Here’s Why the Lexus IS 350 is the Best Used Luxury Car

Here’s Why the Lexus IS 350 is the Best Used Luxury Car

it’s time for show-off Sunday where
everyone has a chance to show off their
own car and here’s this week’s winner,
rev up your Lexus
hello everybody my name is Martin and I
run Marty motoring and today I’m going
to be showing you my 2007 Lexus is350,
now I’ve owned this car for about two
years and I’ve done many modifications
to it and documented that on my channel
and today I have the opportunity to
share my car with you
Scotty’s viewers so thanks Scotty, so
Lexus was created by Toyota in the late
1980s and proved to be a success as a
luxury brand with its quality
craftsmanship advanced engineering and
untouchable reliability, in the year 2000
North America got the Lexus IS 300 which
was known for its 6-cylinder 2jz engine
which was a non turbo variant of what
the Toyota Supra had, and it was also
known just for its sporty looks and
Toyota reliability in the form of a
sporty luxury car, fast forward six years
later North America got the Lexus IS 250
and 350 in the Year 2006 this time
instead of an inline engine they got the
v6 engine we know Scotty loves his
Toyota v6s
the is250 has a 2.5 liter v6 producing
204 horsepower with rear-wheel drive and
all-wheel drive options, you could actually
get it in the manual in the rear wheel
drive variants, now those are a little
bit more rare but it was one of the only
lexus manual cars besides the SC and
previous IS, the 350 in is 350 stands for
the 3.5 liter v6 engine pumping out 306
horsepower at the crank mated to a
six-speed automatic transmission with
paddle shifters, now the is 350 only came
in automatic and rear-wheel drive when
it was first released, Lexus achieved 306
horsepower at the crank by having a
compression ratio of eleven point eight
to one, along with that high compression
ratio this two gr FSC v6 engine features
a timing chain instead of a timing belt
and it has direct and port injection
which just speaks to the advanced
engineering of Lexus and the low
maintenance as well, so this looks like a
small luxury car but is it really a
sport sedan, this car does do 0 to 60 in
under 5 seconds which is pretty quick
also the v6 engine does sound pretty
good with the f-sport exhaust I have on
personally I think this car handles
great too from the factory
I’ve actually lowered it 1.5 inches on
hnr Springs and it handles even better
now, in terms of performance this car is
not crazy fast but it is very quick for
what it is and it predates the lexus
is-f which is well known for its 5.0 v8
engine and 8-speed transmission, where
this is kind of its baby brother where
it has the six cylinder engine with the
six-speed transmission, now there were
more of these is 350 s made than the ISF
which makes it a little easier to get
your hands on, for a luxury sport sedan
with zero to 60 under five seconds and
Toyota reliability this is a good bang
for your buck, speaking about reliability
I’ve had the car for about two years and
I’ve replaced the alternator, battery
done oil changes, and everything else was
an upgrade like wheels, suspension and
so on, the car has a hundred and sixty
six thousand miles on it which surprises
some people because it doesn’t look like
it would have that much, when I bought
the car about two years ago the factory
HID headlights were actually yellowed
from the inside no matter what I tried
to do, so I actually replace them with
these VIP Moto’s, I’ve replaced the front
bumper due to rock chips and it stayed
pretty clean so far, I’ve changed the
grill to the ISF style mesh grill and I
think it just looks a lot cleaner and
I’ve also gotten rid of the chrome up
front with a black surround, I also have
a hard pipe intake and a factory f-sport
filter for better air flow, these cars
come with staggered wheels from the
factory for the rear-wheel drive
I kept the 18-inch dimensions for my
aftermarket wheels but just went a
little bit wider in the front and rear, I
upgraded my rotors with slotted rotors
and the brake pads to ceramic for better
stopping, moving to the rear I have some
cosmetic things like a trunk lip and
spoiler, as well as a license plate to
let people know what kind of car this
actually is, I have the Lexus F sport
axle-back and it sounds great as you’ve
heard, the taillights are aftermarket and
pretty much they make the car look like
the newer generation IS, all-in-all this
car is a nice little luxury sports sedan
for the cost and its age and I’ve really
enjoyed owning it, on the road this car
handles great and I really
taking on the back roads, a lot of people
ask me about the paddle shifters and
they do work well, I’ve driven many
manual cars but I actually don’t mind
driving this automatic transmission, just
put it in Drive and go, in the interior
you get all the standard stuff plus 2007
navigation that I haven’t updated, heated
and ventilated cold seats and an awesome
sounding Marc Levenson audio system 14
speaker, also I’ve connected a Bluetooth
adapter into the aux jack and that
sounds pretty good as well, the back
seats don’t have much room which is why
I always joke that this is a four-door
two-seater there’s just not a whole lot
of room for a standard sized adult,
especially somebody like me being 6 1
I’ve also upgraded the shift knob to an
F sport carbon fiber and leather
stitched shift knob, since this car is a
luxury package it comes with memory
seats, on your center display you have
climate your audio settings your info is
your typical stuff like you can log your
maintenance in here as well as telephone
for phone calls, like I said the map is
outdated but it does work for anything
that’s been there before 2007, now I’ve
tried to update this with CDs I got on
eBay and it didn’t work out too well, so
I’m just gonna leave it how it is and
use my phone, another notable feature on
this car one that I don’t really use but
it’s pretty cool is the rear shades so
you just hit the button up front and on
the back window the rear shade deploys,
and lastly I like the push-to-start
button and that the steering wheel comes
out to the last position I had it in, my
goal is to hit 200,000 miles in this car
which really shouldn’t be too hard
considering I’m over halfway there, so I
will need to do some proper maintenance
like a transmission drain and fill, Lexus
says these have a lifetime
transmission fluid but we all know no
fluid is lifetime, and I actually
switched the oil over to full synthetic
high mileage Mobil one and it’s been
working great and very quiet and smooth
operation, if you’re interested in
learning more about this car and some of
the modifications I’ve done to it, check
out my channel Marty motoring, thanks for
watching and thanks Scotty for having me on,
well that was this week’s video and
remember to have your car video
highlighted here on my channel, check
this out
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell!

