Here’s Why This Type of Engine Oil Can Destroy Your Car

Here’s Why This Type of Engine Oil Can Destroy Your Car

rev up your engines, furnan
Martinez and he says Scotty can you mix
different oil brands if it’s the same
time, for example 5w30, can I mix them
as long as their the same type but
different brands, well you can because
you’re not changing the viscosity or
anything, I wouldn’t make a point of
doing that all the time, because each
manufacturer generally have different
additives to the oil, it’s better not to
gamble with wondering which additives
are in the oil that’s in your car, it’s
better to kind of leave them to be
exactly the same, now of course here even
I am
guessing, they don’t tell you what’s in
them, that’s their trade secrets you know,
so you never really know what’s in the oil
their not telling you everything, and they
well that’s a trade secret what’s in it
I remember one time years ago a friend of
mine was a chemical engineer and he was
showing me some of the patents for some of
the different oils and boy he read them
to me and it made no sense at all, I mean
they had such a weird language
that you couldn’t understand what they
put in the thing so your never actually going
to know but it’s
not a good idea to make a point of mixing
all the time, I mean yeah sure you’re a
quart low on oil and you’re at a store
or you’re at a gas station, yeah you can
use the same as long as it’s the same
viscosity you can use another one, but it’s
better to always stick to the same oil
just because nobody really knows what
additives are in the different ones and
they won’t tell you, mad lever 25 says
Scotty what do you think of Ford’s
coyote 5 liter double overhead cam v8
engine is it reliable and the f-series
trucks and Mustang, oh yeah you know the 5
liter that’s a good engine, yeah some
people have beefs here and there because
you understand you get double overhead
cam v8 5 liter and you put in the
Mustang, guys generally beat the heck out
of them, they’re getting that big engine
because they want to drive like
maniacs, and if you drive like enough
maniac you can break anything if you
really drive it fast enough you know
I’ll give you an example from the
motorcycle world, I used to have a Suzuki
750 and it was a screaming motorcycle, I
never had a problem with the engine or
in it at all, it was a unbelievable motorcycle,
but I
know people that blew the engines up, now
I mean I was maybe driving at tops 130
140 miles an hour,
some guys out there were driving it as
fast as they could go 180 or something, yeah
just keep it as fast as it goes for as long
you can eventually something will blow
up, there’s no arguing that, those are
good engines and the Coyotes they’re
really good engines, but like anything
else, if you beat the heck out of it
eventually something’s gonna break if
you take care of them and maintain it, you
can generally get many years of life out
of those things, Jason Kenney says hey I
just bought a used 2006 Toyota Avalon
with 79,000 miles, underneath around
the CV axle there’s grease, what should I
all cars that are front-wheel drive now
they got to half shafts the CV shafts, one
on the left and one on the right side, and
there’s grease around them, that means
that the rubber boot has broken somehow
it’s cracked and the grease is coming
out, in the olden days we mechanics used
to get them and we take them apart, and
if they made any noise and they were
worn, then we’d have to replace the CV
joint itself and put it back on an axle
which was a pain in the butt, but these
days with aftermarket parts available
they’re really reasonably priced, we just
replace all the axle assembly because
then you get new joints and a new rubber
boots everything’s new, and on that thing
a 2006 toyota, last time I bought
one cost me like 75 bucks for the whole
new unit, so we just replace the whole
thing, now if it doesn’t make any noise
yet, you can drive it a while that way,
but once it starts to make a noise
clanking and stuff then you got to
replace the whole thing, so if you plan
on keeping a long time just replace the
whole thing now, Jorge Santos he says
Scotty what do you think of a Buick
LeSabre 2003 with 70,000 miles, it’s in
great shape they want 3,400 I think I can
them down to three grand, I’m not a GM
fan but hey, there were okay cars it’s
got the v6 engine in it, if you can get
it for three grand with 70,000 miles
it’s not that much mileage, it could be a
good car to knock around in, what the
heck I mean for that kind of money these
days you’re not gonna get all that much,
you know if you’re gonna pay 3 grand and
you’re looking at a Toyota or something
you’re gonna have to get one that’s
really old with
high mileage and stuff, that’s not that bad
a deal for that kind of money, have it checked
out by mechanic anyway
because you can’t trust anybody, have him
put his little scan tool and I mean the scan
that we mechanics have had, hey they can’t
hide anything, we put it in and we got
reams of data to analyze, and the fancy
tools like the one I have it’s color
coded, so it’s green yellow red, meaning
Green is good, yellow as marginal, Red is
bad, so we look through everything fast
for the colors, and we look at the yellow
and red if any exist and check what shape
the car is in, so you’re not gonna get
ripped once a mechanic check it out,and it
could be a good car, so if you never want
to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Replacing the whole cv shaft is a good choice, the best is sticking with the oem brand parts. That’s what I will do. Other than that depends what and where ur gonna use. U can use after market brand .

