Here’s Why I’m Going to Buy an Acura NSX

Here’s Why I’m Going to Buy an Acura NSX

rev up your engines just wise says do you
like the
1999 nsx oh yeah they’re cool
vehicles super expensive now the new
ones are getting into the supercar
situations that the 99s were great cars
that was you know acura but honda owns
the company it’s honda and honda has
always been an excellent engine company
and they put all their high-tech stuff
in those cars now that isn’t the car
that you buy and drive every day it’s a
high-tech car parts cost a lot of money
but they are fun cars to drive their
real screamers and like I say the newer
ones they’re kind of getting in the
supercar formulations and the price is
well over hundred grand
they’re getting to be supercar prices
too so they’re not what the old ones
used to be the price of those older ones
are starting to rise and rise from what
I’ve seen because people are realizing
that they were good cars well-made and
so people are paying more for used ones
Pete Stanhope says is an 05
Ranger with a 2.3 4-cylinder good truck
thanks if it was taken care of yes it
could be a very good truck the Rangers
were good trucks there are some other
truck but they were solid made trucks
those are solid made four-cylinder
engines now with that you really might
be much better with the standard
transmission because they were much more
reliable and as they age there’s less
problems to think about the automatic
transmission was the weakest point of
the Ranger pickup trucks and if that’s
the standard it’s a great truck now if
you own one or you’re gonna buy one it’s
an automatic have a transmission guy check
it out before you buy it because of the
transmissions going out don’t buy it or
if you really wanted to get one to keep it
forever swap it out put a standard
transmission in instead of the automatic
and then it could last forever,
Quincy out says Scotty what’s the best
vehicle to use on moving truck van or
SUV well it depends where you moving and
when your moving of course the van is
the best all around because it’s enclosed
it’s raining under snow and are you crap
isn’t gonna get wet you know my thing
about moving is the best thing is just
wrap one run a big truck and get a
diesel pay the extra for the diesel
because the diesels get better gas mileage
I rented one once a Uhaul I made
a mistake I was a dumb kid and I rented
a gasoline one and that thing got three
miles a gallon
we’re the equivalent diesel would get
about ten so you’re gonna use a lot less
fuel if you go in any distance any kind
of truck or van
diesel don’t get a gasoline because the
diesels use a lot less fuel than
gasoline when they’re pulling heavy
weights TK ma rescue says how exactly
does the CVT transmission work well
they’re constantly variable so what it
is this some have drums and change some
of belts but what it does is it keeps
the engine for each speed going at just
the right rpm to have the maximum amount
of power and fuel economy at the same
time so you don’t have gears that are
all shift and if you got a gear it’ll go
a certain speed in the gear and then
it’s going RPMs are too high and it’s
got a shift on goes to the next gear so
to get really good gas mileage and power
you need a lot of gears that’s why
Ford’s got that 10 speed in a new
Mustang but the CVT transmissions they
are always at the best range the way
that they’re designed they don’t have
the power you often lose a reasonable
amount of power they don’t have as much
acceleration but they do get better gas
much without having to have all these
gears inside so of course they are also
cheaper to manufacture which is one of
the big reasons that they use them in a
lot of vehicles they’re cheaper to make
so the cheaper to make I think it better
gas mine yes what they’re gonna use CVT
transmissions, Rockoff Sharma says how
important is it to get to EGR valve
clean I have to check engine light on
because there are the funds to get it
fixed it’s not that hard to clean it I
mean there’s two bolts holding the mine
take them off and a lot of times you’ll
see there’s a bunch of carbon inside and
you can clean it out and do it yourself
if it’s clogged behind the valve going
into the intake you can do what I’m not
even if a video minor you get an old
speedometer cable and get a grinder you
can sharpen one end put the other end in the
feed it through the hall and then run
the drill and that’s just like reaming
crud out of your sewer system it’ll mean
the carbon out and then it will suck the
air that’s the easy way to do rather
than tearing a hole intake manifold that
costs a fortune you can easily do that
stuff yourself if you want to now if
your car runs okay and it’s got that
light to the EGR generally isn’t gonna
really hurt anything but if it stopped
open a lot of times then it’s wide open
and it’ll run bad cuz it’s sucking too
much air when it’s idling in which case
you want to fix it right away
you don’t want to leave that but if it’s
running okay I’ve had people even for
years that way especially in places
where they don’t do emissions testing
when they check cars,
general joe says why does my f-150
2012 keep blowing the AC fan resistor
alright if it keeps blowing the AC fan
resistor then either your blower motor
is going out its straining it too much
overheats it let it melt or you got a
problem the wiring system it could be
either way if the wires are either
corroded and they’re touching something
or all the connectors in the system when
they snap in take them all apart and
look if they’re green and corroded that
means that they’re gonna get hot because
the corrosion takes more power it
overheats them and then it can burn out
it’s stupid little resistor assembly so
you want to check all that but most of
the time if the wires look good it’s
that the motors going out and it’ll keep
going to resistor cuz it’s draining it
too much by draining too much power out
of it but do check all those connectors
too especially if you have a really key
windshield water leaked inside,
Timothy Horine says ATP 205 used for
rubber wiper blades yes it’s a very good
use for rubber wiper blades the rubber
is relatively soft and it’ll get eaten
up by all the corrosion and our polluted
atmosphere and dirt and rocks and
everything that is a good way to
rejuvenate the rubber you put it on
paper towel like those blue ones I use
that are soft enough and wipe it a bunch
of times you see it’ll get black just
keep doing it until it doesn’t get black
anymore and that actually does make them
last as long as possible it’s a good
system the 8205 is great for
rejuvenating any kind of rubber and
they’re made out of rubber and it
rejuvenates them a very good idea to do that
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

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  2. I laugh when people say manuals aren't stolen from thieves. most people who steal cars are pros at it, you don't think they know how to shift?

