Here’s Why Lexus is the Best Luxury Car

Here’s Why Lexus is the Best Luxury Car

it’s time for show-off Sunday, where
everyone has a chance to show off their
own car, and here’s this week’s winner
German sedans are usually synonymous
with refinement, a quiet ride and sturdy
switch wear compared to their
competition, the small German sedans
decades long pedigree began as a
revolution in reliable, comfortable, and fast
luxury transportation for the baby
boomer generation, they were rocket ships
for the everyday man, fast, fun, and made
like nothing else, German cars truly were
a cut above, leaving foreign
manufacturers years behind, until this
this is the 2014 Lexus is250,
its price compatible with the German
cars and has the same overall length and
comes equipped with similar technology
so it’s shaping up to seem like any
other Japanese luxury car following in
the footsteps of the Germans but never
quite cutting the mustard, this one I
would say does, its exterior looks once a
radical departure from Lexus of the past
now have redefined Lexuses entire design
language and this spindle grille can be
found on almost every Lexus you want in
production, its aggressive and angular, I
even love the way the side skirts seem
to fold up into the rear headlamps
certainly doesn’t scream boring old
Lexus to me
the interior is unmistakably Japanese,
from the digital dashboard and even the
aircon slats that resemble slatted
shades, so it seems to be bringing
something unique to the small sedan
world of soft touch plastics and wooden
trim pieces, it seems to actually have a
character, but before that we actually
have to answer whether or not it’s as
revolutionary as its competition
back in the days of BMW, Mercedes, and
Audi’s original small sedans, they were
much more mechanical and much less
computer-driven, that means components
could wear better for longer, today
though modern German cars are completely
dependent upon their computer systems
and electrics, some even have secondary
batteries to power auxiliary components
like my e63
all this adds up to more trips to the
mechanic and more money to fix, the Lexus
is still chock-full of technology it’s
got Bluetooth music, automatic windshield
wipers, in this configurable digital dash
display that’s just amazing to look at
and a lot of fun to play with, stylized
after the one of the $400,000 Lexus LFA
HyperCar, the key difference between
Lexus and the Germans is though, they’re
made by Toyota, Toyota is the second
largest vehicle maker in the world, a new
car rolls off their production line
every 3.7 seconds, they made over 200
million cars, if you lined every Toyota
up bumper to bumper it would wrap across
the equator 24 times over, that means if
you ever need a replacement part you’re
not going to be lost to find one, in fact
this Lexus’s entire front bumper is
only $119, want a low mileage new engine
$1200, this cover for the tow bar removed
from my license plate costs $6 if I ever
need to replace it, I’ve owned a couple
German cars in my life and never has
a part been quoted at $6, in fact national
statistics show that the lowest 10-year
cost of ownership of a Lexus is second
only to Toyota, with BMW and Mercedes on
the top of that same list, I’d be pretty
comfortable with those parts prices
because this Lexus from the same year
engine and tech as the German cars has
depreciated slower, meaning it’s a better
deal and it will last you longer, in
terms of the driving I mean what can I
say it’s a Lexus, one thing that you
don’t usually get wrong is the comfort
especially at lower level speeds, I’m
sitting low to the ground in a sports
car and honestly I feel like I’m in a
model 3 or Prius, the transmission is just
so smooth it feels and sounds like an
electric car below 15 miles per hour and
it picks up quickly like an eager dog
tugging it’s chain
now the tech is all nice I
especially like how it leaves a little
shadow of the past gear position in the
rev counter, which brings out the kid in
me like I’m playing Forza, but what
happens when you put it on the road
now this car is the 250 the
four-cylinder, it wouldn’t be a misstep for
you to upgrade to the IS 350 whatsoever
with the v6 which goes zero to 60 in 5.5
seconds, or in layman’s terms just 1/10 a
second slower than the BMW equivalent
and faster than the Mercedes and the
audi, on your daily commute this
extremely capable four-wheel drive
system will leave you stunned at how
docile the car can be, even when the road
is icy and wet, it actually has a setting
for an icy road where it will slow your
revs to get better traction in lower
gears, and a big center mounted button
right here to do what sports cars are
designed for, turning the traction
control off and driving, with this car
you can buy with your head and your
heart and I love that, for twenty two
thousand dollars you can have a car
that’s more aggressively styled, more
reliable, slower depreciating, and a more
enjoyable comfortable everyday Cruiser
that is what I call a good deal, thus the
Lexus isn’t just a cheap newer rendition
of the revolutionary Germans, it’s better
well that was this week’s video and
remember to have your car video
highlighted here on my channel, check
this out
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell!

