Here’s Why the Car Community is Toxic

Here’s Why the Car Community is Toxic

rev up your engines
welcome to Scotty Kilmer live car talk
podcast where you get my 51 years experience
of fixing cars and your car questions
not often you’re gonna get a guy like
me who knows about cars answering your
questions for nothing honestly there’s a
lot of guys out there giving advice that don’t
know what the heck they’re talking about
and then there’s some that may have at
one point in time known but the sponsors
got to them and now they’ll do whatever
their sponsors to them to tell you about
products may or may not be good well you
can see there’s no sponsors here I’m
just telling you the truth
Pete says scotty love you work I got
a colleague who’s moving to Houston from
Australia for a couple years he wants to
drive a high-end US made luxury car up
to a couple years old and up to 60 grand
what suggestions you have well you said
US made well realizes they make a lot
of Japanese cars in the United States
you know some that are in Canada that’s
close enough to us but you know if you
wants an actual American car out of the
choices they’re there I’d say you have
to go forward just realize if he’s gonna
pay up to 60 grand he’s only gonna be
here a couple of years he’s gonna lose
his shirt when he sells that thing
because the resale value those things
just plummets when they get to be a
couple years old so justly realize he’s
gonna lose a lot of money if I was him
lease a car don’t buy it
lease it then he can lease whatever he wants
even a Jaguar he wanted cuz what if it
falls apart he doesn’t care he’s leasing
the car that’s their problem not his if
you’re leasing the brand-new car so I’d
say for him at least whatever he wants
cuz he’s not gonna own it he’s only
gonna be here two years what heck
you’d have some fun and not have to
worry about horrible resale value let
the company worry about that, oris
says Scotty I just bought a 2019
Jeep Cherokee latitude what’s your
opinion of the start/stop system with
idles I hate those systems I think they’re
terrible they say gasoline yeah the
worst wear and tear on your engine is
when you start it up that’s when the
most wear occurs if he’s starting and
stopping it’s gonna wear the engine more
now they claim that they put thicker
ranging bearings in la la la la la but
to me it’s much hoopla cuz I’ve seen
cars like that and then when they get to
have eighty ninety thousand miles the
engines are much more worn than
comparable ones that just start running
and don’t stop and start and stop and
start by themselves to save gas mileage
parts you’re gonna wear it to start a
faster you’re gonna wear out the battery
faster it’s just gonna wear
thing out faster I think it’s just a
stupid idea that these guys did try to
cram higher gas mileage ratings out and
try to make the government happy that
they’re trying to make cars pollute less
but really I mean cars burn gasoline
they’re gonna pollute don’t try to get
some mickey mouse thing like that to fix
it it doesn’t fix anything and it does
wear them out faster I’d see it’s
Christian 209 says scotty I got a 2002 C240
Mercedes with 166 thousand miles won’t
go past 40 and the ony codes showing are
cylinder misfiring three and smell like
gas of course you can try change the
spark plugs but odds are it’s not the
spark plug it’s something else you got a
leaky fuel injector there okay it pours
too much gas on the computer and a car
is really sophisticated when it sees
problems it’s gonna limit the speed that
the car can actually go down the road
they’re that complicated that they will
turn things off and won’t run correctly
you want to pray of something like a bad
injector on number three and not
something like a blown head gasket those
c240s were notorious for blowing head
gaskets it could easily be a blown head
gasket you want to check because if it
is blowing on a number three the spark
plugs gonna smell like gas it’s gonna
have a little oil on it if that’s the
case you’re probably getting the blowing
head gasket when you find how much money
it cost to replace on that car you’re
probably gonna say oh I’m gonna get rid
of this thing and push it off a cliff or
something, blue lights Scotty I’d like
your opinion on my car how long do you think
it’ll last it’s a full-time 4×4 2018
MINI Countryman with a six-speed manual
Japanese transmission I drive 100 miles
round trip to Charlotte three days a
week I’m a nurse I have 20,000 on it now
and I’d use royal purple okay you’re
taking care of the thing there’s no
arguing that it is ain’t mini has a
limited lifespan truthfully from my
experience of customers once they get
maybe 80 90 thousand miles on him it’s
not before they start falling apart in
front of your very eyes you are taking
excellent care of the vehicle so in your
case I would say your chances the oil
out using royal purple best oil out
there keep checking your and if you find
that thing doesn’t burn any oil when
it’s got 80,000 miles on it you might
continue to drive it a while you’re
really taking care of the thing and if
you put in a hundred miles
than highway highway miles equivalent to
10% city stop-and-go driving so that
hundred miles is ten miles driving drive
a thousand miles like that it’s like a
hundred miles and city so you’re not
wearing the engine that much you take
really good care maybe you can get lucky
but if it does start burning oil but
it’s got 80,000 miles having a lot of
electrical problems get rid of it and
never buy another one, humpty-dumpty hope
you don’t fall hey Scotty love the show
question is any API certified motor oil
okay to use royal King as conventional
essence certified for nine dollars a 5
quart jug can I trust it, my car does
not require synthetic yes as long as it
meets the requirements of your car the
API is American Petroleum Institute and
it’s an independent Institute checks out
the oils and sees if they meet the
certifications to keep coming out with
newer ones for newer vehicles but as
long as the certification that’s the API
one rated for that job there’s a little
circle with the rating numbers look it
up as long as that meets the
certifications of your manufacturer and
that’s totally fine to use, so if you never
want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that bell