  3. When is the last time you even worked on a car I bet you just sit in front of YouTube all day eating popcorn in your underwear

  4. Scotty is my Ford good, yes but you should get a toyota. Scotty is my Chevy good well, sort of, but you really should get a Toyota. Scotty are you biased in any way towards Toyota? No, why do you ask?

  5. My mom had a Toyota Avlon that had almost 300k on it when my sister had it then brother got rid of it I always thought that car drove super fast for what it was you could hit a curb going 90mph and it would feel like you ran over a pebble definitely a well engineered car in my opinion

  6. Most important thing is change the filter as well.. If filter is clogged plus new oil, it will destroy the engine

  7. Geeeez Scotty it's not witchcraft. Just answer the guys question. The proper answer is, Yes you can and the additives doesn't make any difference. If the oil is approved for use in your car than you can mix it with whatever other oil that is approved for your car. Sheesh scotty, Paranoid much?

  8. There are 1 or 2 Professional Petroleum Engineers who have posted their top 10 to 20 top oils on the internet…That includes all 3 categories.(conv, semi,syn)..Mobil1 synthetics are Always in the top Tier Oils Category…Mobil 1 additive packages are Highly Robust…Valv, M1are 2 the the Most affordable (full)Synthetics on the market that rate very high on the list…when price is compaired to RL, Ams, Mot, RP….But the best practice is too change your oil…Clean oil is always the Best oil…that includes trans, power sterring,hypoid,tranfer case,antifreeze…there is No such thing as Lifetime Fluids…Even the Best fluids break down .

  9. Obfuscate in a sentence.

    "Politicians tend to obfuscate the issues to avoid a clear answer."

    And so are the central banks and federal reserve.

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 FACTS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. You're wrong about the need to replace the whole axle when the rubber breaks and the grease comes out. When you notice grease coming out, and as long as it doesn't make any noise, you can just replace the rubber and put new grease on it. Last time I did it on my car it cost me 12eur instead of the 140eur I would've had to pay for the whole thing.

  11. Hmmmm….I think you're full of negative BS…..another wasted 5 minutes of my life.
    Sure, you're comical, but all of these claims you make against brands and products are unfounded and personal preference…..we need facts, not bias.
    You must be a democrat…..I bet your hero is Bernie Sanders and Bill Maher. 🙄

  12. When i change my oil I swear by a penzoil valvevoline quaker mobil mix 1 quart of each, oh yeah and all different weights doesn't matter which.

    Caution sarcasm is hard to convey through text.

  13. Green, yellow, red. All good, until we see the DHS confusion meter which needs a little decoding…
    Green – never used/maximum danger [to bureaucrats]: might result in budget cuts
    Blue – universally unrecognizeable and also unused: just get coffee
    Yellow – typically used where green ought to be, and indicates maximum porn surfing conditions in bureau offices
    Orange – possible threats based on movements of people or information, but nothings happened yet. Used in place of what should be yellow.
    Red – too late: something already happened. Since the odds of ongoing/repeat acts is minimal, this might be the safest time to go play golf if you're into percentages.

  14. The Top Link has the giant word "BAD" pointing to a container of Mobil 1. Mobil 1 oil is generally rated one of the top oils for your car. It is completely INACCURATE, DEVIOUS, and DISHONEST for this blabbermouth to imply to thousands of people that Mobil 1 is "Bad" and will "DESTROY" your car. FALSE! Scotty, stop being such a jerk-off. I am contacting the Mobil 1 legal department, to see if they want to take action against you.

  15. Have you a video on how to use a vacuum gauge and what all the jiggles mean? Sigh… my 71 f250 fe 360. With my new installed motorcraft carb is outta whack i need from adustment screws all the way in then… I havent a clue.
    Point and i will do. Sir dude of the auto fixing! 😁

  16. You do realize all those service manuals on the shelves in the background will all come crashing down on your head someday.

  17. Especially direct injection engine – best to stick with OEM oil – it will help minimize carbon build up the top of intake valves.