  3. I would suggest buying a Toyota MR2 turbo 1993-1995..It has 3s gte engine,already cheaper easily upgraded and will give the Nsx a run for its money!I ve been driving one for the past year and feels amazing on the road, even stock on motor

  4. I deal with mechanics and body shops and most mechanics/body shops hate the nsx. They prefer it to most rear/mid engine cars but that's about it.

  5. I've found that the blower resistors from the parts store are total junk. I went through three of them on our dodge caravan, they would last maybe two weeks. I went to the junkyard and got an original one and have not had an issue since. So before you condemn your blower motor make sure you have an OEM resistor.

  6. Perfect 50/50 balance, vtec n/a engine, 9k rpms, all aluminium construction, achieved highest hp per liter in its class, fun af to drive, formula1 inspired everything, looks cool af…. why wouldn't you want one?

    As for lack of hp, nothing a nos kit, forced induction system can't fix.

  7. Years ago when I was working at a car lot we sold brand new Ford Rangers will actually it was the Mazda but it was the Ford Ranger and we sold those things for 99-98 with stick shift and air conditioning AM FM radio and people bought them like hotcakes they said a new car for under $10,000 sold a lot of them

  8. Hey i have been having problems with my 2005 chevy tahoe 4.8L. About 2 weeks ago while driving at slow speeds or high speeds he truck will start jerking/hesitating. A couple days later the check engine light would start flashing while the truck is jerking. Now the jerking is getting worse as the truck warms up and somtimes it will stall. Im not sure whats going on. please help me as I am trying to get my life together. I need this vehicle so i can find work.

  9. Oh, that car is a nice car, but the rubber components in the old NSX are beginning to ROT. Some serious rubber degradation in the engine compartment, door seals, and other important places. If you want to keep that car for any length of time, plan to tear down the engine and replace ALL of the rubber seals and rubber hoses, and that is going to cost $$$. If you really want a nice NSX, simply wait for one more year and buy the second year of production of the new Corvette; it has the exact same layout of the NSX, except with a V8 engine in it, and all new components that have not started to ROT yet.

  10. Scotty, 99 nsx was never a screamer – its was just another underpowered Honda Acura junk. I have never bought an acura that impressed me – never!! Get a toyota/lexus if you really want Japanese.

  11. Hello Scotty first and foremost thank you for all the awesome advice. I just started following you a few month's ago and you've saved me a bunch of money and I've learned a thing or two. But i notice on older video's you had mechanic Monday's and did a giveaway, are you still doing mechanic Monday's?

  12. I don't get what the hype for supercars and juiced up cars is all about. Not like you can do whatever you want with them without having to deal with damn police getting all over you. Especially the thirsty cops in San Jose California

  13. weakest point of the 5 speed ranger was the hydraulic clutch, master and slave cylinders, other that that, my 98 with a 3.0 5 speed did more that it was built for and still ran great

  14. 0:26 "That isn't a car that you buy and drive every day"…. No, the NSX is the one exotic/quasi-supercar that you DO buy and drive every day. That or I'm really doing it wrong with 280,000 on mine that I still track regularly (original motor). In fact, that's exactly why you buy a gen 1 NSX in the first place is you get the exotic look, noise, and driving experience (albeit with less power than today's "supercars") without the reliability issues, and with the parts, you at least get to flip a coin. Heads: it cross references to a Legend, Integra, or some other Acura/Honda and is dirt cheap Tails: It's bespoke to the NSX and costs as much as the same part for a 911. Comment in lieu of a "why Scotty Kilmer is wrong about the NSX" video 😉

  15. Hey
    I got a 95 toyota tercel 1.5 what your opinion
    Also would it be a good idea to have the direct drive from a regera and basically make one for a (example car) 2019 toyota Camry

  16. Hey Scotty, my 2008 Volvo S60 has dual climate, when both climates are at 60 degrees, the drivers side blows out warm air, but the passenger side vent blows out ice cold air. I know the nob to change the temperature isn’t broken. Why does only the passenger side come out cold? What could it be?

  17. Hey Scotty, in canada here and having my 2007 Toyota Tacoma v6 4L frame replace because of the recall on the rust. Any thoughts or advice for me? They are changing a whole bunch of parts on it as well. Thanks.

  18. I’ve had two NSXs’ most reliable cars I have ever owned. I had a high mileage 95 and now I have a low mileage Long Beach Blue 2005. Both with manual transmissions of course

  19. On the Ranger M5 tranny, make sure the rubber plugs are replaced with steel plugs. At 100,000, the rubber plugs start leaking causing loss of oil and you will lose the tranny…. about the only problem on the Ranger

  20. parts cost a lot? i always thought it just used off the shelf honda parts on the older acura NSX's (obviously not body pannels, and exhaust) like the engine parts, transmission, and some interior bits

  21. Hey Scotty, you have baby-like skin. Do you use OLAY Regenerist moisturizer or NEUTROGENA Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Hydrating Gel Moisturizer?

  22. Awesome car though if Scotty were to buy one of these cars he then could say here's my $5,000 Acura nsx instead of saying my $5,000 scanner

  23. Honda's American team selected the NSX name, and it stood for "New Sports eXperimental." The engineers developed it as the NS-X to meaning "New Sportscar" and "X" represented the common mathematic symbol for an unknown value.Feb 6, 2019

  24. Back in the '70s in the UK, my brother had a little Dutch DAF car and that had a very early version of a CVT, using rubber belts. It was weird to drive, listening to the different sounds it made.

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