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  2. I have a 2002 chevy venture, and i am never getting rid of it. Why? Because it is a basic car, and i know it. I rebuilt head gaskets myself at 75,000 the transmission myself at 160,000. Along with those jobs were brakes, sensors, hubs, full suspension, and switches, etc. oem, quality aftermarket (moog, gates, timkin' etc.) and used parts are all inexpensive on ebay. Front brake job cost me $15. I have apple car play radio, and LED headlights and tail lights, etc. buying a planned obsolescence car as my daily beater scares me. This van really had a tough life, and i doubt many other cars would be able to take the abuse my van took in the 18 years we owned it

  3. To be fair i am what you can consider a "toxic" member of any car community. I would rather people wouldn't take offence to what i say but then i do say things that would trigger most people. The reason i am "toxic" is because i don't want people to buy sht*te cars and end up paying a fortune to fix them like my own 2014 Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost. I wish people would read up on cars before buying them so they knew what they are getting into. I just wish people would listen to me sometime, I know i am only 20 years old but i genuinely have a lot of advice to offer to people who are willing to listen to people like Scotty.

  4. scotty your toxic feeding people about this Toyota crap no better then chevy and what 35 foot 5th wheel is a tundra/Tacoma gonna be able to pull

  5. YouTube car reviewers can be toxic too. If the car or truck isn't a MONSTER or a BEAST with a V8 or twin turbos and hits 60mph in under 2.8 seconds they say it's just another boring car.

  6. Explain a grinding feeling / noise coming from front disk brakes where, on inspection, the pads and rotors look perfect. This happens at the tail end of hard braking, when the vehicle moving at about ten m.p.h. or so, slowing to a stop.

    It is not ABS, I know what that sounds and feels like. The calipers are free to move on their sliders, and the pads are properly aligned in the calipers. It is fine during normal driving, so I have elected to keep driving it to see if the symptoms go away, or get worse. Frankly, I am stumped!

  7. my fav piece of scotty advice is not to change the oil if you do a lot of highway driving – saving me a lot of time and money

  8. Why do these dummies buy a car that you've already torpedoed for being a piece of sh*t, and then ask you about it later? Why didn't they ask you first?

  9. How does the start-stop system save on fuel if anything it uses more.
    Something your wrong about, the cars with the start-stop system use different starters than the car without the start-stop system.
    Close enough to the US, but better, Canada.

  10. I'm still baffled as why you have not been shutdown after all that time! Love your videos and your way to explain things! keep it up Scotty!

  11. Hey, Scotty. I have a knocking sound in my Elantra 07 after I changed the valve gasket and scraped off some sludge. Could it be my lifter? Should I get a new car?

