Here’s Why GM is Screwed and What It Means for America

Here’s Why GM is Screwed and What It Means for America

rev up your engines
okay the GM strike is still on it’s
about a week later having disputes over
lots of different things but as far as
I’m concerned the main thing is the
shuttering of the plants the closing of
other plants it’s only a matter of time
as far as I’m concerned seeing how these
corporations work they’re gonna be
moving the stuff to China I can easily
see they’re gonna move production over
there look at Tesla soon they’re opening
their model three Factory in China
I can see GM’s doing the same thing and
this is kind of like the last gasp of
the labor unions going on strike against
them because they really don’t have much
of a bargaining chip because the
corporation will just say Oh too much
money we’re not making money here we’ll
shut our plants down here make them all
in China obviously that’s gonna happen
in the long run one way or the other
these are like fighting over in the
short term things from what I know of
the labor stuff they got all kinds of
deals going on at the car factories
they’re trying to get rid of the older
workers that have these benefits that
are written in and they’re trying to
replace them with younger workers that
they hardly pay anything at all really
is one of the reasons as far as I’m
concerned that GM quality is so low is
because hey they’re paying their workers
as little as they possibly can so
they’re not gonna be that motivated when
I was a young mechanic in the 60s
working in a factory was seen as a good
job a good paying job middle-class
family they’d raise their family send
their kids to college and stuff but it’s
not that way anymore so I think this GM
strike is kind of pretty much the
beginning of the end
producing cars in the United States and
a mass scale that is just gonna be kind
of scaling down from now on and yeah
they’ll always make some cars like maybe
they’ll be a specialty thing the company
in Detroit that makes gonna be making
all these electric trucks and maybe
it’ll make electric trucks there for a
certain scenario they’re gonna be a
reasonably expensive trucks in the
beginning so they’re going for the
higher end market which is what they
always seem to be going for with these
corporations the United States looking
at the higher end one far as I’m
concerned that’s a mistake because it’s
the volume one that counts the one that
you sell a whole bunch of them not just
that you sell a few of the high end
ones you sell a lot of the middle
or lower end ones but you know that’s the
status thing a lot of those people have
but regardless of that I don’t think
that the production of cars in the
United States it’s gonna be going
ramping up anytime soon I believe it’s Alabama
where they’re making cars together
Toyota and Mazda and part of that of
course is a political thing to that the
Japanese realize hey we don’t want the
mad at us and banning us from bringing
cars into the country so if we make them
there then they’re not gonna kick us off
which is kind of interesting cuz GM’s
doing the opposite way they’re pulled
out in the States and there the American
car company never come to the point that
Toyota be more an American car company
than the American car companies who knows
mc coy says Scotty I got a 2017 Subaru Forester
15,000 miles on it owned it for three
years got brand new and the AC condenser failed
now it’s jerking when I’m driving it
should I keep it longer or get a Honda
or Toyota rav4 get rid of them get
of them and get the honda if you’re in it
for the long run
those Subarus are junk as you found
out the condenser already broke on it with
15,000 miles you know what a piece of
crap Subarus always that air
conditioning problem too and their
engines their automatic transmissions their
a/c systems their all garbage, the
Honda you’ll probably be really happy with
I’ve got customers with and the rav4 is
it good tooo but you like the Honda they’re
relatively similar so get the Honda if
you like then in the long run you can
drive there probably for decades if you
take care of it and not have to worry
about it cuz eventually the Subaru will
just fall apart in front of your very
eyes and now at least it’s new enough you
can get some money for it just get rid
of the stupid thing and never buy
another, shiny Maddox says scotty I got a
Lincoln Navigator 267 thousand miles
I got suspension work done tie rod upper
control arm sway bar got a driver’s side
recently when you turn the wheel it
takes a little strength to turn it like
get stuck half way when turning
what could be the problem well any worn
suspension part can do this if you
didn’t do both sides odds are the other
side is dragging now you might have to
have the same kind of parts changed or
the steering rack itself is getting old
and it’s buying it’s got a lot of
mileage on there might try is I got a
video on that fixing binding power
steering just type in to Google or YouTube
fixing binding power steering Scotty and
you’ll see how you can flush it out
yourself and if that takes
it was the power-steering rack if not
then you got a suspension part take back
to the guy that did the work have them
check their work I don’t have to check
the other side if they didn’t do the
other side because if it binds anywhere
it’s gonna do that doesn’t matter which
side is binding on it’s gonna make the
steering turn weird because one sides
binding and they’re both connected
together so it’ll still do it
even if one side is clean if the other
side is bad it will make it bind, marwadi
says I got an 07 Toyota axio
1.8 with 135,000 kilometers
on it my engine is burning oil and
there’s no smoke or leakage in car I’m
upset okay well you kind of screwed
there because some of those in the
United States that’s not an American
model but in the United States toyota
had to fix the engines they had to take
them apart put in new piston rings and stuff
just keep adding oil because you’d have
to rebuild the engine and say you’re
gonna put in a used engine the only
thing it’s gonna fit is another one of
those and it’s gonna have the same
problem because they didn’t build them
right in the first place so my advice is
just keep adding oil, oil is cheap and
then drive a lot of times I’ll say well
you know you try used engine but in that
case no because they’re all bad and
you’ll just go from one problem to
another just putting a used engine now
if you don’t mind paying to have the
engine completely rebuilt go right ahead
but that’s a lot of money
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. Does anyone ever wonder if GM went back to making the old boxy pickups from the 90s, but with modern day mandated features, and dropped their prices dramatically, that would save them? To me, vehicles are getting so piled down with complexity, the factories can't afford to make them and we can't afford to drive and maintain them.