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  2. I own a 2010 IS350 and its the best car I've ever owned and I've owned a lot of cars (over 47 cars in 30 years) mostly Toyotas and now ONLY Toyotas (and Lexus). The IS350 is fast, smooth and dead reliable with 96K miles and counting. It's a bit of a guzzler but for a car that can hit 60 in ~5 secs, 21mpg in traffic aint that bad! back seat is small but dont really use it that much. Will never sell or trade in. Looking for the next ISF as my next new purchase. Have an old 74 Celica I am restomodding now.

  3. I agree it's a nice car, and handles well. If you're looking for a sporty reliable car this is the one to beat. There's no way an intake and exhaust drops that car from 5.5 to "under 5" for 0-60.

  4. Unfortunately i bought one and 2 days later the engine broke. Something inside broke. It wasnt an overheat, low oil or over rev issue. I have still yet to find out what happened. The car made no noises, ran amazing before it happened. Happened at idle just stopped running

  5. Actually quite disappointing to see the MPG rating on the IS 350, 300, and 250. But otherwise, they're really beautiful cars, especially prior to the ugly face change Lexus has made that looks like straight off a Cylon Centurian.

  6. QUESTION!: What do you guys think of the IS300, do you think its just as good? Could someone break down what would be better to purchase for the price 🙂 THANK U

  7. How much would be a good price for an 06 with 125k miles and in Denver CO. Also has a few tasteful mods like coilovers. new headlights. front lip.

  8. Went to a dealership once, yes those rear seats are pretty much useless. It’s just a 4 door couple unless you’ve got a baby seat or very very young kids because even short adults can’t seat back there. Not to mention the transmission hump for the rear wheel drive system. Looks cool from the outside though.
    Ended up buying a Hyundai Sonata which is much more roomier for less. Everyone gets enough space for their legs and also a great looking reliable car.

  9. What is the difference between the ES and the IS models. Trying to understand those Lexus model numbers. Can someone please explain?

  10. I have 2006 lexus is350 and I have a problem when stopping and foot on brake while on gear D and R the car start producing a rattling noise . Can anyone help me ??

  11. Scotty, why do you start with the annoying pneumatic tool. Seems you've been cautioned about this, but still persist. Why. WHY!

  12. Stop saying the car doesnt do 0-60 in 5s. Look it up. No not just the very first link. Most car reviews overlooked disengaging the traction control system, so they incorrectly reported the times. 4.8 0-60, and a 13.3 1/4 mile. Check youtube videos for proof

  13. Gets pretty bad reviews in Europe. Stupid high fuel consumption, not rewarding to drive. Maybe reliable, but so is a bike in the rain.

  14. My car is a 1993 es300 lexus and i have 243,788 miles on it and it still runs great. And thats with a blown head gasket. Its just temporary fixed with bars leak. I cant afford to fix it. I just drive to work and back.

  15. Thanks scotty!!!!!!!! My wife said them cars are not reliable. I've told her they are very good and resale value. Now I can have your word backing me up. She has agreed to let me get one lol

  16. 06 is350 sport/luxury 65k miles.

    I ordered the Meghan Front sway bar & front/rear strut bars.

    Anybody has these mods?

    I'm hoping to tighten up the handling+body rolling in corners.

  17. I want one of these so bad but they are so hard to find. I mean they are literally impossible to find. Everybody who’s got one doesn’t want to let it go.

  18. Best car I've owned was a 1983 ford LTD 2 with the Thrift power I6 just did general Maint. No repairs to speak of and when I got rid of it the car hand 230 thousand miles and ran great.

  19. Wow in the uk all we do is stick an air freshener on the rear view mirror and maybe wash it , if we did all that work in the uk the insurance would be ££££££. Envy you guys in the states those mods are excellent, wish had that IS. One sweet motor. Love lexus

  20. I own a 2007 Lexus is350!!! Original owner, fully loaded with only 83k miles!! BEST car I have ever had. Looks brand new inside and out! I still absolutely love my car, runs like a top!♡

  21. Lexus IS nice but can’t take the best used luxury crown.
    What happened to The Avalon
    Or the MERCEDES E-class

  22. Hey scotty what if you just buy a reliable engine and put it in a unreliable car would the car still be unreliable ?

  23. This is the most underrated Lexus car ever. It has the punch off the line and from the roll. Many people are surprised thinking it’s grandpa’s car until you hit that pedal to the floor.

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