Here’s Why New Car Reviews are Stupid

Here’s Why New Car Reviews are Stupid

rev up your engines
Jacka Falls says MSN just
posted on their webpage the most
reliable cars at 2019 not sure what to
make it looks fishy some are okay some
are strange and how can you do
reliability on a one year old vehicle yeah
you know you got a great point there
realize that these big corporations like
Microsoft they take advertisements for
many companies and some of the stuff
looks ok and some of it indeed is very
fishy you got a point
how can you talk about reliability of a
car that hasn’t been even out a whole
year just a few months
that’s silly that’s plain silly there’s
just too much corruptness in this world
to believe what any large corporation is
gonna tell you about products that other
large corporations build that’s wholly
common sense I mean I’ve seen some of
these car guys saying that oh this jeep
is one of the best cars of the year
better than the Toyotas and yada yada
yada watch it’s a bunch of made-up
nonsense so don’t ask mechanics like me
that kind of question your own
mechanical if you got an honest mechanic
and they’ll tell you what’s real and what
isn’t real and of course don’t go to
somebody who just specializes in Jaguars
cuz they’re gonna tell you check bunch
of great cars cuz that’s how they make a
living so use your noggin when it comes
to that don’t believe half of the stuff
that you read on the internet or in the
papers if anybody even reads the papers
anymore these days, it’s Suzuki Scotty I
I got a 93 nissan sentra from the
original owner with only twenty five
thousand miles
I changed the tires the brake lines are
a little furry well that’s rust they’re
starting to rust and that’s dangerous
said it was from Chicago area you don’t
want to take a chance look we’re the
ones are really bad and if you see
they’re all really bad personally look
aftermarket and see if you can find all
of the brake lines for the vehicle and
just buy them in a set where you can
unbolt them and both depend or pay a
mechanic to build all new lines we
mechanic’s can get raw brake line and
replace it off because you don’t want
damaged winter when they look like that
and are fluffy it means they’re rotting
away in one day you might slam on the
brakes and you get killed because they
won’t stop at all so that is
definitely something you’d want to fix
right away you
want to take a chance with brake systems
middle says Scotty I got an 08 Chevy
Malibu recently had the transmission
rebuild on 137 thousand miles cuz of the
wave plate cracking car drives
great but under great acceleration any
transmission shifts hard you can feel a
jerk why is it doing this well it’s
doing it cuz they didn’t fix it right obviously
I see that all the time with GM products
but they all have software updates if
that was updated take it to GM have them
updated now if that doesn’t fix it take
it back to whoever rebuilt and so you
didn’t rebuild this thing right look
make a video of it so they can’t say oh
we can’t replicate it make a video of it
doing it and don’t accept your car back
until they either fix it or they give
you all your money back and then you
either live with it or get it fixed somewhere
else maybe you won’t live with it but
yeah that transmission rebuilt shouldn’t
jerk like that if it does the guy did
not fix it right or he didn’t do the
software update when he fixed it that’s
part of fixing an automatic transmission
these days the guys have to have the
computer knowledge too and the equipment
so that they can go to the GM website
and download the software anybody can do
it that wants to pay for the software
and then put the software in a computer
so do exactly as I said pray it just as
a software update, Mazda 92 says I got a
Mazda Protege 92 DX manual
transmission first and only owner
engine replaced a few weeks ago overall
the transmission was done now the engine
only comes on when I drive for a while
and the engine will die well first of
all whoever you had to do that work take
it back to him
the man didn’t fix it you take an engine out
or transmission out there’s so many
things that can go wrong when you do
that work I’ve seen a lot of guys mess
it up now it’s a 92 manual transmission
DX why on earth are you putting all that
money into that car it’s really not
worth it that car is worth practically
nothing I wouldn’t even go any further
with it myself but take it back to
whoever worked on it he screwed
something up, rock asked does changing
front and rear struts make significant
difference to the ride handling I got to
use 2009 Camry last year it has 80k
lately it’s more bouncy well of course
it does if you use quality parts like
say you get KYB or the Toyota original
strut replacements to put in at two
thousand nine eleven years old it should
ride a lot smoother now here’s something
I gotta warn people because I see it all the
on the other hand if you car runs ok
rides ok and you go out buy the cheapest
strut you can sometimes it’ll ride worse
and you put the cheap struts on, I had
a guy years ago and he said this thing’s
riding like crap I looked at it said
where your struts are no good he says
I just had them changed last year at
Sears and I told him I said well that’s your
I said you went to Sears and they just
went and bought the cheapest struts they
could get their hands on and they were
just garbage so you gotta buy good ones
but if it is bouncing around a lot
really it doesn’t matter if they’re not
leaking you said they’re not leaking but
they just wear out and they can’t take
the pressure right and instead of going
when you take them off you probably find
they go wrong and their easier to move
and then they’re just worn out once you
take them off you can see if they’re bad
or not, SVT Scotty I got an 02 SVT
lightning with 69 thousand miles
Wow seventeen years old than 69,000
miles that’s really something you know
make sure it’s the real mileage what
should I look I want to keep it to the
future its garage kept mostly for Sunday
driving I keep it a hundred miles a
month you’re hardly driving it also
change the oil and you know once a year
something you need to do check all the
other fluids it is 17 years also change
the coolant used a long life coolants
use the long life coolant you got to change
like every
seven years or a hundred thousand miles
then you don’t have to think about it for
really long time
and since it is 17 years old just keep
buying all the rubbers parts always just
the brake lines to make sure that the
rubber seals aren’t breaking the leaking
out but with that mileage and you drive
only a hundred miles a month should last
you a really long time they are fun to drive
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

