Here’s Why the New Mid-Engine Corvette Isn’t a Real Corvette

Here’s Why the New Mid-Engine Corvette Isn’t a Real Corvette

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk
about the last cars you can buy with
manual transmissions now we used to call
them standard transmissions because that
was the standard in cars but today their
real standard is automatic transmissions
almost all don’t come with them not in
the beginning you can only get standard
transmission vehicles they’re relatively
simple you have the engine and then
there is a clutch assembly that bolts to
the engine then the tongue of the
transmission fits inside the clutch so
when you step on the clutch that
releases the plate so that the
transmission is no longer getting power
so you can shift gears and then pick up
the clutch and it’s connected again a
very simple system that works quite well
but of course people being what they are
mainly lazy in 1921 Canadian invented
the first real automatic transmission
proving yet again that yes the Canadians
are just as lazy as the Americans I
lived up there nice people hey they’re
just like us there’s nothing no
difference other than they live in a
colder climate now his
automatic transmission use compressed
air rather than a hydraulic fluid it was
never sold commercially the first real
commercial one was General Motors in the
1930s General Motors started using
hydraulic fluid and more or less
experimental automatic transmissions
they were selling them commercially and
in 1940 they came out with a hydra-matic
automatic transmission which was a big
beginning of automatic transmissions and
cars now these hydra-matic automated
transmissions were used in different
forms in 1940 to 1958 they had a long
run then they came up with this jet
system and it was a piece of crap it
didn’t last very long in 1968 they came
up with their turbo hydra-matic which
was really the best one that they ever
really made in terms of historical
changes and smoothness and a true
automatic transmission that shifted
quite well the turbo hydra-matic was
really the first commercially viable
automated transmission that actually
shifted quite well and lasted a long
time it was really a radical change they
weren’t just some clunky
yeah we’d shift but it would jerk and
they’d not last that long and slip like
mad when they’re going up hills and
since then all kinds of manufacturers
have worked out perfecting the automatic
transmission now they’re all headed
towards electronic computer-controlled
transmissions that of course are more
efficient they get better power and even
better gas mileage and they’ve radically
added more gears for efficiency and
power you can get a 10 speed automatic
transmission that is actually quite well
built I’ve driven them I got customers
with them and they really are kind of
amazing it’s an automatic transmission
that really has the power of a standard
gets better gas mileage and you don’t
have to shift a stupid thing we’re
dealing with a level of complexity
that’s insane if you would have ever
taken one of these apart and seen what’s
inside and then understand that all
these electronic controls are run by
computers with software that as the
transmission wears inside everything
where’s the computer software has to
take that we’re into consideration so
that they still shift smoothly you want
to have a hundred and fifty thousand miles
on it
well at least the good ones do I mean if
you take a Fiat Chrysler odds are you’ll
never get 150 thousand miles out of one
of their transmissions before it just
falls apart in front of your very eyes
there are downsides automatic
transmissions when they’re not made
correctly and if we look at the figures
automatic versus manuals in the United
States take the Toyota Corolla a big
seller out of 280 thousand of them sold
last year less than 1% had standard
transmissions the rest all had automatic
transmissions no even the Toyota Tacoma
the venerable pickup that thing only
sells 5% manual transmissions in the
United States 95% of the people buying
into comas are getting automatic
transmissions and take the 2020 Toyota
Yaris even though it’s really a Mazda
Toyota’s not even offering their
hatchback with the standard transmission
they’re only gonna be automatics and
take the Toyota 86
really that’s a Subaru brz Toyota’s
deciding to sell the brz Subarus as
Toyota 86 even that it’s a little sporty
car more than two-thirds of the buyers in
United States are buying them with automatic
transmissions and yes there are quite a
bit slower I’ve driven the standards in
the automatics and I take the standards
every time the automatics are actually
pretty dog if you ask me for a little sports
car now overall in the United States 96%
of the people drive automatic
transmission vehicles no on some states
it’s a little bit higher like Maine New
Hampshire New Mexico El Paso Texas for
some reason has a very high rate of
manual transmissions let’s face it we’re
becoming a more urban society you’re in
more traffic jams nothing is more
annoying than being in a stick shift
when you’ve got an hour commute going
stop and go stop and go on the highway
so which real close can you still get in
the United States with the standard
transmission well you can get a Toyota
Tacoma there is a little bit of an
asterisk there they only offer it on
special vehicles you can only get it in
the TRD sports versions where you get a
6-speed standard transmission you have
to get a v6 engine and it has to be
four-wheel drive so you’re gonna pay a
lot of money for it like it used to be
that while people bought a standard
transmission cuz it was cheaper was the
standard one you paid extra for an
automatic well in this case you’re gonna
pay a lot more for the standard cuz you
got to get the v6 you got to get the
all-wheel drive so even there they’re
kind of limiting what you can get the
Subaru WRX a lot of guys like to use
them for drifter cars and stuff and
there’s always a certain amount of
people they didn’t want a sporty car
that’s got a standard transmission that
they can zip around it and in the case
of Subaru it’s kind of rarity these days
the manual transmission actually gets
three miles a gallon better than the CVT
