Here’s Why People Buy Used Police Cars, Ford Crown Vic

Here’s Why People Buy Used Police Cars, Ford Crown Vic

welcome to wacky Wednesday’s, where
everyone has a chance to show off their
car mods, and here’s this week’s winner,
howdy folks this is my P 71 ford crown vic
this used to be a police car, drive this
thing everyday about 70 miles a day,
originally belong to my grandpa after
they bought it from the police auction, when
I got it the paint was flaking off had
old steel wheels, the car did not look this
good at all, I went down to my local
Walmart and bought about 15 cans of
paint and during Spring Break about few
and a half ago, I painted this thing,
she’s all spray paint on this car on top
I couldn’t reach it too good because I’m
kind of short, I had a guy locally
put me a giant American flag and in
the middle we done in red blue and
green in honor og those who keep our
country safe, the other thing I’ve done is
in the front g-max tires in
the back 18 by 9 gernal gmax tire
these pretty meaty looking, one part you always need,
performance makes it really good control
arms helps keep the car from spinning
and wheel hop, wheel hop is horrible
in the factory control arms, I’ll show you the inside, that sticker there is from the unit number
on this door panel
you can see I got a little bit of latex paint on there don’t mind, that but the
police model and on all crown vic I
assume have the seat can close up here
on the door panel, because if I’m sitting
down in this seat and I’m wearing full body
armor, big gun, so it’s gonna be hard to
reach down there to adjust the seat, so
they put them right here, just like a
Mercedes, this one also has power door
locks, power windows, power mirrors, on inside aftermarket console as
the police models did not have a center
console because this area would have
been police center console, so these civilian
ones have like a bench seat into the
drivers seat you see the dash, that’s
relatively simple but tell you
everything you need,
fuel, speed, and one thing to
note is it goes to 140 unlike a civilian
car which only goes to 120 and
these lights are on because the car is
on but the engine is
not running, over here is one of
the biggest things I’ve changed the radio
I’ve had it for like almost two years,
works it’s great, you can go to Spotify
and Google Chrome, YouTube, if you want to you can play Angry Birds on it, everything you
can do with a tablet, coming back over here you and
see that it is column shift automatic
you do have the option to manually shift
down to all 4 gears and the transmission
has been rebuilt with her 650 horsepower
to match the wheel build kit and torque
converter, one thing I love about this
car is everything is so easy to use
so easy to find, it’s all just hard
plastic though only, things that’s kind of soft
touch this right here, it has a little bit of a
soft touch to it, moving back over here and
see that nice sweeping launch even
though this interior is kind of basic I think it has a
decent design
to it, tons of leg room, right here we
have the AC, are again easy to
use got fan speed, temperature, and where you
want it, no fancy gizmos one thing you will
notice is right here it says release trunk, so
the civilian crown vics would have had
a little clock right there at told you
the time and all that, these there again
being centered around the police officer
you have the trunk button right there, so
the advantage of that is so if there
is a police officer sitting here, he can
reach the button and pop open the trunk
which we’ll go and look at, one other thing I will you talk
about this vehicle, now this trunk is massive, as you can see in here, there’s my book
bag that I used for college, full-size
spare tire, bike rack, toolkit air
compression, over here we got the jack, right here is a 1000 watt power inverter
got two coil vent pioneer subs, one
thing you will notice is there is a fuel
pump shutoff switch, in case of a fire
you just hit that button and it puts off
the fuel, I said this car originally belonged to my grandpa so one of the
things I kind of do is I kind of, he
always wanted to do stuff to it but he
didn’t have the time, so there he is
there, I kind of just keeping him there
just remind me, I like to think of him
now and then, then on the other end of it we
have back, you got the back seat
so this one we went through and we put power
windows back here, power door locks,
new back seat and it’s really nice you
can see it this is really comfy, like a
couch back here, one other thing you can
see back here, is there’s the headliner and
right here you see where it was cut for
cage, one other thing on the headliner
would be this thing right here this is what they
call the ticket light, it’s bright as all
get-out you can actually buy at Home
Depot, but it’s standard with equipment on
all police cars, go down here and pop
open the hood, so right here on this box is
what they call the cop
chip, P71’s only I’m just
kidding nothing’s in that box, but what
you will have in this very civilian
model is a different tune a big air box
this is the same air box found on the
Mercury Marauder, which is totally
different animal, you got a battery
the size of a small Honda motor, this
thing is genuinely massive, cost about
$300 so other than that you’ve got a 4.6
liter two valve v8 these can get around 270
horsepower more or less depends on who
you ask but you got modern features
without modern hassle, so everything is real
easy to work on,
alternators right there, belts real
easy to get to, one thing I like about this one being
a 2004, she’ll have mechanical cable, one other thing about is they have upgraded brakes which I did have
paint red,
so we’re going back to the back
underneath the car a little bit,
underneath the car you can see the 2
Cherry Bomb glass packs, feeding into an
offload x-pipe
and you can’t see them but I have
flowmaster high flow catalytic
converters and all flows back 3 inch tubing to these four inch by 22,,so
that’s my P 71 Ford Crown Vic, you want
to know more about the car you can
follow it on Instagram loud vic 281 or
you can find my youtube channel at
so I hope you enjoyed this video,
god bless, well that was this week’s video
and to have your car mod shown on my
channel here, check this out, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that

