Here’s Why Ford is Better than Dodge, Chevy, and Toyota

Here’s Why Ford is Better than Dodge, Chevy, and Toyota

rev up your engines today I’m going to
talk about what makes the full-size
f-150 pickup truck probably the most
popular best full-size pickup truck
around and in this case it’s a 2004 and
effects for off-road version and as you
can see even all this thing’s been
ridden hard and put up with it’s got a
166 thousand miles on it sixteen years
off still going strong still original
engine original transmission original
transfer case and that’s being the FX4
not gigantic in the back but there
are seats in the back even got the Texas
hand it’s got the vulnerable 5.4 liter
v8 engine this particular one puts out
300 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of
torque got a lot of pulling power this
thing can tow 9,500 pounds and the bed
can carry 2,900 pounds so it has no
problem carrying me around it’s got dual
exhaust through that great v8 sound
weather just got a nice idler you’re
rubbing it up
that sound alone made Henry Ford
this is one serious work truck they
aren’t great on gas but that’s not what
this is for this is a serious work truck
I run in one of these years ago when we
went to Lake Tahoe in the winter they
had like 300 something matches of snow
got the all-wheel drive one never got
stuck had no problems they gave me a
choice at the rental sooner they said
you can get a car but you’re gonna have
to put chains on it or you can get a
four-wheel drive Ford and I said give me
the Ford there’s serious ground
clearance for driving but not the
insanity of those nuts that put them way
way way up in the air
it still handles really good in the
mouth to be honest off in between
hundred and fifty two hundred and twenty
thousand miles you might have to do the
transmission over before it has
remanufactured ones available they work
quite well and no matter where you live
you can always get parts for Ford’s at
least in North America but I mean hey
they got big plants all over the world a
lot of people don’t know this but for
decades Ford has been the largest
selling vehicles in England so the
English use them all the time too they’re
not bad into these big gigantic pickups
over there the roads are too small but
here in Texas we got lots of Road plenty
of room for a big old pickup they got
killer air-conditioning for our
hundred-degree 95% humidity days here in houston but
these v8 engines put
out a lot of heat the heaters work ready
too you’ll melt yourself air in Texas
and when I rented the one in lake tahoe
freezing cold outside I had to turn the
heat down to low got too hot inside just
the general comfort level is nice these leather seats are great this thing’s
old it’s a work trucks so of course it’s all
worn out here but hey otherwise it’s
still in pretty decent shape to the
badge of a workman’s truck see it’s all
worn out the driver seat but on the
other seats the love is pristine my
customers never had a problem with the
all-wheel-drive system you can have it
on two wheel or we life or we all all
just by the flick of a switch and yeah
this is all the one came a basic CD
player stuff as you can see my customers
already put the Sirius XM radio with it
and that’s all the other listens to and
really far has been perfect the suspension system of these things over
the years this is an older one in the
present decade hey they’ve upgraded the
suspension systems my wife doesn’t like
riding in pickup truck she says their too high
their too bumpy three years ago I was Road testing I took her for a ride she said
I don’t wanna I hate riding in those trucks
she says this thing really rides good
because they perfected that too they’ve
made it so that somebody wants a cushy
ride you can get a cushy ride even
though it’s Oh f-150 it’s a whole range
of trucks various options you can stick
out but when it comes out for 150 I’m a
traditionalist I like the plain v8
no turbocharger gasoline direct
none of that high-tech stuff that’s
going to break a plain old fuel-injected
v8 engine that with minor maintenance
can run these things can last in
definitely I get customers of them had
five hundred thousand miles on they were
on their second transmission but you’re
getting your money’s worth even if you
got to put a little bit of money and
something like that that’s a comparison
I got customers have Silverado pickup
trucks any automatic transmissions in
them they will last generally less than
half as long as these ford transmissions
will ford really was the one who started
mass-produced v8 that were affordable
and lasted a long time I don’t have
foolish things and I’m like GM and
putting a 4-cylinder which is proven to
be a massive failure anyways you get one
of these
I advise don’t get one of those v6 ones
stick to the normally aspirated v8
engine because a lot of those tests are
kind of lies you put a 4-cylinder engine
the back pickup truck it can have higher
gas mileage ratings but yeah you start
tolling a bunch of stuff and fooling
with a payload those ratings go right
down a toilet big v8 engine can handle
it the other engines when you stress
them out they’re gonna wear out faster
but their guest mods are gonna go right
down the toilet no I do have to say I’m
impressed by one new technology they put in they got that massive 10 speed
automatic transmission that they also
put in the Mustangs they had a little
problem here and there with software
which they could easily correct but the
transmissions themselves are extremely
large extremely powerful and they
actually get decent gas mileage because not only their 10 speed transmissions
but the last three gears are overdrive
to get the most gas mileage you can when
you’re just cruising down the road and a
set speed not take it Toyota Tundra they
make a nice big truck too but the sales
are nothing compared to these f-150s
because you gotta face it
Toyota they’re not in the business of
making large trucks
that’s not where they make all their
money both sides trucks is more of a
sideline for Toyota they sell a lot of
small and midsize pickup trucks with
your excellent trucks but full size yeah
floors been making them for so long and
they just keep perfecting them as time
goes on and it’s aspect the up 150 kind
of takes after the Japanese business
models are starting out and over decades
improving on the pickup truck scene what
people want adding it in all right in
the later model once they started
putting a whole bunch more aluminum so
they had seven eight hundred pounds or
more or less weight so they got a little
bit better gas mileage they’ve improved
these things incrementally over the
years which is what the Japanese have
traditionally done with their good
manufacturers so I mean they copied
Henry Ford on a mass production of cars
maybe Florence turned around took a page
out of the Japanese playbook improve
them incrementally over time don’t throw
the baby away with the bathwater if you
make a mistake fix it and then go on and
improve that because there’s a lot of
guys out there looking for a serious
work truck just decide what you want if
you’re really serious about pickup
trucks I’d say start by looking at the
Fords and especially if you’re looking
for a used work truck Rams they can be
okay when they’re brand new but when
they age man do they fall apart you do
not want to buy a used ram
I’ve Customers that bought new ones they’re okay for maybe 80 90 thousand miles before
they started falling apart but you never
want to buy a used one high mileage I’ve
made customers my Fords it had 200,000
miles put another 200,000 miles on and
sadly he used to be able to get that
with his Chevy pickup truck and I was a
young mechanic in the 60s Ford and Chevy there were neck and neck over who makes
the better pickup trucks but quite some
time ago years ago
Ford pulled way ahead of them I mean the
only thing Ford making the United States
now is pickup trucks SUVs and Mustangs
they’re spending a lot of time with
pickup trucks they sell a lot of them they know what their doing
I never buy new anything because as far
as I’m concerned they all cost way too
much brand-new so I look around for a
good used one if you’re in the market
they’re used by a lot of commercial guys
if they buy something that falls apart
their business isn’t gonna buy another
one here again we got the Japanese
philosophy coming through make your
customers happy and they’ll keep buying
your vehicles, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair
videos remember to ring that Bell

