Honda Civic : Does it still make sense? : PowerDrift

Honda Civic : Does it still make sense? : PowerDrift

It’s only through pain you could love
the old Honda Civic. Every time you’d go over a speed breaker you’d have to prepare yourself to have a piece of your underbody scraped out along with that, a piece of your heart. Yet, here I am, driving a Civic over some of Bangalore’s mightiest speed breakers and yet… … the bottom isn’t scraping! All right now with the ground clearance
ticked and out of the way, let’s talk a little bit about the design because with the old Civic, for most at least, it was love at first sight. This one though is different, sure, you’re not gonna miss it on the road with its sleek LED headlamps, it’s thick front fascia it’s curvy body work and those sleek LED tail lamps that make it look like it was designed in a
Michael Bay movie but it just doesn’t have
a futuristic feel that the previous Civic gave us. And there’s more of that on the inside, it doesn’t feel too special, it doesn’t have that spaceship cocoon-like
feel that the previous model gave you, but then again maybe I’m dwelling too
much in the past because this car is a lot more practical than its predecessor. We’re going to talk more about the practicality and features in just a bit. Let me tell you more about the car that we’re driving here. This is the 1.6 diesel, produces about 120 PS , 300 Nm of torque and is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The gearing is long, the throws are nice,
and quick and precise. And driving here on the highway it feels like this is what the car was
designed to do. For example, I’m doing about 80 KM/H
and the car is doing just around 1,400 RPM and if you chuck it in the economy mode, then you can get up to 26.5 KM/L which makes it also incredibly efficient. Now, yes, they have improved the ground
clearance of this car specifically for… ..the India model but it isn’t just a
simple jack up job, they have also …changed a few components in the
suspension. Specifically the bump stop rubber which
means that it also protects the car from… …initial shock so we drove it up a few
patrols and a few speed breakers and… …car responds really well it doesn’t get
thrown off easily. Now coming to the features on this car… Honda have given it features that have been designed to make your life a lot more easier …for example, you have Lane watch assist, the one that we’ve seen on the CRV as well… …we push a button or when you activate your indicator stock… …that activates a camera in the left
rearview mirror and then there’s an… …image that pops up in the screen to tell
you what’s behind you. It also gets cruise control, it also has a sunroof,
dual zone climate control. It now has an electronic parking brake which means
that it’s clear up a lot of space right here… …in the central console and also
comes with an adjustable armrest. Visibility on this car has also been
greatly improved… …the A pillars been slimmed out a bit compared to the
previous model so the visibility is a lot better… …you sit a lot more upright as well, and then we have the NVH levels on this car… …of course, we’re driving on
really smooth highways from what I can tell.. …there isn’t a lot of wind noise
coming and I can hear a hint of tire noise… …but that can be easily drowned out
with this really nice audio system. Talking about the Diesel, not bad… …it’s designed to be more
of a cruiser. It doesn’t have that punch… …that you would expect from a diesel engine. Driving here at triple digit highway speeds… …the car feels nice and compliant,
brakes are responsive… …the steering has a nice weight to it and the
car feels pretty balanced overall… …despite the fact that now, they’ve
jacked up the ground clearance the car… …doesn’t feel unsettling and that only
comes down to the suspension tuning on this… …which Honda have done a really good
job for. So all-in-all here on the highways, the diesel performs really well. Now with this new platform being longer and wider than before… …the most obvious place of benefit is when it comes to practicality… …specifically the boot space.
The Civic now offers 430 litres of boot space… …and the improvement of 73 liters over the previous model. Not just practicality, the interiors have
also benefited. Let’s check it out! Here the rear legroom has definitely
improved but the biggest thing that… …really impresses me right here in the
rear are these seats they are just… …spot-on, the backrest is at the right
angle, there are nicely contours in the… …seats themselves. It really envelope your
body and Honda says that this is good… …enough for three people, although I’m a
bit suspicious I don’t think so a three… …people could rest also considering
that you have a big transmission panel… …right here on the floor. You have your AC
vents but no rear charging socket and… …headroom also is a bit of a squeeze but
that does not mean that this is a bad place to be. So the fit and finish inside the cabin
is all top-notch, nice quality materials… …have been used the dashboard is all soft
that there are these really nice… …wooden inserts as well I particularly
like the contrast stitching on the seats… …and the steering wheel. When it comes to the infotainment system
you get a 7-inch… …infotainment system with Apple Carplay
and Android Auto but what’s particularly… …interesting is this little feature here
that has a bit of a cable organizer that… …hides behind this central console unit
right here. I also like the new TFT display, the graphics are really nice… …and smooth, the readout is nice and clear. So although the cabin overall has
gone back to being more conventional… …compared to the previous model it does
feel a lot more upmarket more premium… …and more suave.
Alright now time to head back and drive the petrol. Alright, driving the petrol Civic of 1.8 liter
naturally aspirated petrol… Haven’t said that in a while!
You have 6,500 rpm to play with… The first thing that’s gonna strike you when
you drive this car is the handling… In one word guys, is incredible!
Don’t forget this chassis also underpins the mighty… Civic Type-r that holds lap record for
the fastest front-wheel drive car on the Nürburgring. It’s 22 kilos lighter, it’s 25 percent stiffer. They’ve also updated a lot of suspension components in… …and gets beefier stabilizer bars. It gets a new front strut, it also gets new
multi-link rear suspension you also have… …a steering rack with variable ratios a
suite of electronics you have their own… …stability control and also brake torque
vectoring in case you overcook it and… ,,,the driving experience here in the
twisties guys is so much, fun this car… …really really has done a great job in the corners. With possibly the exception of maybe the
Skoda VRS, I can’t think of any other… …car in the segment that just drives as nice!
There is such a wonderful sense of… …connection through the steering wheel
the feedback is really good it’s easy to… …tell what the wheels are doing, it’s easy
to place the card. The only thing that takes away from the
driving experience for me, to be honest… …is the fact that the petrol engine
doesn’t come with a manual gearbox. To be honest the Civic does a pretty decent job
we put in a manual mode and… …and use the paddle shifters, it does a decent job of emulating gears… It doesn’t necessarily auto upshift, it
holds the engine, revs nicely so you know… …you can essentially play with the torque
and power band but then again I would… …have just prefer the Manual. We asked Honda this,
they said that according to their… …market research 90% of people who buy
petrol sedans in this segment prefer… automatics and therein lies the question
folks with today’s market… Does the Civic still make sense? But before we ask that question here
are some of the things that I feel that… …could have improved in the Civic.
So first off it doesn’t have a speed… …sensing or door lock, it’s manual which I
think for a car in this segment is a bit… …of a commission. Then there are the tires
handling setup of the car is incredible… …but I think the tires that laid it down
on that one for a much harder compound… …it doesn’t move justice to this entire
chassis and handling setup and then… …there is the key of the car, it’s very similar
one that you have. The Civic is a legend, to us enthusiasts, it was launched at a time when there was nothing else… …like it in our markets. Of course, now the market has moved on and they all love SUVs but… …Honda believes that the sedan is making a comeback. This new Civic, it certainly is… …an upgrade but I can’t help but feel
that it now appeals more to the head… …then it does the heart!
I’m really glad that the Civic is back but I’m also… …cautiously optimistic!
What about you? Thank you so much for… …watching why didn’t you let us know in
the comment section below. My name is Glen. Until next time, bye-bye!