transmission that was the main reason
that people in the pasture by standards
because they got a lot better gas mods
the older automated transmission slips
um they were heavy original ones were
two or three speeds so they didn’t have
that many speeds so they’re gonna get
worse gas mileage and it’s gonna affect
acceleration but in this case the Subaru
still gets better gas mileage than the
CVT transmission that are known for high
gas mileage now the Volkswagen Jetta
still offers a standard transmission
yeah I’m not a Volkswagen fan but
Volkswagen always made very good
transmissions and people buy those
Jettas because they want to drive around
zippy and with the standard transmission
they are very zippy cars the rest of the
car might not last but with a standard
transmission you got a much better
chance of making it over a hundred
thousand miles with the standard than
you do with the horrible automatic
transmissions and Volkswagens make
these days and the Mazda Miata is still
available in a standard transmission and
here it’s cool because they actually
cost less than the automatic
transmission like it used to be they’re
a little sports car and people want to
have fun with a little sports car hey
these aren’t luxury riding machines
smooth as can be and really the Miata
with the standard transmission is so
much better than one with an automatic
customers I have that have automatics in
them I didn’t like driving around
they’re boring and they don’t have that
much pickup but the standards they
really are fun and the MINI Cooper is
still available in the United States
with the standard transmission they’re
seen as cute little sporty cars they’re
not really all that fast they have the
brains to realize that a lot of people
are gonna be buying these they still
want a standard transmission and truth
be told customers of mine with automatic
minis I Drive around a block that’s it
they’re not all that much fun they’re a
lot more fun with the standard
transmission now the Nissan Frontier a
little pickup truck that’s available on
the standard too, you’d be surprised at
some of the pickups that aren’t you know
available with automatic transmissions
you can still get a standard
transformation with the kia soul but it’s
only available on the bottom line if you
want all the extras and stuff you’re
gonna have to go with an automatic but
the bottom line one you can still get a
standard transmission if you want to zip
around in that crazy-looking box and the
Jeep Wrangler still comes with a
six-speed standard transmission it’s
actually standard equipments they come
standard with a v6 engine and a 6-speed
manual it’s two thousand dollars cheaper
than the automatic so that’s kind of a
class of thing not that I’d say go out
and buy a modern jeeps and see I took
over but they still do have the manual
transmission available and everybody
knows that Chrysler’s had nothing but
problems with their automatic
transmissions as the age so if you are
gonna buy a Chrysler product my advice
get a standard transmission one please
now BMW the ultimate driver
still offers the standard in the United
States a very expensive one the
m4’s but they no longer offered
in their 3-series they realized they
still gotta have some standards because
the whole thing is their the ultimate
driving machine right but they’re really
pretty much phasing it out a lot of
their bigger sellers and I got those
paddle shifters on the automatics
that they work decent enough now
realize in a BMW if that transmission
ever does go out it’s the king’s ransom
to fix the stupid thing, kind of screwed
with BMW either way you either got to buy
a super
expensive m4 with a standard or buy one
it has a super expensive automatic
transmission so my advice just told by
either of them now strangely enough
Cadillac still offers one standard
transmission the ats-V it’s got to be
the – V all the other ones have
automatic transmissions and a few years
back they started pushing their
standards a little and they’re still
making the ats V coupe now you’re
gonna pay way too much money for one
there’s no arguing that but at least you
can still get in a standard transmission
and you can still get a stick shift on a
Chevy Camaro man that’s their base so
they’re still making stick shifts but I
thought it was rather hilarious that the
new mid-engine Corvette is only coming
with an automatic transmission they’re
not even offering the standard
transmission with that thing and you can
still get a chevy spark with the
standard transmission I guess we’re
going to you can get the cheapest cars
out there with a standard or the expense
of fast ones with a standard but not all
that much in between not that I’d buy a
Chevy spark but if you want in a kind of
backs car it’s got a standard
transmission so you have to worry about
all the problems GM has with their
automatic transmissions I go to a
standard with a little bitty cheap
runabout car you still get a standard
transmission the Dodge Challenger you
get one of those health care specials
with 700 something horsepower and the
standard transmissions those are tire
burning monsters and of course Ford’s
version of their muscle car the Ford
Mustang is still available in the
standard transmission and the fancy ones
like the bullit and the GT 350 they’re
only available in standard transmission
people like Mustangs having a shifter on
the floor that’s just a classic thing
they’ll probably always make them that
way they’ll probably be the last one on
the planet still with a standard shifter
in some insane engine for the people
have enough money to buy gasoline when
it’s $30 a gallon or something and the
Honda Civic still comes with a standard
transmission if you take their screaming
Civic type-r the racing one that only
comes in two standard transmission so
now you know a little bit more about the
death of standard transmissions mainly
in the United States and the history of
automatic transmissions how and why they
are taken over, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. After dealing with crappy Subaru/Chevrolet Automatic and CVT transmissions, my next car will probably be a stick. If it has to be a 20+ year old work truck for that to happen, then so be it.