  12. I have a 2000 Honda Civic and it when I start it it revs to 3k rpms and then it’s driving and it get the normal temperature it turns of by its self can could be bad?

  13. Scotty have you ever done a video.on Toyota's Prius? Yes it is novel, but it has great mileage ABD is super reliable as well as having a 5 star rating. I replaced all 4 tires cheaper than one Mercedes amg tires. Cheap to kerp…

  14. The first thing I do after starting my car is turn off the stop start feature. Fortunately I have a car that allows this.

  15. I agree with Scotty. Surprise! Start/stop technology is junk. We have a Malibu, and I am just waiting for the starter or battery to go out

  16. Scotty is 200% right, the start stop options in cars does not save any gas at all the only thing does is wearing out engine parts and rest of that is pure baloney what they telling u about saving gas, Scotty ur the best!

  17. Scotty, I have a 2000 honda civic cx with 100k miles and since it’s the most basic model so it has no Air conditioning. But when i turn the air on full blast it occasionally blows plants and debris out of the Ventilation system and into my face/eyes. What’s happening???

  18. Why they're toxic? You try to say anything and all you get is condescending mouth breather a going "WELL WELLL, UH NO AKSCHTUALLY___"

  19. Corrupt mechanics are worse in Canada, you can't find an honest one here. When they do an oil change here they will show you dirty filters that are not from your vehicle just to overcharge you with their scams. It is the same for Jiffy Lube, Canadian Tire, Minit Lube and all the franchise garages out there as well as the independent garages.
    Your only choice is to find a retired old school mechanic who has a hoist in his garage.

  20. And I thought that automatic seatbelt that ran up the side of the door was BAD,well, was I wrong now you come to a stop and the car shuts off what's next the second a windshield washer or panhandler comes near your car all Windows lower without any way to raise them?

  21. I always worried about the repetitive stopping and restarting of my 2007 Prius, but here I am twelve years and 200,000 miles later—and it still runs great.

  22. Increasing the thickness of bearings wouldn't help anyway, surface area yes maybe if you can avoid high bearing speed ( and heat from that) etc just to help spread out the wear and load etc but thicker bearings don't matter. Never will you loose oil pressure from going completely through a bearing, it will lose all oil pressure FAR before that!!! lolololol. I am not doubting Scotty just agreeing the manufactures are full of crap! Basically the companies figured how to get a smidgen more MPG increase planned obsolescence all for the price of some software modification. It would be worth getting buddy buddy with a programmer just to eliminate that function!

  23. In Bulgaria, people are so misinformed about vehicles(even the mechanics) that it is tragic in some cases. For example, I've talked to a person, whose business is to sell secondhand cars and he said that you don't EVER need to change the oil on a lifetime transmission. It is sealed and you don't need to maintain it.

  24. Hi Scott I dont put on 3000 miles a year on my car I use Mobil one synthetic and there oil filter my car dosent require synthitic think it's ok I only do it evey 8 9 months thsts what I am doing

  25. My sister is a doctor she says the same about medical field community, I am a pilot for 18 years and found it too about Aviation community. Greed, money and climbing up makes any community toxic.

  26. Many car groups and car forums are full of haters and stuck up folks who act like they know everything and they’re super high Dolar product choices are the only way to go.

  27. scotty love the show, Could i get your opinion my car its an 02 Nissan sentra Se-r taking care of it what do you think of the sentras especially the se-r and spec v packages

  28. Out of all the communities I’ve ever been in, the car community is by far the most toxic. I stopped involving myself with the majority of all these car guys on social media. Dudes can’t handle having cars anymore because all they do is open their mouth when they’re not supposed to.

  29. Hey Scotty i just bought a 2018 Ford Fusion titanium AWD Ecoboost engine do you think this could be a good long term vehicle? Huge fan of you man!

  30. would it be ok to turbocharge a 1993 ford ranger 4.0L V6? The engine has been rebuilt recently and the Last owner took good care of it, looks almost new. Except 1st and 2nd gear are really sticky.

  31. Car people are not any smarter. Nowadays a nice new car owner would be smarter to lease a vehicle and then let it go after 3 years

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