drives.

  11. Hey Scotty what is your opinion of the JEEP Gladiator P'up? I like the fact that you can buy it with a 6 speed standard tranny but I've been told it only comes with one engine option.?.?

  12. I had a 5-speed 97 civic coupe and i had no tranny problems whatsoever. Only reason i sold the car is because it couldnt pass smog at 232k (i live in california). The new owner has put 10k miles on it and all he had to replace was the water pump and cat.

  13. Hahaha honda is doing the same thing they have been doing for years. Scotty "honda just changed the game" what exactly did they change?

  14. I have a Honda Accord 2007 Euro (Acura TSX), best car I ever bought, I’m loathe to move on, but when I do, I’ll get the next generation, brilliant cars for what I need. Nice one Scotty. I wish more people in the UK would watch videos like this, they might not buy as many Audi, BMWs and Mercs and save themselves a whole lot of issues.

  15. I have this exact model I love the vehicle and I myself am a certified mechanic however I am changing careers now. I have one issue with this particular Accord my lights for the radio buttons do not light up anymore. Now this is not a serious issue I just wanted input.

  16. My 2006 LX 2.4L manual started burning oil at 230k. I knew it was time so I finally pulled the trigger and bought a 2019 Accord sport 2.0T. I could not settle for that CVT crap when the 2.0 has the 10 speed automatic with the type R style engine on 4 cylinders. Let’s just say I’m loving the upgrade. Will be worth every penny in the end. Also driving manual for 9 years got old. I love my new car!

  17. I've got a 2011 Honda Accord, but it's the European/Japanese one that's called the Honda Accord Euro here in Australia, and I love it.

  18. Scotty unfortunately Honda here in Australia didn’t provide civic with standard transmission. So I am stuck with a CVT any advice for longevity?

  19. Hey Scotty is it me or does that battery under the hood of that Honda looks like it belongs in a power wheel! Why is it so small?

  20. The honda odyssey is the same running gear but with only the automatic available. What year did they get it right with the 5 speed auto?

  21. Hey scott, my 2012 honda accord vibrates when I put it on 'D' but is smooth once i start driving. What could be the reason? bad engine mounts?

  22. Nothing but Honda's in my driveway my 2000 Acura Integra 98 Civic coupe being built for drag Accord from my local Honda dealership fixing to trade it in for a Si🤘🏼💪🏼

  23. Scotty, I'm having a hard time finding parts for my Honda vehicle. Any idea if the parts are interchangeable throughout Hondas? I own a 2006 Honda Stream RSZ DBA-RN8…. I've looked everywhere for struts 🙁

  24. I own a 2018 Honda accord hybrid ITS HORRIBLE! Steering ie:rack n pinion horrible, struts! Horrible! This car was assembled in the USA I would of NEVER bought it if it was made in a NEW american factory LEARNING to assemble my CAR!

  25. Scotty, your camera work when you're showing the interior reminds me of the dog looking for beggin strip commercial. Hilarious dude!

  26. I own a 2012 HONDA Accord Se. we’ve had it since new. We haven’t replaced any major component so far 150k mileage. I hope to hit 200k with no issues

  27. Thinking between getting a Honda Accord 2015 automatic petrol sedan vs Ford Fusion/Mondeo(in Eu it's called Mondeo it seems) 2015 automatic petrol sedan. Any thoughts on this?

  28. Barrack Obama: scotty we have a cash for clunker program, you can get $4500 for training in your old Celica for a brand new Prius

    Scotty Kilmer: Over my dead body, your the endless money pit president and a piles of garbadge ever had.

  29. K24 Honda’s run forever I love these cars 2012 200k runs like new 190hp 🥰😍😘 I love these cars love love ❤️

  30. I've owned a 2000 Ford Focus Wagon, 2005 Honda Accord, 2008 Suzuki SX4, and 2008 Nissan Teana. Honda Accord is best car I've ever owned!! its a very reliable car!!
    next goal: probably another Accord or a Camry 🙂

  31. I concur what Scotty stated in this video. I have a 2003 accord with the 2.4 liter engine. It’s on its 2nd transmission since the original one started to slip @ 190,000 miles. Currently it has 299,000 miles. Original engine and still runs smooth and doesn’t smoke nor has any engine noise. Other than the normal maintenance and an alternator and starter change it has never let me down. And believe me, I don’t drive this car like an old lady does. More like a millennial hell bent on getting to school on time. Get this, it even has the original exhaust system and coil/struts too. However I wouldn’t say that the transmission is complete garbage though. It was simply my neglect that blew it. Late fluid change and not using Honda transmission fluid as it has viscosity and lubricating properties that differs from aftermarket fluids. So my mistake. But if you want more power in that same motor go with the Acura TSX. The transmission however is an improved version of mines and I’ve heard from people I know that it hasn’t given them any problems. Just expect to pay more for that model. It’s my daily driver and my weekend car is a 2015 accord sport. Highly recommend getting either. You won’t be disappointed.

  32. i love honda….. i have civic 2012…… 92k miles now… NO PROBLEMS AT ALL! of course im changing the oil responsibly too lol…. Scotty how about the HRVs????

  33. I love my 2012 Accord with 2.2 diesel an automatic transmission, I got the diesel because I drive 200 km's a day, it's a great engine for the highway.

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