  18. The deal on the lesabre is very good if a mechanic says its sound. Scotty isn't wrong about hondas and toyotas but the other manufacturers due make some very good cars and trucks. I would consider a buick lesabre the 3800 engine is excellent in my opinion.

  19. Scotty I laugh so much with your videos. I learned a lot about cars. I think I gone be a wonan mechanic 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈🙈🙊🚖🚗🚘🚚🚙😁😁😁😁

  20. I don’t know why he is pointing at mobile one. I’ve ran this oil in all of my cars. Subaru engine still running when I sold my little Subaru at 400,000 miles when I sold her. 350,000 on my 2000 Jeep with the 4.0 before she gave up and threw a rod. My cars spend a lot of time at redline. How exactly does mobile one destroy my engine?

  21. There's nothing wrong with mobil one oil I've been using for years on on my cars and all of my industrial engine never had any problem I even use Walmart brand same thing never had any problem…..

  22. I was always told if i drove a 2 stroke slow I'd blow it up so am i wrong to brap the power band in last gear? 😂 asking for the dirt bike world

  23. Can you mix oil brands? “Sure, you can, but don’t do it all the time. I have no idea why, just don’t” OK, buddy.

  24. Look up the MSDS sheet, it will list whats in it, just not the amounts.
    You LIED! What type of oil will destroy your car????????????????????

  25. My brother was the maintenance tech at a oil packaging plant and said the majority of the oil under many different brand names came out of the same bulk tank. Some had slightly different additives but they all came of the same batch.

  26. Scotty
    Is 2005 Ram 1500
    172250 miles
    Dodge bad truck to buy

    I thought I seen video you did warned of dodge trucks. ?


  27. Scotty: I’m sure you’re familiar with the very high oil consumption of the Northstar engines as used In Cadillacs when they get to a certain age due the the oil control ring getting stuck in the piston grooves. Are you aware of any method to free them up outside of taking the engine apart? Thx.

  28. "Obfuscate" – Jesus, now we're not just learning about cars, but we're expanding our English as well, lol!! Jesus, I've got a Masters degree, (as Scotty does as well), and I should know these words, but alas I don't, or I just plain forgot them! Thanks for another English lesson Scotty!!!

  29. Hah hah Scotty "drives" a motorcycle. Hah hah. I've been RIDING Harley Davidson 🇺🇸🕵🛵motorcycles for years…never did DRIVE one.
    Must be a Suzuki thing.

  30. Thanks for these videos. How to tell if a car has used primarily synthetic or regular oil on a used car with a few owners? It's impossible unless consulting with the previous owners and mechanics? Just go with what's recommended in the owner's manual and what seems to be in the car at the moment?

  31. Mobil oil is NOT a synthetic oil! It is a good oil but no Mobil oil has any synthetic base stock in it! It is NOT synthetic and you should not be telling people it is!

  32. There is nothing stated about any type of oil that will destroy your car so I'm going to assume you are referring to 0W-16 oil. You couldn't pay me for the life of me to put that oil in my car even if it was a VTech. I'll stick with 0W-20 thanks.

  33. I have extra bottles of 10w30 oil from cases that were on sale I will just blend for one oil change I'm a little cheap but I change my oil and filter every 3000 miles like a good boy.

  34. Let me tell you people in here watching Mr. Scotty. He is correct about the oil. Once my car hit over 100,000 miles on it, I used (from purchase synthetic oil 5/30 for my engine type. Then one day a friend (who meant well) said why don't you try using Mobile 1 synthetic for cars with high mileage. Well dummy me, I did, I used Mobile 1 synthetic high mileage! BIG BIG BIG mistake. My car has had one trouble after the next. I only used 1 oil change with that manufacture and went back to Castrol Titanium Synthetic oil. I have been using Castrol product oils for 36 years and I never had a problem. A friend of mine (not the same one who recommended Mobile 1) fixed my oil issues. Now it's running pretty good. So glad I had a good friend. The other person is my friend still, we're not perfect people!

  35. It's 2019 folks.
    Anyone who is still confused over what oil to use or is swayed by oil company marketing needs a labotomy.
    There is NO proprietary formula or superior oil brand. Bunch of crap.
    Anyone out there actually think [fill-in-the-blank with car make] "approved", "authorized" oil is the only oil you can use in your car as the manufacturers advertise????
    Fools are always parted with their money.

  36. I had a bad experience 22 years ago with my 79 grand pre I had oil change with penzoil my engine stated knocking. Never again have I bought penzoil I hate it.

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