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  2. I own a Ford. It breaks. But it fixes very well too. And most of the design problems discovered have great after market solutions. Ford doesn't over complicate things so diy fixing is a life saver.

  3. Scotty can you show us the best process to roll start a manual transmission car?

    I tried to roll down a hill in 1st gear but I just kept coming to a stop.

    What is the best way to do it?

  4. Nuff said Scotty! Think about why he makes these kind of video's. … because he WORKS ON ALL OF THEM! You want to know where to get the best food on the Interstate, ask a truck driver, you want to know who makes the best skill saw, ask a carpenter. You want to know who makes the best trucks, ask the guy who works on them.

  5. We used fords & had 9 out of 12 down on one job alone. Total base junk, f250s would last 100k then boneyard, and that’s stretching it. I had a 350 right off the truck & you could see daylight through right upper door frame. This carachter never used them in severe conditions. All trucks break, why not ride on some class with a GM. Dodge is junk, I wouldn’t buy a Ford if it was at cost.

  6. Btw, I put over 500k on a 94 Silverado 6.5, never touched the Eng trans or diff a few fuel modules but it was still running strong when I traded it on a new 6.6 Dura Silverado
    Bow Tie is the only way to go, I have 2 more Chevs & haven’t had a warranty claim or recall!

  7. That is your opinion whether you're a mechanic or not Ford is s*** in my eyes my buddy has the same but it is the length and width the 5.4 lyou got three hundred thousand miles out of it bought it used and now it's knocking prior to that truck he had a 2005 Chevy Silverado with the 5.3 l anran 500,000 miles and it's still runs Triton motors are garbage

  8. Haven’t owned anything but Ford Grandpa drove Ford trucks my dad drove Ford trucks and I drive Ford trucks. They never let us down. Bleed blue

  9. I have a 2018 regular cab v6 3.3 4X4 , AND ITS NOT A TURBO. engine have 289 hp this thing is fast and strong i guest is BETTER THAN THE JEEP . its short , have high clearance .. and take any where off road . .. just A GREAT TRUCK … I WILL KEEP IT TILLS FALLS A A PART ..

  10. My mom got a 2005 dodge ram 1500 with 200000 miles on it and has put 80000 on it and all manufacturers went down hill after 2008

  11. my dad used to have a 95 f150 4 door 4wd with the 5.0 and automatic trans, was offroad most of its life, the frame gave out and it split in half before the engine and trans went out! it had 350k miles on it when the frame finally split between the bed and the cab.

  12. Sorry Scotty going to have too disagree on this I’ve plenty of people that where friends or family who had 5.4 F-150s and they were somewhat junk.