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  2. Had a 2006 Monte Carlo and at 100,000 miles the transmission started to act up and just got worst over time. GM cars tend to have these issues.

  3. Scotty was done for drink driving because I hadn't done the brakes, suspension and tyres on my car, they accident gave the car back to me so I shot it fulla holes before they took it again. After six years I have my licence back and the new car is good, really good.

  4. take it from me, jeeps are great. and anything dodge Chrysler, they are the reason i make good money and have a house in the philippines, i thank you for all your money, see you next week if it will make it that long

  5. That's why we love our machanic he shows us what's bad. Like when the transmission went bad in our venture he showed us the pan.

  6. @Scotty I have a Honda Civic LX and my passenger side was vibrating so my mechanic said it was the passenger side motor mount and i changed it but it's still vibrating. What else could it be?

  7. There's another major car recall and this one could put lives in danger. The recall affects 3.5 million General Motors SUVs and pickup trucks.
    It is brakes that don't stop well and fuel injection that can shut off in traffic 💩😁

  8. I have a 5 lig taco. Built the KYB front ftruts with the pre runner front springs. Saved me from having to get the front lift to straighten it out.😀

  9. where . is the best place to buy a used Lexus? Some dealers want too much for a used car and try to rip off people. So where to buy a used car for a good price and reliablity in PA.

  10. I'd appreciate American's help. I live in Europe – and I really love how Dodge Challenger looks. I'm looking at 2016+ face-lifted versions. With 5,7 hemi V8. Are they any good? How many miles they go more or less trouble free? Thanks!

  11. Scotty I got a story for you. Yesterday I had my truck serviced to get the brake fluid and power steering flushed and changed. It’s a 1998 Ford Ranger with 216k miles. Great truck btw for any fellow viewers who are looking at used trucks. Anyways they screwed up when they worked in the brakes, because I was driving and the back tires started smoking and it smelled awful. I pulled over and realized it was coming from the brakes. I started her back up but I could no longer move the car because it was jammed in the back. I had to wait 4 hours to get towed, and I missed my math class st my college getting a zero on my test as a result. Needless to say, DO NOT go to pep boys auto service if you let your car get worked on.

  12. I remember watching Richard Hammond drive a 10+ year old Subaru Impreza across Africa. I remember how he basically dragged Mays Volvo & Clarksons BMW across the entire continent because neither could move through the mud under their own power. That was the best car review i ever saw. I bought a Subaru shortly after & its the best car i ever had.

    Reviewing a new car is pointless, of course its reliable & everything works, its got less than 1000 miles on it. Come back when its got 10 years of use and abuse & tell me how reliable it is.

  13. Hi Scotty,
    mechanics asked us to use fully synthetic engine oil even for naturally aspirated cars and they claim it last longer than normal engine oil.
    Any comment please?