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  2. I’m sick to death of these so called motoring writers comparing Lexus to crappy, overrated unreliable European cars.

    German cars are overrated pieces of junk.

  3. I'm about to get a luxury car I wanted to get a Mercedes cla 250 2016 but everyone is saying what Lexus do you guys recommend me my budget is 25k

  4. I have a 2015 Mercedes-Benz Eclass that just blew a tire in 4 years with no service done to it just oil changes

  5. I own a BMW 128i and I approve of this message. Lexus is better. Never buy a German car if you aren't confident to do your own maintenance. A used one at least. Just lease a new one, it ends up being the same with the repairs you'll spend on fixing the old ones. Unless, you do the work yourself.

  6. I'm confused, because I'm pretty sure I read that the Lexus 2.5 in these vehicals was one of the worst and most underpowered engines out. Soooo I guess that's not true?

  7. The Lexus seems excellent value, viewed from the perspective of a Jaguar XF 3.0 S TTD owner. Very happy with the Jag., but, perhaps, economies of scale in production, allow Toyota to offer high quality at a sane price?

  8. I've always wanted a Mercedes. Till I made a good friend, that owned one, and convinced me too go with a Lexus lol

  9. I used to work in valet parking and I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that Lexus is the best luxury car on the road.

  10. Bought a `05 es330 at a auction , showroom paint job , New everything under hood . All together spun under 10k. Oh and newheadights . Lexus from now on . Any recommendations on the best year and model?

  11. The best Luxury car is the Range Rover, it may not be the most reliable. The Lexus is butt ugly and even Stevie Wonder would not by one

  12. It's funny how I drive a Lexus and it feels infinitely better than Mercedes yet here in the UK (I have a loan car for a few days because I'm getting some extras done to my Lexus) I get more admiring looks in the Merc. I thought to myself Mercs are for show and Lexus are for those in the know. Everyone who has sat in my Lexus just gives me this look like wow this car is amazing.

  13. I am going to buy one tomorrow do you advise me to go with 70 thousand miles for 17 thousand dollars or go with 28 thousand miles for 22 thousand dollars and the year is 2016 for both what do you think and finally I love your channel you are amazing person thank you

  14. @Scotty Kilmer. The guy said his Lexus was a 2014 but it looks like a 2016 from the features. Was he correct about the year of the vehicle?

  15. Indeed. Lexus is #1 Luxury car the most reliable car. I currently have '07 GS350 AWD and no problem at all

  16. I had a BMW 340 and changed it for a lexus IS300, i was scared of the bmw maintenance, although, the bimmer was more fun to drive than this lexus, I'm fine with the trade-off of reliability for fun to drive.

  17. I own a Lexus 2015 Lexus LS460. The car is very reliable and comfortable to drive.
    Still drives like new as of day one.
    No other car companies come close to Lexus when it comes to reliability.

  18. Those cheap prices on maintenance and parts only exist is the US of A Scotty , everywhere else they charge to the wall and upwards for things

  19. Idk about people but I have an rx 350 with so many problems.

    Bought brand new by my dad in 2008, 78k kms on the clock, suspension failure in 2016, struts down in 2017 and just this year, the radiator went blown. Got me stranded at a shopping mall and 1200$ in repair.

