Here’s Why Dodge Rams are Crap

Here’s Why Dodge Rams are Crap

rev up your engines, customer just towed me
Ram these stupid semi keyless remote
dumbest system ever vehicle won’t start
so what are we gonna do well let’s start
by turning the key and see what happens
stick the key in, well the lights come on
so at least we turn the key off turn the
key on its power there but when we turn
the key nothing, dead as a door nail, so
with the key on let’s turn the
headlights on go outside see what
happens well the headlights are coming
on so there’s power going through the
system but you never know how much power
the battery has so let’s open hood and
check it typical dodge the hood won’t
even stay up they make them like such
pieces of junk so we need a stick so
test the battery, one tester on here
and one tester on there and since it says
right here 790 cold cranking amps we’ll
check that it’s in the vehicle battery
top post regular cold cranking and we’ll
put it on 790 and we push start we’ll
see what it says
state of houses not that great it says
it needs a recharge but then it’s gonna
be watch not start it needs recharging
but it’s got enough should crank the
engines not doing anything so
something’s wrong between the battery
and the ignition switch going to the
starter odds are it’s this
system there’s such pieces of crap I’d
know it’s Chrysler has enough problems
building cars that is to add this stuff
on to it to make it another level of
stuff that breaks on them, so I got my fancy
scan tool and pray it finds something
wrong with the system with a code so we
don’t have to check absolutely
everything on this pile of junk so I’ll
plug it in under the dash and pray at
least around the vehicle now you can see
if it’s chosen anything wrong typical
Dodge that already shows that there are
eight faults in the powertrain control
module we’ll see what codes exist there
in the PCM whole bunch of them still under
one misfire evap purge that’s not it
that’s not it brake pressure sensor
incompatible implausible oil pressure
out of range, none of those are really starting
problems the central gateway has two
faults let’s check that yeah
those really aren’t gonna be why it’s
not starting either so I’m gonna try
trick I’m gonna erase all the codes this
machine can erase all the codes on it
see if that’s gonna help at all
sometimes strangely enough it does now
they’re all erased then I’m gonna try
another trick we’re gonna remove the
battery terminals one and the other
then what to remove we’re gonna touch
them together to reset everything drying
everything then leave them off for about
five minutes that way I can reset
everything back to factory sightings to
some extent sometimes it’ll start right
up then let’s see all right we’ll put
them back on plus the negative tighten
up the positive that’s nice and tight
now let’s see what happens well sad but
true stupid thing still isn’t gonna
start so we know we turn the key on
we’re hitting power I’m gonna Hot wire
the starter and see if it will start then
that’s pretty easy on that you get on the
driver’s side crawl under the starter
and somebody’s already gotten the wire
nicked here so you can check it we will
put a jumper cable right here on the
starter line then reach under here and
fish the line up got your truck it’s way
up in the air and I’m not 80 feet tall
here so bear with me as I grab the
stupid thing there’s the wire now if we
put it on a positive cable it should
make the starter at least turn over
nothing probably a bad start and here’s
a good test look this up so now it’s
connected there you get a big hammer go
back under the vehicle I gave it a few
whacks well it’s not starting but that
doesn’t mean it’s not the problem we
didn’t get lucky on this a lot of times
the start is still have some life left
you can hit it and with power going to it
the stupid thing will at least start to
crank over in this case it’s not even
doing that so we’re gonna have to pull
the starter off and then check it in the
air to see if it works at all so I’ll
take the battery terminal off so we
don’t shorten everything off when we
remove the starter then crawl back under then
unbolt the starter and take the power
lines off yeah and off comes the starter,
and here’s dodge for you, this tiny little
starter for this huge Hemi engine and I
can smell it
it’s burnout I don’t even have to test
it’s hot now
smells just burnout cheap start around a
big engine and here’s a replacement tiny
starter that’s all they had to fit on a
stupid thing at least locally if you
really want to do a better job you could
try to find a race and starter that’s a
lot better than this piece of junk but
this is just the guy’s work truck so I’m
just putting the same thing back on, so it
just slides back in the hole and you put the
bolts in the bottom and the top, get them
nice and tight and don’t forget to do
the top one too, there are two them hold
on, then you get the big power cable and
put it on and put the nut on top of it
then tighten it up, and then get
the starter over here and it just plugs
right on there snaps right on nice and
tight uh don’t forget to put the battery
cable back on I had put it on nice and
tight there we go
then let’s pray it didn’t short the
computer out even the computer on this
thing has to do is start in the car and
sometimes I see if the starter shorts
out it can fry the computer so let’s
break didn’t nothing as you can see when
I scanned it has a bunch of other things
wrong but typical Dodge he wants this
thing to start now it’s starting I’m
stopping right there
now you know what to do on your Dodge
truck or any other vehicle doesn’t start
check it step by step always be logical, so
if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. dodge's are garbage. always have been, always will be. the 3 things that saved them from extinction are, lee iacocca, buying cummins engines and fiat.

  3. 1995 Dodge Ram 5.9 360 twd thing was a beast I mean super fast! No one could touch it! Sold it with 270,000 miles only thing we put in was upgrades and a rear end NEXT 2002 Dodge Ram 4.7 v8 the sludge motors…. 228,000 still own it still runs and drives got it in 02 besides brakes tires the normal stuff never had a major repair only a fuel pump if you call that major… so I have had luck with dodge

  4. Hey Scotty nice video.

    How do I figure out why my battery is dieing. I drive to work and before I go in I disconnect positive to the battery. Then when I leave I reconnect it. And car starts fine. However if I leave positive connected while at work when I leave the car has no power. Is something draining the battery?

