Here’s Why This Jeep Compass is Crap

Here’s Why This Jeep Compass is Crap

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about why not to buy jeep compass even
though they look cool now one has to
admit that cool looking vehicles there’s
no arguing that they got a nice look to
know this particular one is a 2017 so
it’s three years after Fiat has taken
over Chrysler and as far as I’m
concerned that’s three years into the
Chiefs being made cheaper and cheaper
even though it’s a smaller vehicle you
can see the girls great stuff forty five
seventy five pounds they are not
lightweight vehicles but if you look
under the hood so we got a little
four-cylinder engine and you couple it
with an automatic transmission
you gotta get that engine spinning
pretty fast rpm before it starts
getting any decent acceleration you know
it’s a small engine you can see down
there there’s not much working on you
gotta work on these things they’re still
pretty hard to work on they put it on
transversely and there’s not that much
working room now this isn’t all wheel
drive vehicle as you can see when we go
it’s got drive going in the rear and drive
going to the front wheels
what is you can also see yeah it’s not
that high above the ground so even
though it’s a jeep four-wheel drive it’s
not really a serious off-road vehicle
it’s not high up in the ground
it’s more of an SUV with four-wheel
drive as you can tell it’s got front
doors and back door so it’s pretty much
an SUV style it has a kind of smallish
below average room in the backseat and
it’s got a trunk that’s a smaller size
the Toyota matrix my wife has got a
lot more space than this trunk and
it’s got a low luggage carrier on
the top but it’s so small there really
isn’t all that much that you could hook
up there this is a high end video
display navigation camera HID
headlights and leather seats a serious
moonroof its superficially it
looks like a good vehicle but it’s made
by Fiat Chrysler
and there’s where the problem lies if
you want a long-term reliable SUV this
is not the vehicle for you customer
lined the bottom invariably had problems
some bought them new and had problems
from the get-go with electronics with
transmission failure right from brand
new others bottom secondhand and saved a
whole bunch of money there’s no arguing
that I’ve seen people buy them when
ahead twenty five thousand miles on them
and they pay well under 50% of the
original sticker price but there’s a
reason for that the quality just is not
there no even though this only is a
four-cylinder engine it’s still pretty
much a gas hog in town this car gets
about eighteen to nineteen miles a
gallon because it’s a V and that’s
four-wheel drive but at the same time it
doesn’t have that great acceleration
I’ve seen v6 engines that get better gas
mileage than this that have much more
horsepower in let’s face it the modern
jeeps are nothing like the old Willy’s
these things aren’t gonna last forever
you might get a Toyota Matrix that about
the size they might last you three four
hundred thousand miles easy these things
you’re lucky if you ever get anything
over a hundred thousand miles on them
the compass says they were basically
made because they wanted to cash in on a jeep name and make a small SUV that they
can sell but that is such a cramped
market with such great vehicles already
there a wise person they think twice
before they plop their money down for
one of these things just understand for
that price you’re getting a lot lower
quality too, I mean if you want to get
something you always wanted to have a
Jeep and you’re driving four or five
thousand miles a year hey you might last
a few years
what the Fiat technology just put into
these things not known for a long life
in the least these things as I said they
don’t have the acceleration and this is
the bigger engine this is the 2.4 they
make a 2 liter that’s even slower and
with all the weight that it’s pulling
around with the 4×4 system it just is
not a zippy vehicle to drive around and
at the same time it gets pretty crappy
gas my
so you’re really not getting the best of
either world it isn’t particularly fast
and it doesn’t get good gas mileage and it kind of
makes me wonder what their engineering
design was behind this thing other than
just another one a Fiat cars idea of
well let’s make something look you’d see
if we can rush it out and sell it to
people now they are selling a reasonable
amount the first ones that they made
they only sold 60,000 of them but 2018
they sold 160 thousand of them so
they’re banking on a jeep name it’s paid
in back some dividends they’re selling
them but really the quality isn’t there
if you’re looking for a long term small
SUV that you can drive without having a
lot of expensive repairs as they age and
believe me the transmission repairs on
these things they’re expensive and are
also common as the vehicles get older
and when you look onto the hood you can
see little quality lock here’s the top
you can see that’s all corroding
we’ll go to the back look all these nuts
and bolts are all rusted and corroded
and that’s on a vehicle that only has
30,000 miles it could use better made
metal could have better coatings on it
there’s no arguing that it’s a big
reason I’d never advised one of my
customers to buy one of these if they
really value their money over time know
when you’re taking consideration of the
Italian designs and even actually Italian parts that they’re starting
to using these Jeeps
the quality is nothing like they were
back in the 50s or 60s or even the 70s
as the saying goes what’s in a name in
this case the name Jeep often works to
sell things to people don’t over 160
thousand of them last year it seems to
be working let’s say you bought a load
of 2018 four-wheel drive you’re talking
about $29,000 and if you are comparing
that to and all-wheel drive toyota rav4
the same year that things about $38,000
so this thing’s almost ten thousand
dollars cheaper than the Toyota and yes
is the cheaper made vehicle there’s no
arguing that which is one of the reasons
that they can sell them price matters a
lot but if you’re looking for a long
term reliability
low cost of up keeping it maintaining it
I’d stay far away from this Jeep Compass
because you really want to never judge a
book by its cover these things may look
great but underneath those looks
look under the hood,
but if you look under the hood, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that