  3. The big problem is the management just building cheezy crap with substandard parts. The management just passes through every few years making the quarterly numbers look good and leave with multi-million dollar bonuses. Once they were the biggest car company, but no one is being fooled into purchasing vehicles. Their real people aren't real.

  4. It should've gone the way of the dodo long time ago. Funny, the last best GM cars I ever rode were my uncle's 77 Vista Cruiser, my stepdad's 74 Laguna, 400 and all the bells and whistles; and last but not least, a 1982 Opel Senator, that bested the others and we ended up bringing it to the US. The Senator attracted a lot of people who never saw one and my stepdad sold it to the owner of a foreign car service in Salem, Mass, who knew what he was buying. That Opel exists nowadays with about 200,000 miles and running like new! Then the 1981 Rover 3500 SD1, bought new in 1984, great car with the Buick aluminum V8, but that's for another day.

  5. If companies destroy the 'middle class' they won't have a market to sell to. Then the people who buy second hand cars won't have anything to buy – nor any parts sold to them fixing the old cars. Basic economics and with all these 'smart people' getting paid millions of fiat -not the car company – $$$ to run these companies know this. Why are the shareholders putting up with this?

  6. To survive we must be a national consumer's union. Then we can demand cars be made here and we will set the price. Only solution.

  7. Take all the jobs away and no one will be able to buy a shitty GM vehicle. In 20 years there will be so many people without jobs.

  8. I am just on the verge of getting my very first American pickup. I was super excited and had my heart on gm but after seeing how they're treating their employees I don't even want to buy from them anymore. What to do?

  9. the most frustrating thing to me is listening to people cry and complain about how bad things are getting, yet these same people are completely clueless regarding WHO, HOW & WHY America got this way.
    then when confronted with the truth, without any education whatsoever, they deny historical facts while arrogantly attempting to defend their own ignorance.
    America is circling the drain for REAL, and only one in a thousand of you actually knows why

  10. Want to make China the greatest, most powerfull country in the world? …….then contribute by buying Chinese made products

  11. In the UK most GM cars were Vauxhall, they sold that brand to the French (Citreon/Peugeot). So they've gone from bad to worse!

  12. Really, more money is in tech nowadays..The American car companies have had trouble for decades mostly because it's been more expensive to build cars in the U.S. via unions sooo, Gm, Ford, etc. made cars to break so Americans would HAVE to keep buying them. I know, sometimes being a Patriot to your country is counter-productive.