  3. Scotty! No mention for the MK III Ford Focus? The 5 speed transition changes it from a dumpster fire to a fun reliable little car. I think you like Ford, but you never talk about them! Any way great video, keep them coming. E: Oh that's right, they stopped selling them stateside. Can you do a video on why we have so few options for vehicles in the US? Seriously, the Hilux 4×4 Diesel is the sexiest truck i've ever seen, and they'll never sell it here!

  4. When I was a boy my father had a crysler valiant hemi pacer 245 with a 3 speed manual the clutch was luck pushing in an Eaton fuller road ranger 15 speed I don't think this driveline could ever be killed! With technology along comes weakness?

  5. Although I agree, it is a supply/demand issue consumers for 2 reasons: 1) we have more congestion on our freeways and it's a pain to keep your foot on the clutch the whole time, and 2) many people are just too lazy to do anything manual these days.
    If you have a manual trans, it also minimizes your car from being stolen since many of these idiots never learned how to drive with one.

  6. Here in the UK we mostly use manual gearboxes and yes we have a lot of traffic jams, it is no problem , you just get used to it.
    Being in direct control of the the gearbox and clutch means better control of the car imho.
    I've driven a few automatics and feel more like a passenger than a driver especially around the narrow windy roads we have here, an automatic feels more like I'm floating around on the road where as a manual is more connected somehow , downshifting before a corner for instance allows me to use the engine breaking to slow down in a controlled manner just before I enter the corner and then be in the right gear for accelerating around the corner and out of it smoothly compared to a automatic which waited until I was half way around the corner or something before changing down making a possibly loss of traction if I'm pushing hard.