100 Replies to “Here’s Why This Jeep Compass is Crap”

  1. Edit: the weight was wrong in the video, it’s around 3,400 lbs not 4,500 that’s the gross weight

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  2. You're right, these were junk! They were the exact same as the 2006 – 2011 Dodge Caliber and even heavier model 2007 – 2017 Jeep Patriots with the Jatco CVT JF011E transmission. They even had a 1.8L below the 2.0 L gas engine. All designed by Chrsyler, Mitsubishi, and Hyundai! That's why I will always stick with Toyota Rav-4, Honda CR-V and Ford Edge for a crossover suv!

  3. I rented one in Tucson last week. Rode okay, but the worst part is the hard to find button that turns off the engine killing/gas saver at every intersection.

  4. Its called the Compass for a reason; after it breaks and leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere, you will need a REAL compass to get back to civilization

  5. I can’t take Scotty serious when he constantly craps on Fiat Chrysler. They aren’t good cars by far, but they are cheap. People who buy cheap cars generally don’t take care of them. My mom has had her 2015 Compass since new, never had an issues, but she takes care of it.

  6. My youth pastor wife's had a jeep like this and her transmission was shot along with the motor and it had over 30 thousand miles

  7. Bought a first generation Compass. That was my first mistake. Got 5 years and over 200K out of it but I had many years of front end issues from tie rods and ball joints starting from the second year on. Then it started stalling whenever I filled the gas tank to full (had to stop about 80% full to avoid that). The last straw came when it blew a cylinder in the engine. They quoted me $4000 for the rebuild. I said no way. That POS is still parked beside my house. Selling it for parts then off to the scrap yard.

  8. Scotty just bought a 2007 Dodge Nitro with 463K miles, not very well maintained, coolant never changed, pretty rusty too for $2300. Thoughts?

  9. My dad(who never off roads or know anything about cars) loves jeeps for some reason. He had a 2005 Liberty that he gave to me which was totaled cause some b** crashed into it. Otherwise it was in perfect driving condition at 155k miles. But now he bought a base model 2017 Patriot cause its cheap(he hates used cars cause he never had good experiences with them). I was like "wtf is wrong with you?…" Its a good thing my jeep was totaled cause now I got a 2012 camry xle with just under 60k miles. Hoping it last to 200k.

  10. Geez my 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo is still running strong and my engine bay does NOT look all worn out and corroded like the above video. Yikes!

  11. My sister’s 2006 is falling apart quickly. Lower control arms are needing to be replaced for the third time. Axles need replaced. Holes in the body, etc…

  12. I bought a 2017 tacoma. Rear diff had to be replaced after 400 miles. At 18000 miles the rear shocks were leaking oil. Toyotas got their problems too.

  13. Had an old 2005 Ford expedition with 331,000 miles vs a 2015-2017 jeep, the Ford made it to the top of a mountain with no transmission smell, the jeep only made it half way up the mountain and the transmission broke! The Ford had no engine work save spark plugs and no transmission work.

  14. Blasted ‘AWD;’ is, intermittent—that being, no-joke, 5-secs with this un-reliable, damn Italian worker Fiddelios, they don’t know what they’re playing @…

    If you want 4-Wheel Drive get a horse, ‘…take it to a old town road…,’ then spread the news of these plethora of predicaments that Jeep, Chrysler…

    Are in a dire-need of a: engineering breakthrough — yeh, you ask “…what…,” tentative reader, that’ll something called a, ‘All-drive Willy’s MB Jeep!’

  15. I had a pt cruiser as a rental and was getting 14-16 mpg. So much for a fuel efficient 4 cyl. I had to floor it to get it moving. Only way I’ll ever own a dodge is for free because I’ll end up paying the value of the car in repairs 😀

  16. I'd never spend my hard money on a Chevy,dodge,Chrysler, Jeep Fiat product. Japanese cars have served me very well over the past 20 years. I'd never look in the direction of those crapsler products

  17. If FCA ever stopped making vehicles… your video content would drop by half.

    Better put them on your X-mas card list. Ciao.

  18. I take it that this is a car of one of Scotty's customers. That was probably the last time the car was brought to him. I would not like it if my mechanic told the whole world that my car was crap.