    Sometimes it’s just your luck i guess, my dad drives a commodore that never left him stranded…

  20. My ex had 2 Lexus a RX350 AWD and an IS250 AWD and I the tech was nice and as was the leather but compared to my Audi’s they were not better and not even close to faster. We took the RX on a road trip and almost went off a bridge because the AWD sucked. Her IS250 had a V6 and that couldn’t beat an Audi A4 2.0T.

    I’ve seen so many Audi’s with over 200k miles. They are damn nice cars and their tech is 2nd to none. My current S4 is fast, comfortable and reliable and is my 3rd Audi.

    Lexus/Toyota is reliable but sorry, I’ll take an Audi over them every single time.

  21. Lexus IS best luxury because it made by Toyota part they use in Toyota only logo difference and run like Toyota true reliable and fun to drive is audi

  22. مستحيل تجيب لكزس الألماني عن تجربه هيا ممتازه مقارنه بالياباني بس الأوروبي لا

  23. I've bought me an fully loaded IS300h here in Germany. Really comfy on long autobahn trips, good driving characteristics on more rual roads and gas usage like a diesel without the complicated exhaust cleaning systems. The interior feels solid and of high quality, too. The only thing that is worse than the local competition, is the infotainment. Its userinterface is years behind, but the Mark Levinson Soundsystem is nice 😉

  24. True story: Last year in NJ, I had an old lady who got lost going to her doctor's appointment drive up into my driveway one early, cold morning asking for directions. I could tell she wasn't in a good state to drive, so she let me drive her car (Lexus IS250) to her appointment (30 minutes away), waited for her until she was done, then drove her home (took an Uber back). Poor lady wanted to give me her car. I told her, let someone do something nice for you and gave her a hug. It was something like a 2010 with only 25000 miles on it. I called her a few times to see if she was able to get to her upcoming appointments okay, but only reached voicemail. Saw her name in the obituary a few months later 🙁 RIP Barbara

  25. What’s the name of the instrumental in the background bro? It sound smooth lol i would rap on that 🤣🤙🏽💯

  26. Just bought a 2011 Lexus ES350. Pretty impressive. Probably the smoothest shifting slushbox I have ever driven (this is the first car with an automatic transmission I've ever bought).

  27. Compare a rear wheel drive Lexus to BMW my SC300 cost me nothing but oil change for two years even with bad suspension!

  28. I love the fact that's it's a luxury version of Toyota and it's legendary mechanics. Unfortunately the front of the car is hideous – from the giant slab of plastic to the retarded curvey/pointy headlights. I won't touch Lexus until it redesigns itself in the next generation

  29. My first lexus was a ls400 and that car was amazing for a 90s sedan. German cars are crap my current ISF is a weapon. But I still prefer my old dinosaur muscle cars lol. The lexus is to help me drive in wet and save money on fuel lol

  30. I went from driving a Mercedes SL500 to a Lexus ES 350. My Lexus is now ten years old. The bottom line is the Mercedes was a money pit while the Lexus cost me nothing beyond routine maintenance. Case closed.

  31. Lexus all the way. The spindle grille is a good looking design. I like them on all the models. The idea was to promote Lexus focus on styling which they were critique for and to make them different from the other brands in styling. You will warm up to it the more u drive the car u looking at. It will also gain more looks.

  32. In the 2019 Lexus RXL I was driving as a loaner, and people gave me thumbs up cause they like the look. The spindle grill looks good, I thought it was ugly when it first came out. But as looked and look, it’s not ugly at all. It’s unique and good looking. Sales actually jumped from it.

  33. I have a 2019 ES350 very nice, Beautiful inside and out. Rides like a dream I picked it over Mercedes because of the smooth ride and reliability,but it does not handle very well. Thats fine though i still have all my teeth after a trip on some of the United States not too well maintained roads.

  34. Their interiors seem very nice and aesthetically pleasing. Too bad about the dull, dorky body styles for all their sedans…
    The lc500 seems really nice though.

  35. Ask any mechanic what car to buy in Australia…and everyone virtually everyone will tell you Toyota. No European car ..none is good. All expensive and not reliable.

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