  14. Haha Scotty that Sears closing popup cracks me up. I used to work at Sears and I can tell you half of the people who worked on the cars there didn't know what they were doing. Cheap parts were sold there and they always had customers coming back in unsatisfied with their vehicles. I tell you it happen so much there

  15. I tend to agree that Toyota vehicles are much better as far as build quality and whatnot.  However….I also believe that if you maintain a vehicle properly then any car or truck will last you a good long while.  I've owned multiple Mopars, Fords, Chevys, and a few imports as well. Taken care of, these vehicles all lasted for many miles without issues.

  16. Scotty what’s your thoughts 💭 on 2012 Chevy Colorado/ 2012 GMC Canyon??
    I know they are similar just different name but your thoughts 💭 please 🤟🏼🍺

  17. "large corporations tell you about product..'' shows the facebook logo and the Capitol building…Hahahahaha…you are legend

  18. I love my 2016 Malibu. It has 65,000 miles on it. I change all fluids etc.. all maintenance. It runs great so far. We will see how it lasts.

  19. Hey Scotty, do you use a green screen or is the background real? Just wondering because the lighting on the background is consistent but the lighting on your face seems to change just a little bit from vid to vid. Great content either way, respect for your work ethic.

  20. Hey so what exactly is up with fiat? I saw the other video relating to the newer jeeps getting a fiat engine which is bad. Y?

  21. Hey Scotty!
    Somewhere between getting my oil changed yesterday and pulling into a gas station tonight I noticed my crabked headlight assembly had gone completly missing! when I poked at it I saw that the "glue" was all goopy and brown. What the French Toast? I hasn't rained here is over a good week or so.

  22. Chevy's heh worst turning thing I ever. I've driven a couple Chevy's and that's my biggest gripe. The Jeep had a really tight turn radios. The main thing on the Jeep was the rear main seal. The am general Humvee had a good work around for that issue and made it 2 pieces. I'd just throw a dab of rtv just to keep it up. The Jeep even after it was done would soon be leaky on the oil pan after a few thousand miles.

  23. That used to be a old 4.0 or 4.9 joke. If it stops leaking you probably ran it out of oil, Shazam lol. That 3.7 v6 they used didn't leak at all. At least the ones I had or worked with. Chrysler did really well on that engine but the I6 was still a better engine in the long run.

  24. They are all paid to lie by the highest bidder. For instance they rate the new bmws over the new lincolns which is obsurde. Lincoln makes way more quality for way less money. Same with many sedans in the same class ebing rated over the lincolns when lexus makes the only on on par with the lincoln. They are all paid to lie. The new mercedes and bmws are trash and a rip off.

  25. SCOTTY: PLEASE make a list of personally "APPROVED-BY-SCOTTY" Mechanics list in the 50 States. I will buy it on a per state bases. Like if u agree!

  26. Here’s why you are stupid, The bmw m6 v10 I just bough is the most reliable car in history. My transmission totally didn’t give out after 3 days of ownership.

  27. I had a 2003 Jeep Liberty. The battery shorted out twice. I sold it after 150k miles and replacing the radiator and water pump. The motor blew on the rear window wiper too. Other than that, I had no complaints. I always wondered if the batteries were crap or the car had electrical problems that killed the batteries. The third battery died a natural death.

    I would have kept it but I noticed it was more of a girl car so. Some Jeeps aren't as bad as he says. My niece still drives my dad's 2002 Liberty with no issues.

  28. You just did the same thing Scotty….how do you know the new 2020 Jeep isn't better than a Toyota it hasn't been out long enough to know

  29. Ask mechanics. Who work on broken, neglected, and ill maintained vehicles only brought to them when there's a problem. It's. A. Machine. "Changing the oil" like your Grand father always said isn't enough anymore. Those services in the owners manual (you know, that book in your glove box taking up space?) wasn't just made up information to read when you forgot your book on a business trip. Don't wait for your car to fail before you ask for help! It's like taking care of yourself. Even if you aren't feeling sick, a doctor might find something wrong before it gets worse. These cars are tested and tested and tested and that's how maintenance intervals are born. It's to replace things before they fail you.

  30. funny, right before your video google will play a chevy commercial, then your video starts and “Heyyy chevy sucks!” “they are just junkmobiles and endless money pits” 🤣

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