  19. I've got a 2011 Jeep Patriot, which is pretty much the same thing, and it has 161k miles on it. I mean the acceleration isn't very good and sometimes it struggles up hills. But other than that I've had no complaints about it. Must've been a good batch

  20. My 08 2.4 4×4 is a freaking headache. It’s slow it gets 16mpg I’ve had exhaust issues, motor mounts, brake light switch, wheel bearings, and it still don’t run all that good. No codes for now so wish me luck. Also I don’t have leather and everything in it feels cheap. I bought it for in town use and I’ve had so many problems with it I only have put 1k on it since I bought it in February. But I do own a 14 corolla too so you shouldn’t hate me too much.

  21. The rusted bolts on the strut towers at 30K is the best evidence of apathetic design. It is the tip of the iceberg with Chrysler. That's going to be a nasty job if someone has the time and money to waste replacing them.

  22. I got a compass as a rental car a few months ago. Great seats, decent ride, and great visibility. I can see why people like them.

  23. Scotty, in the early days, when jeep started making and selling, the products were spec'd out by design engineers who knew what made a vehicle robust. Today, the spec sheet comes from the marketing department, not engineers. The marketing and sales group tells the engineers what they want for a product. The engineers just do what they are told. This happens again and again with products that have achieved a brand status in the marketplace. Products that were once well designed by founders with a passion for the product over time are replaced with sales and marketing types who know nothing about design. They cheapen the product and leverage the brand name to maximize profitability. Steve Jobs talked about this. Its not uncommon.

  24. 3:10 Scotty getting ur left hand print 🖐 all over car 😲 funny thing is you're actually giving the car more value 😂👍🏻

  25. Just bought an Escape base model with 2.5 and 6 speed trans, after owning Japanese vehicles for the last 15 years I was shocked at the quality of this Escape. Scotty please do a show on this vehicle, think you'll have to agree, for the bucks, its' a winner.

  26. Joe Hardhat drops his Jeep Compass off at Scotty's house to get it serviced and before he gets the call to pick it up Scotty features it in a "Why This car is Crap" video!

  27. My friend has one of these it wouldn’t even pull up his driveway unless he turned his ac off no joke. Cvt trans was just sitting there struggling

  28. I rented a jeep compass from enterprize to drive from brownsville to san antonio texas and it was scary the transmission already starting to make noise in low milage

  29. Those transmissions are terrible. I had 3 of them in a row where they were going out. They all had about over 80,000 miles.

  30. Yup… I have a 2016 renegade sport 4×4(🤣) with the 6 speed manual.. got it new for $16,800. She’s now got 80k miles on it.. I’ve haven’t had any problems yet but I’m starting to feel it’s age when I drive it. I avg 28-32 mpg. I change my oil every 5k miles or less. I did get a lifetime warranty so that may help with repair costs in the future. The 4×4 system is not the best … my 2012 Subaru Impreza we’ll go more places in deep snow then the Jeep (Alaska). When the fiat Italian made Jeep dies it’s getting replaced with a Toyota RAV4 or a highlander😁
    Love the…. behind the scenes takes

  31. Even before Fiat bought Chrysler, Chrysler vehicles have been known to have electrical problems. Chrysler quality has never been good

  32. Hey scotty I bought a 2016 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 4.6 l with 69000 km woman driven, what's your advice on maintenance to get the most life out of it.

  33. Scotty, it's like you always say, if you must have a Jeep just lease it! Don't buy it and waste your money! Good advice I say.

  34. I have a story about one of those..

    I was driving to get to the hotel it was in a hillside, and my focus hatch was climbing well, considering it was quite steep and a focus its not exactly made for that, well a brand new liberty 2012 somehow damaged the 2 front wheels and suspension completly, and the thing was going down the same road i was going up, and at a slow speed, because there was traffic, a true POS , to this day i dont know how you could fail like that going down..

  35. Hey Scotty I just bought a 2008 frontier with 76k miles what do you think about that. I know you said they are reliable but what do you think of the 2008 models. Any comments from other people would help too. Thanks.

  36. Said it before and will say it again you Americans really must get the worst quality cars in the world. In Australia Hyundai and Kia are extremely reliable cars with excellent warranties and good manufacturer back up. Mazda,Honda,Mitsubishi and Toyota are also good vehicles that all now offer 5 year warranty and most are unlimited mile warranties. Kia offer the best with 7yr unlimited mile. Just about all manufacturers now have minimum 5yr warranty and for the first time in decades Toyota are selling cars that look good and finally have the same features as the others. Toyota have been overpriced under speced for years. I have worked on Hyundai,Subaru, Ford and finished my time at Chrysler,Jeep,Dodge and can say that the Crysler product was the worst in every way but the JEEP Compas/Patriot was trouble free for us probably because the driveline was a collaboration with Hyundai/Kia and Mitsubishi. The KK Cherokee was also a reliable model although underpowered with the old 3.7l V6. I owned one for 50,000 miles and never had a fault with it. As with most things in life though treat them right and you'll be right.

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