  13. A buddy of mine has one of those Chinese built Ford transmissions made in their shiny new plant they built over there for 250 million a few years back. The tech at the FORD DEALERSHIP told him the damn thing was disposable and he'd have transmission problems before 50k miles. He was right. The solution? Slap another disposable transmission in there. Sounds great until the warranty runs out.

  14. GM's best hope was called Ross Perot. He bitterly complained because GM execs were taking $10 million dollar bonuses while laying off line workers.

    They did a hostile buy out to remove him He just died a few months ago and almost no one noticed, that is the way it goes for the real good guys.

  15. Anyone remember the 1975 commercial jingle that went "Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie, & Chevrolet?" That's what Scotty's vid reminded me of. Wish someone would put me back there for the remainder of my days. Or even further back. Sumthin'. This 'ol world just isn't the way I remember. I'm waiting for the BIG FIX today! Seems like the world got pretty crappy, pretty fast! Praise God it won't stay this way……..

  16. This guy has to be the BIGGEST TROLL on YouTube 😂😂.. next video is gonna be
    “HERES WHY breathing air on earth will kill you in 5 years”

  17. I unloaded my sti and thank god i did at 100k next guy had to replace motor and turbo 35k miles later laughing horse picture

  18. the very reason corporations are sending manufacturing to China is because of UNIONS – the workers have priced themselves out of the global market! this is why U.S. workers are paid 25 times more than Indian workers and 5 times more than Chinese assemblers – then there's annual leave, sick leave, parental leave, health insurance etc etc etc on top of the basic U.S. wage

    $51 grand a year (over half a million a decade, per assembler) to have some medium skilled person repeat the same simple assembly job over n over – no wonder they invest in robots where they can

    work for half your normal pay and keep your job – or get woke and go broke

  19. I don't feel bad for either side. Some of what the UAW wants theres no way they're going to get (stuck in the past), and Mary Barra is making way more money (like 10x more) than even Toyota's CEO.

  20. GM moves to China? No problem. They’ll still be judged by the quality of the end product and the protesting workers will cry. Whichever of them goes first, good riddance:

  21. They still have to build trucks vans suv's and crossovers in the united states because of the "chicken tax" that makes it prohibitively expensive to import and sell those vehicles in the united states if they're built in europe or asia.

  22. I got a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with a in line 6 and we replaced the fuel pump I drove it on the highway and the engine started to shake and it tried to turn off I turn it off and it started ur normal again and I drove it about a mile and it’s started to do the same thing we took it to a mechanic we hooked up the scanner and it Mark No failure codes please help

  23. This video by Scotty summarizes perfectly the sickness of casino capitalism and corporate greed. Thumbnail should of said “Bye middle class.”

  24. Hi scotty!!! Can you tell me how n why the distributor get 2 advance, is it any kits 2 replace my 1992 nessan pick up truck? I need ur help please.

  25. Why would they not? The labor unions are forcing them to move! They only pay 4% towards their healthcare, 4%! They don't owe the Union workers anything! And again, the Union is forcing the Corporation to move, it's sad.

  26. They move all their manufacturing to China and then tell us China is becoming too strong, is an enemy and we should be ready to fight them in a war … gee that sure sounds reasonable and fair!

  27. Isn't the Toyota Camry made with 80% US made parts so it's more American than GM or Ford? This was on the news a couple years ago.

  28. If American consumers were intelligent they would stop purchasing cars from the carmakers that decide to outsource manufacturing jobs to other countries to save money. It doesn't make sense that American carmakers expect American consumers to purchase their products all while they outsource jobs to other countries.

  29. If GM pulls out of the US, I'd vote for prohibiting the sale of GM products in this country. That would include products made by it's partners.

  30. China will basically own America, and people will accept this other country running things because they will be terrified of otherwise economic uncertainty.

    Look at the desperation that fuelled the eventual rise of extreme nationalism in pre WWII Germany, all that took was years of hard times and the promised benefits of totalitarianism. This will be a social and not just economic transformation.