  7. Manual transmission has a few downsides like how many people can’t drive them. Or bad knees and hips can make it painful from time to time.

  8. scotty not like a big deal but u dont need to upload at 60fps its pointless unless ur uploading a videogame do 30fps save the bandwidth and upload time

  9. I'm sure this will get buried in the comments but how do I email Scotty about an issue with my car? I'd love for him to tell me how much of a piece of junk she is 😂. Love you scotty!!! My father would have LOVED you!

  10. Automatics are faster, better in stop and go traffic, and easier on my knees. However, if I was 25 again it would be standard all the way. Nothing like shifting gears to get the feel of the car.

  11. Americans are lazy at times and do not want to learn. Many drivers that I have met which are younger than me either have zero interest in learning or do not have access to a manual transmission. Where I am in NY, most have looked at my as if I am nuts because I prefer a manual transmission ! Besides, most want to text and drive ! Can't do that very well with a stick !!!!

  12. You seriously forget youre driving a manual when you been doing for years. Once i let my cousin borrow my car and he didnt know how to turn it on. Came back all mad lol

  13. wELL of course.. Auto's are lasting TOOOOOOO LONG. So the car manufacturer's want you to buy a car at least every 4 years the amount of time for most new cars are financed. Huh ? Do I mean that the auto manufacturers know the consumers are usually ignorant about everything.. including COMMON SENSE ? Some automatic trans actually have PLASTIC PARTS… to wear out ..instead of a metal part. DID YOU KNOW THAT ??? of course most would say not… AUTOMATICS are made to wear out. MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS also wear.. but the wear unless abused; …. will still allow the component to function down the road. Automatic Transmissions … will not. SIMPLE COMMON SENSE… even tho' the auto manufacturer's know the facts.. and the EPA GOVERNMENT DEPT. aaaaa.. Common sense for Auto Manufacturers is to too sell more cars per year.. not save the customer MONEY. That is COMMON SENSE to them !!!

  14. Scotty thinking about buying a 2000 Toyota Celica VVT-i GR-S 2 door hatchback with 420,000km, just wondering if it would be a good Purchase. Thanks Devin mac

  15. Scotty i have 2 question for you 1st is what do you think about the 4 cylinder diesel trucks that are coming out on the small trucks? My 2nd question is i just bought a 2009 Chrysler pt cruiser when the engine gets to the regular temperature i get the oil light when i am not accelerating. If it is at idle or going a constant speed the oil light will come on. Please help. Thankyou

  16. unless you can shift from 1st to 2nd gear in less then 100th of a second, auto's (modern ones) will always win in a street race, BUT!!! the manual will get you noticed… lol

  17. They were not able to fit manual transmission due to the space limitation

    And this corvette is not focusing on consumer but to good performance car

    I tried it and dammmm it was love, even though its automatic(dual clutch)

  18. There's two thoughts that come to my mind when watching Scotty
    1. He gesticulates like an animated Keith Richards
    2. There's a puppeteer controlling this guy

  19. My mom says that You cant call yourself a drive expert until you can drive a manual. She has a Honda civic with a 5 speed manual transmission

  20. The WRX STi has always been offered only in Standard.
    The WRX was offered only in Standard from 2008 to 2014. Now, as Scotty said, they offer an Auto trans as well.

  21. Fair. Still love my Ford Bronco the best, but I just got an ‘85 Toyota 1/2 ton with a “standard-shift transmission,” you’re right Scotty it’s a neat little truck to drive! The Ford C6 Automatic Transmission is the only thing I’d ever take over a “Manny Tranny.”

  22. Love driving manual. It was a sad day when it went from being cheaper to get a manual to having to pay extra for one. The Automatic with manual shift is just not the same. I need a clutch I can feel engage and disengage. Makes you feel really in tune with your car or truck. Sadly too my generation will probably be the last to learn how to drive manual as part of drivers education and driving school. I guess maybe it wont matter if what they say is true and Internal Combustion Engines will be gone in the next 30-50 years replaced by plug in electric or fuel cell vehicles.