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  1. Good morning #PDArmy! The Civic is back! Does it live up to your expectations? Let us know below, and remember to Like the video if you too have been eagerly waiting for its launch!

  2. I'm sorry, with out Honda sensing why you have brought this skeleton car to India. I was eager to buy only because for Lane Keeping Assist System
    This feature can adjust your steering to keep you safe in the center of your lane.

    Adaptive Cruise Control
    This feature will automatically keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

    Road Departure Mitigation System
    This feature can adjust your steering and braking if you leave your lane without using your turn signal.

    Collision Mitigation Braking Systemβ„’
    This feature will automatically apply pressure to your brakes when a potential collision is detected.

    Lane Departure Warning
    This feature will alert you audibly and visually when you begin to drift out of your lane.

    Forward Collision Warning
    This feature monitors the traffic in front of your vehicle and will alert you in the event of a potential hazard in front of your vehicle

  3. Hello……Power Drift team
    Will honda launch turbo petrol variant or TYPE R variant??
    As skoda launched their octavia VRS why cant honda atleast launch turbo petrol variant??

  4. Too late honda! πŸ’” Its been 2-3 years now since I have been seeing it on Singapore roads. And now they are bringing it to India πŸ™„

  5. Hello #PdArmy ,
    Quick suggestion : can you also squeeze in 20 second segment for helping viewers to understand briefly the most important features if not exhaustive, one would not get in lower models of a particular make and model. The top model you guys review is usually aspirational and majority users usually settle a trim below the top. You guys have scripts good enough to accommodate this as it would go a long way in aiding decision making for your viewers .
    Needless to say, a fan of your work and a true enthusiast!

  6. 1. Nothing can ever beat the old Civic.
    2. Never again use that horrible sound track please.
    3. No charging point at the rear seat, however, City gets 2 charging ports at the back. WTF?
    4. This Civic doesn't feel special at all. Everyone was looking forward to this Civic but it has just been a disappointment.
    People in this segment don't really care about the service cost. Therefore, just go for a Skoda Octavia!

  7. New Gen Civic is a total disappointment!!! Better to go for Octavia. Civic's road presence willnot be as much as the earlier model used to.