  31. You have to remember that the Japanese are building cars in the US not because they're trying to do is a favor, but because it it's cheaper to build them here than to pay the tariffs on each unit!

  32. Those of you thinking GM will go bankrupt are a little off with your prediction. GM is still the number one auto company in the world. In other words they have the most money. They own Chevy, Buick, and Cadillac. They used to also own Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile and a few others before they went out of business. They also own parts of other companies just like all the big automakers do. As to who owns what part of what company gets a bit complicated but basically they aren't going to run out of money anytime soon.

  33. Point 1: I predict that companies will start to build products in Africa! We are increasing China's middle class exponentially. It will get to a point where it won't be viable to produce products there… Remember when almost everything was made in Japan? What happened there? Got to expensive there so companies went to China… Just think how cheap it would be to produce products in Africa! Heck! Just feed them and they would be happy!

    Point 2: Not sure why Scotty rips on Subaru so much… They have been perceived in just about every review I've seen as very reliable vehicles (except the WRX) and have won many prestigious awards… I love my '09 Forester… I have a little over 150,000 miles with just basic maintenance… I can haul a bunch of stuff and I average 26.5mpg in mixed driving… Winters in Michigan can be brutal and the Subaru has never let me down… They are amongst one of the most purchased brands in Alaska… That should tell you something…

  34. China has become GM's largest customer. The Buick brand is considered a high end automobile over there. GM knows they cant keep pushing garbage vehicles on the American people. However China doesn't care.

  35. GM started screwing themselves in the late 90'sthe design of thier cars went down hill fast along with engine issues. the parts they were putting in their cars were crap. i had impala's and monte carlo coming into my shop with 10 or 15 k miles on them and having inner and outer tie rod end failures,i mean wtf is that? then the v6 they were putting in those cars were prone to intake manifold gasket failures at around 60-70k miles. and this is only one model here folks.

  36. FCA, GM, and Ford should have to pay tariffs just like any other company since nearly all of their production is not in the US even though their corporate centers are. Hell, they should not even be able to claim to be american anymore because they aren't.
    I used to be a fan of subarus, I have a 19 year old one that has to go from rust issues and the thing has been a TANK. Sadly they have all kinds of issues now and they just aren't reliable.

  37. The Chevrolet Corvette C8 will be sold new on the New Zealand 🇳🇿 market, and, for the first time ever, itll be right hand drive. The new Corvette will be built in right hand drive for the first time ever and exported to New Zealand. Cool A.👍.

  38. All of our manufacturing facilities are outdated and the cost to retrofit or rebuild is way more than building new in China. If I was in charge of GM, I'd eat the cost and build new here, and try to employ as many U.S. citizens as possible. The thing is, I'm not a rich man and the previous statement proves that. It's about the bottom line, not sentiment.

  39. The same thing happens in the:
    – Aerospace Industry
    – Aircraft Industry
    – Medical Industry
    – …

    Especially right now with all these old baby-boomers drawing a large salary. They are being lay-off, and ops moved to China.
    Boycot all cars with subsystems from the communist enslaving China.

  40. As much as I hate to say it, factory jobs as we have known them are largely going to be completely gone within the next decade or so. Even in places like China, assembly line workers are being rendered obsolete at an increasing pace. When it comes to automotive manufacturing, automation is very quickly becoming cheaper than even sweatshop labor. Keep in mind I think what GM is doing is wrong and that goes for other companies that outsource especially ones that happily took a multibillion dollar bailout from the taxpayers. But sadly even if GM is forced to keep those factories open here, it will only delay the inevitable for 95% or so of the workers there. We can fight outsourcing but theres really no way to fight automation.

  41. I'm not sure that the quality decreases, because of low paid workers.
    I guess the problem is in the pieces of crap materials that they use.
    The workers just put stuff together, they don't make the computer electronic craps, or buy the materials.

  42. GM should think different , GM should think for long term .
    They should be inspired by german or japanese car maker s like VW or TOYOTA.

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