  23. the 1,4 tsi CZDA is proven to be a reliable motor, 400k is being achieved by every motor that has been serviced per manufacturer specs. Customer brings a 380k 2015 model in and it's pristine (don't even want to know where their daily commute is), no issues at all and no oil burning, every manufacturer has bad and good motors.

  24. Drove a manual from my teens to my mid twenties. Just got an automatic and I don't plan on going back. I use my car to get from point A to B. Not to drift and do burnouts.

  25. one of my friends took his standard transmission pickup truck in for a smog test at colorado air care. the incompetent tester destroyed his clutch.

  26. So all vehicles with automatic transmissions are junk too? Guess the only thing that isn't junk are 30 year old Toyota's with a stick shift. lol

  27. I dont see the big deal in manuals. Its more fun, its better, you have more control over the car, etc. Automatic trans. is absolute nonsense to me. But its just my opinion

  28. Lots of people like to shift gears I get it but automatic transmissions have come along way,a manual to me is out dated equipment and the new automatic transmissions are quicker,Ford and G.M teamed up together to make the new 10 speed transmission which they go in G.M and Ford vehicles.

  29. It was Zoras dream to have a midengine corvette on production. If anything, it’s the closest thing to Zoras dream Corvette that has been built to this day according to his plans and design. So it doesn’t have a manual. Big whoop. Modern technology surpasses the clunkiness of a standard transmission (even though I own a 6 speed myself and needless to say am disappointed in there not being one)

  30. Hi Scotty did you know that the sporty version whatever they call it of the Toyota Corolla is also available with a six-speed transmission but it has to be the sport version thank you enjoyed your video BJC

  31. I couldn’t imagine living without a standard transmission (for myself). The family SUV is automatic but that’s not really for myself, it’s for the family, although the kids like to drive in my manual cars. I’ve been thinking about getting something newer to replace our old BMW but they seem to enjoy the BMW a lot. They like zipping around in the old stick shift convertible bimmer much more than a modern hybrid/electric or automatic. Contrary to Scotty’s advice, my 2001 BMW 325ci has been extremely reliable for us. It would be a shame to get rid of it so long as it’s working well and getting good gas mileage. I just wish I had more garage space to keep it inside. Recently I’ve been keeping it outside with a car cover. I don’t like taking the cover off all the time but I don’t want to ruin the rag top in the sun.

  32. My car is automatic transmission and I hate it. I will pick standard transmission. No before anybody starts on me,let me explain. I had to get a car in a pinch so I can get to and from work after my '93 Dodge shadow blew a piston through the oil pan, it was manual.

  33. it is also happening in my country.
    people tend to bought automatic transmission instead of standard manual transmission, even some cars only with automatic transmission available.
    Like Corolla.
    Yes, Toyota Corolla is only available in automatic transmission in my country, don't know about other countries

  34. the best anti theft device! just ask how many young people know how to get one yo move! these younger generation cant even tell time off a analog clock.

  35. We used to own cars with manual transmissions until our son went to college in Washington, DC. Traffic jams on the Jersey Pike and around DC converted us to automatics. So then some of our cars had paddle shifters. Never used them. Like mammary glands on a bull.

  36. When was the last time Scotty's boat it the driveway moved? The vines growing on it, look like they have been there for some time.

  37. The new Corvette is a joke. I own a real Corvette, 1976 model. Not only are manual transmissions going away, but so are real automatics. Everything is being taken over by CVTs, which are not actual transmissions at all. And they have an average lifespan of 100,0000 miles You would need to replace one 3 times to get a normal amount of mileage out of your car. I consider 300,000 miles as normal for all new cars.

  38. I need to find a wrecked Mustang so I can put the motor and manual tranny in my F-150. Guess I could just do with the transmission.

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