  8. I would still prefer my 2008 Civic over this "Amazeish" and underpowered car.
    It was way ahead of time then and even now..!!!

  9. "Appeals more to the head than the heart"
    That is the most apt way of describing this one. The 8th gen really was (and still is) a gem. With the CVT, Honda has probably already lost the boy racer segment of buyers… Perhaps the manual will come in a "sport" trim or some limited edition.. or maybe not. Nothing wrong with being optimistic about it.

  10. Nope. Nobody seems to be interested in D segment sedans anymore. Market has moved to SUVs. Compass, Harrier etc. will most probably continue to dominate the segment.

  11. Honda has got to get rid of those chrome bars at the front! They're ruining the look of the cars! On the other hand.. the new Civic's rear is much better looking than the front.. shall we say bootylicious!

  12. Manual transmission, please. I am disheartened that manufacturers are going for automatic transmission only. I understand their desire make cars "90%" of the people like. But don't forget the 10% of enthusiasts who run this world. πŸ™‚

  13. I have 2 questions, 1 When Octavia gets 170 odd HP power petrol engine at around similar price point why can't Honda, 2. At least 2 litre petrol engine which they already have powering CRV in India. I think Honda wants to make more money with less

  14. One more question, 1.5 Turbo also available in all markets including Pakistan and also from where it is coming to India, then why not in India

  15. Liked the video the moment you said..designed to be a cruiser. Of course the Skoda is this one is for back seat riders with good economy and cruise comfortably at triple digit speeds

  16. I really miss the classy and futuristic look of old CIVIC. the slopy design and really premium looking front grill. I don't know what honda is doing with the same grill right from amaze, city and civic.

  17. I would definetly buy this car if it had petrol manual which is not the case bcoz the CVT gearbox does not offer us much power or freedom to play with the revvs.
    On the other hand the skoda Octavia does the DSG gearbox outshines way more better than the CVT

  18. I still remember the first time I saw the previous generation Civic on the road when it was launched in India.. One look and I went β€œwooaaahh it looks damn sexy !!” This one doesn’t do that.. but maybe it’s just cos all cars look good nowadays..

  19. Really sad to say that now a days pd reviews are becoming similar to other so called car review shows..
    I think that old unique presentations and energy level has seem to be lost …pls consider it as a positive suggestion and work on improving yourself and go back to that old original unique way of your presentation..

  20. The D Segment Sedan market died because the Civic was gone. Now that it is back, am sure the segment will start pulling up numbers as well πŸ˜‰
    I just hope Honda does a Skoda and gets the Type R in limited edition. Then there would be no looking back. It will be Bye Bye Skoda RS

  21. Watching Honda Civic like this was bit painful and doesn't realeases adraline anymore, it was like a girl name Noor jahan speaking haryanwi. Still in love with the old one.

  22. Absolutely terrible selection of music, and it's still so effing loud that it's not comfortable to listen to the speaker. You guys are at 1.4 mil subs, how can you still manage to do such a terrible job of editing the audio?

  23. The front of civic reminds me of amaze. The interiors are bland wrt the cockpit style that was synonymous with civic.
    If these are the first things that come to a consumer's mind I don't see a reason as to why they would pay a premium.

  24. This is not a good uprade afterall…just watched whole review because of awesome background music ..power drift rocks

  25. Don't know why Indians are running behind those shitty SUVs. The cars are so much fun to drive and are so much better at handling. I would buy a great handling car like this or a Skoda Octavia RS any given day over a SUV which no one uses off road. Great review. Loved the shots and the background music. Great job as always.

  26. Be careful, my 2016 CIVIC EX needs a new AC compressor. Just out of 3/36000 warranty. Other have the same or similar problem. The dealer is asking for $1,600. Please please do your research before buying.

  27. god damn that music is annoying. it goes way louder when he's not talking and when he does talk, the volume is low. please look into this whoever's editing the videos.

  28. Need a mighty effort to bring life to this D- segment. Not saying that this one not justifying but the segment itself sank, skoda / camry trying hard to revive and Civic joining the bandwagon good for the customer with the multiple options. Few years back the D segment cars used to do well in metros at least. Now people are all opting for SUVs. I think roads are to be blamed. Mostly due to waterlogging when it rains Heavly. Anyway This segment is almost end of its cruzing ( few may understand)

  29. This one can't replace the old civic…I would rather go and buy the old one 1.8 I-VTEC Manual Transmission.

  30. No speed sensing door locks??? Really.. Even a wagonr has this feature. A car this costly, a legend from the past. Honda should have been more careful about safety features like this.

  31. Only if we were living in early 2000s, hondas are slow and heavy, it is 2019 and yet no turbocharged petrol engines!

  32. It has 525L of boot space. 430 is for the hatchback which is not available in India. Just look at that boot, it's huge!

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