Homemade Sawmill, bigger motor – Ripping Through Logs!

Homemade Sawmill, bigger motor – Ripping Through Logs!

Alright now I got the gas motor mounted, and
this is, I don’t know why this is scarier than before
but it is. Blade’s thicker, it’s not any sharper than
the first time, it’s the same tooth per inch, I cut myself the same number of times handling
it so i know how sharp it is. It’s louder. Well, let’s see what happens. Well that, that worked pretty damn well. Still scary though. Oh look at that.

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  1. Looks pretty darn good!
    When I was running a woodmizer at my college wood shop we had a jug of water that was piped down to the blade, the water acted as a lubricant. I don't really know how much of a difference that makes in operation, but I thought I'd mention it.
    When using a two man cross cut I've often heard of lubricating the blade with kerosene when cutting resinous woods, not sure if that's needed with a bandsaw mill, but thought I'd mention it.
    looks like you have the tools to make one, so I'll mention that having a canthook or peavy would be a great addition to your log handling tool kit.
    Lastly, making a set of modified log dogs might be the simplest way of anchoring the log for cutting. for some reason I'm not remember how the woodmizer held the log, it's been about 5 years.
    I realize you might have already known/thought of all that. Happy sawing!

  2. Very very coool! Thanks for sharing.
    I wonder if once your cut is over about 18" deep, if it wouldn't help to insert a shallow spreader wedge back that the starting point? It would keep the top lumber from sagging down and choking the blade so that it could run cooler and more efficiently.

  3. oh you made it! engine sound is great.
    be careful vibration.
    It seems to need a separate safety device.
    I think it would be nice to put a transparent polycarbonate on the back.
    And the grip position seems to be unstable, it should have a stable handle like a lawn mower machine.

  4. Works very well, have you tried a power feed set up?
    Maybe a series of pulleys to the top of a pole with an appropriate weight to make gravity work for you.

  5. The end was going to be my suggestion for your safety. Would liked more commentary as to improvements and changes that worked. It was pretty impessive considering the geometry and tension issues due to smaller wheels.

  6. That thing cuts way beyond it's weight.
    The blade must be awesome.
    Put about 40kgs of lead either side of those rails to help steady that beast. LOL

  7. Great job !! Id figure out how to stedy it from swinging when the teeth bite in. + make one side of the blade guides adjustable to have both very close to the wood. other wise I really like the smallness of it.

  8. thanks definitely a thumbs up – ear defenders – an up and over rail at the back to push from a greater height whilst adding yaw stiffness.

  9. Questions……what size blade (width and length), pulleys (attached to motor) and bandsaw pulleys are you using?Great build!!!

  10. Your sawmill is verry flimsy , that's why you have problems with it , build a heaver mill , like Matthew Cremona's. Mill .

  11. 2 things that I believe will help your blade chatter ……. since your saw trolly is (relatively) lightly constructed ……. a crank sys. needs to be added to PULL the carriage through with equal pressure on both sides …… OR construct a lawn mower type hinged PUSH bar …… either way one key to good cuts is steady even speed all the way through he cut ……. very nicely built machine ……………….. ps: you need a water sys. to cool/lube the blade ……… JRW

  12. Thanks for .posting. How can I get the plans for your sawmill? I am wanting to do the same for cutting wood to make paddles.

  13. If you place the log to closes side of out feed of the blade just enough so the blade guide does not hit the log and make the in feed guide move inward closer to the other side, it will stabilize the blade and should give you a cleaner cut.

  14. Nice little mill. I will bet it will Serve you well. Seems to be cutting straight. You even made your own blade guides! Super Stuff.

  15. man you did good at the end you upgraded your saw good *sorry for under estimate you at the beginning of the video but i thumb your video up for that good effort ,you still need a good rail ,but for the price of this saw I don t think anyone beats you,good luck.

  16. Hello my name is Larry and I like your video. I built a homemade sawmill about two years ago..and have had a lot of fun with it..Nice starter sawmill. I am building a compilation of sawmill videos' and I was wondering if I could use your video in it..Appreciate your time. keep up the good work

  17. It would be a good idea to have angled bracing that comes down from the top to an additional set of wheels on the track to keep the saw head from tipping back and forth. Those uprights are really spindly not to be reinforced. Also, try wearing gloves when you handle the blade and you won't get a boo boo.

  18. Don't use a cardboard blade guard. The blade could slice right through it if it breaks and it could keep going and slice your face off.

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