  13. I am a big fan of yours , love your reviews, but i have to disagree on this one, the 5.4 is the worst engine ever produced by ford, had a 05 fx4 straight from the dealership and at 40k miles had to replace timing chains guides tensioners etc

  14. Did you just say the 5.4L Triton was a solid engine? THAT THING IS A SCAM WAITING TO BLOW due to the cam shaft phasors… scotty…. comon

  15. If you know NOTHING about cars, drive what the cops are driving for safety or what cabbies are driving for reliability. That's Ford trucks, or Honda/Toyota sedans for west coast.

  16. I gotta say, listening to this review, you're lumping 2015+ qualities to 2000s F150s, and that's just not right.

    My family used to own and rent our apartments, and we always used Chevrolet Trucks for work. They worked just fine.

    I still buy V8 Chevrolet trucks, and never once have I wished it was a a Ford.

  17. I own this exact F-150 and FX4 trim, as well as the generation before and the gen after 4 generations in total and this gen is rather problematic. Lots of timing tensioner problems that require replacing the entire timing kit.

  18. Ford is the biggest piece of s*** my F250 Super Duty was Morin shop then I was on the road and then my other F250 same thing was in the shop not making me money was barely on the road sold them for Silverados guess what they're never in the shop and I'm always making money

  19. My dad's Chevy Silverado k1500 has stock engine and transmission lasted 24 years and is still going over 280,000 miles

  20. What s the best pick up for people that know Ford should be out of business for Henry Ford s support of Adolf Nazi

  21. My 2002 Chevy 1500 has 300,000 miles and original transmission and transfer case and everything. What’s so bad about gn?

  22. My only experience with Ford was when I traded one of my cars for a 92 Ranger that the engine blew that night lol. To be fair the guy totally screwed me but I ended up finding my car back and selling it anyway. Though I wish I still had a pickup..

  23. Ford is American junk. I used to work with my city police where I live and they used Ford cars as city vehicles. Real piles of crap.

  24. I’ve had terrible luck with ford and Toyota’s guess it’s all about what works for you for me I get 2 to 3 hundred thousand miles out of Chevys and Honda’s.

  25. I had an '89 Ranger V6 that made it to 421,000 miles before too many of the lights and gauges failed. But that thing could still haul a cord of wood without breathing hard. Got an '07 now and it will be the last truck I'll ever need to buy.

  26. All I have to say….is bring that thing to NY and within 5 years it be broken down all the time from something…..we just got a rain storm the went down to about 34°…..sander went by and the road was WHITE….then an hour later again… u guys have the weather in your favor….I'm jealous….I'm looking for a black 1985 Toyota stock grill for 4X4 pickup….they are all rusted and gone….we now use bedliner for undercoating…..just to stop the salt from eating the frames etc…..we cnt stop it as a tax payer…we are paying for our vehicles to be destroyed in 3-5 years…..

  27. 🍁🍁🍁🍁hey Scotty help me out please i do security and want to get me a suv to patrol so i get a ford cop looking suv are they reliable do they last long or should i het like an acura rdx or a toyota suv looking for power and reliability as well as longevity

  28. Had a choice back in 03. Chevy, Ford Dodge,Toyota. Have you scene the crash test on the 03 Ford pick up,, crumbled like a tin can. Safest trucks were the Toyota and the Dodge. Chevy was marginal. My truck isn't perfect but , after getting it hit a few times hard and sill running it says something

  29. here's two reasons why you are wrong, Spark plugs either you might break your spark plugs off when you need to replace them or you'll have one where it will blow them out which if you're lucky you can do a Jerry rig fix with a threaded insert but there is a good possibly you'll have to replace the head. And reason #2 is the new aluminum bodies. Imagine spending $40,000 on a truck for work and a little bit after you bought it something happens where you get a moderate dent in the cab like in the rear pillar or box by the tailgate. now you will two choices to remedy the situation either you live with the dent if it is possible or you replace the cab or box

  30. Fords used to be good, the new escapes and explorers are Trash though!!! Almost as bad as equinox!! I know of three family friends that have explorers and they all hate em lol. I’m sticking to my Land cruiser and Lexus LS and ES.

  31. Bought a used Dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi with 123k I'm at 170k and it's still a beast stop bashing Dodge the 2007 ram is a awesome truck especially the Laramie

  32. My 2000 F150 Lariat 4×4 with the 5.4 Triton is still getting me to work and back and I live in Canada. She's not as pretty as she was in 2000 but 19 years of salt winters will do that. 😉

  33. I like Scotty but that’s just his opinion
    I been driving Chevys all my life and all them ran well with over 200,000 to 300,000 miles
    I live up north where I had to junk them for rusting out before the trans or motor went out

  34. I dont know. I have a 97 ram 1500 360 with 428k miles. Still going very strong. My dad had an 05 2500 24v had 600k when it was stolen. Was just then having trans problems. Now he has a 2014 2500 6.7. Has 175k and its been fantastic so far.

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