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  1. Anyone who makes fun of his voice will be banned from the channel, everyone gets to show off their car here, so if you don’t like it, too bad.

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  2. Scotty, this is a great video, and the kid did a great job! But it doesnt say why people buy them. I will give you 1 reason, it's a tank! Safe! No need for 16 air bags. I was hit by a lifted 4×4 tundra in my left fender. After about 300 in repair I still drive it back and forth to work.

  3. I honestly thought that paint was stock and you're telling me it's all Walmart rattlecans…. very impressed

  4. If Ford made these today withe the 3.5 EB and 10 speed, they'd meet emissions and MPG standards and probably sell like hotcakes!

    Hmmm…pricey swap, but…

  5. That's an impressive paint job! I just can't believe that this was made with just a bunch of cans that he got at Walmart.

  6. Awesome review! Nice job man. Please do more reviews. I’d definitely tune in. Very thorough.

  7. Dude, this guy loves his car. I can get behind that. I'm happy about how happy he is. Great job man.

  8. Awesome ride! Just got thrown off at 0:22 "This USED TO BE an ex police car."
    So what is it now? A police car AGAIN?

  9. Hey i need help. I'm looking at this 1995 crown victoria. It's real clean, the body is great the engine is great but the driver's door has a problem with the window, the buttons to make them go up and down (like the entire button holder) has been taken out, and the window held up with duct tape, the button holders and parts are there but it needs some type of work, I'm wondering if i should buy this thing because i thought it was great at first, then my grandfather-in-law looked at it and said it was junk…

  10. Like the wheels u put on the car they fit it perfect 👌 definitely have a talent with rattle cans don’t listen to people that say negative things they hate there life so much they want to make others feel bad like thereself

  11. Man that looks ridiculously well done, some good work put in. And holy crap, paint done with spray cans? I literally can't even believe it, it looks like a factory job.

  12. YOU did a very nice job on the CAR and explaining what you did to it. Don't stop now you have alot of very good TALENT. GOOD LUCK

  13. Those are some of the best cars Ford ever made. I spent a lot of years as a Ford dealership mechanic and I would love to see them roll up because they were so easy to work on, the only problem was they never broke!

  14. I had a 2005 Crown Vic police interceptor. I bought it in 09. Sold it to a buddy of mine around June 2019. Those cars ride nice and can take a heck of a beating. I do like the rims he put on his car and he did one heck of a nice paint job with rattle cans!!

  15. i had the first 0000011 crown vic 1992 no grill kept it for 15 years had a 5.0 liter police package was blue interior all automatic and had every option you could get had 479.000. miles when I gave it away only had to change few hoses and power stering that's all and when I got rid of it nothing on the inside worked but the radio witch I put in costing 2k but man it drove like a scalded dog ohh forgot never changed oil for 7 years it leaked a quart every week I did change the filter but when I did take it in to be changed they told me it did not need changing go figure. now I have a 2019 lx570 man its 1 million times better than my vic but I do miss it loved your video happy vic driving

  16. I had a p71 crown vic I never lost a race beat multiple hell cats mustangs a poursche a twin turbo v10 Audi and many more I got it up to 175mph on the highway once too bad I totaled it last year

  17. Wow,all that works and those ton of moneys he’s putting into that Ford Crown Vic that almost have 200,000 miles in the car engine.He could of just take that moneys and buy a new Ford Mustang GT.

  18. 270 HP ? My 2003 P71 has 247hp, it's a fun car, but it ain't nothing like I had in the '70's, (If only I had known about the beauty of "sway bars" back then). NICE CAR.

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