  5. I'm on my 5th dodge truck in the last 30 years. All I've ever owned is a Dodge. They have never let me down or stranded me! I simply upgraded through out the years. Not even a flat tire has happened. I change the oil put in fuel and generally maintain it and they run forever. This guy must be a Chevy guy or he wouldn't bash a great truck!

  6. When disconnecting and reconnecting your battery….keep a front window open or your keys in your pocket, because often the central locking will fire….locking you out of your vehicle and sometimes getting the lock/unlock sequence out of step with your remote.

  7. Good job Scotty man! I have owned a couple Chrysler cars. One was about 1965 Plymouth wagon. It drained oil from the rocker arm area into the valves when shut off. The drain down holes in the head plugged up. Ran a coat hangar wire through that drain hole and no more blue smoke when starting up. They were pretty good back then but lost their quality after about the mid 70s or so. Now they often look good but are, indeed, crappy!

  8. Dude needs anger management class.
    I love my Ram and I take very good care of it but when something happens, I'll fix it. I'd like to see a vehicle that never has any problems, ever. You have to treat your vehicles right.

  9. I got an 07 Dodge Ram, never had any problems with it, besides the usual. 3 batteries and 1 starter in 12 years. I would definitely buy another Dodge. Anything but a ford.👎

  10. Too bad the key wasn't the problem. That would have justified the pointless opinion rant. It's also good to know that only Dodge starters go bad. Someone at the factory must have put a GM or Ford starter in my '08 5.7L Ram with 177k miles on it because it's still the factory starter.

  11. Inherited an 80s something Mercury from my Mom. Half the time had to wack the starter a few times to start it till I replaced it.

  12. Scotty makes a good point about the key and the fact that it uses a starter it seems too small for such a large motor.

  13. my 2011 Ram 1500 has not any major issues. my 2001 Ram 1500 with the 5.9 has the original starter after 170k miles. the 2001 is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. gas mileage sucks but it's reliable.

  14. Where I live old men buy these stupid great things and pretend that they are truck drivers. These Ram things will not fit into a standard Woolworths vehicle park, between the lines. Silly old men with a huge vehicle trying to park, DISASTER and a good laugh for those watching.

  15. At least it’s not a Chevy!

    And in the auto parts industry, I’ve only ever sold a handful of starters for Rams. GM? That’s about all I sold.

  16. I've had to replace the starter on my truck 3 times, and believe me it was WAY HARDER than this one. 2000 freightliner with 1,947,583 miles. Believe me, everything breaks, or wears out eventually, even me (I'm 70 now)!

  17. I love your videos! I’d love to utilize your services, however, I’m not super close to where you are. 😕 Do you know any honest and knowledgeable mechanics (as yourself) in the Central Florida area?🌴😎

  18. Does that mean my Camry was crap because it failed in the Library parking lot?

    Only starter I've had to replace in nearly 40 years of driving was that 2002 Camry. At least it was easy, as you can get to it from the top after removing the battery and air cleaner box and hose.

    To be fair, that was only one of a handful of repairs over 277k miles. One CV axle, one starter, one door handle and one ignition coil. Well there was the mirror one of the kids removed on the garage door, hard to blame Toyota for that 🙂

    Top tip, always have the parts store test both the old one AND the new one so you don't install a DOA starter.

  19. I like my 01 dodge 1500. I know what it is. I know the stories and the mentalities people have towards them. It's my truck and I love it. Personally it has been reliable in some areas and not so much in other areas. (Though it is quite clear this is a abused truck, that the owner didn't care about.)

  20. Sweet, another starter video! Glad he was able to beat it up and sniff all the magic smoke he created burning up the starter solenoid.

  21. I laughed when Scotty just let the starter hit the ground lol. Also incorrect procedures for connecting/disconnecting battery terminals funny video

  22. This is why I love my old 1999 Ram 2500 Cummins, none of this crap to go wrong, and the sweet reliability of a 5.9 Cummins, sure the NV4500 is a hot piece of cast iron garbage but otherwise one hell of a truck

  23. You might have used a voltmeter, to notice where current was being consumed, if that starter motor was getting HOT, every time you tried to crank it. How so? By noticing some voltage decrease right at the battery terminals, during cranking attempts. I'm an EE so that's how I think.

  24. I had a friend that had an old Dodge Ramcharger. Rattles, cheap instruments, top leaked, blah, blah. That did it for me–forever.

  25. My dad bought a 2015 ram a little while back and it has a little knob as a gear shift. It works just like the climate control knobs it has. On a Dodge with over 100k miles that's bound to present a serious problem

  26. We had about 25 dodge trucks at work, OMG they were alway breaking down and the worst part is we couldn't get part's from the dealership, switched to Fords and at least we could get parts. Personally I drive a Toyota Tundra, I find to be very reliable.

  27. I honestly never knew Dodge was bought by Fiat Chrysler till I looked it up. God damn that blows. Now there is only one good truck company, Ford.

  28. Scotty would have been cursing up a storm if he had to replace a starter on a Toyota Tundra V8. They put the starter in the middle of the engine. Turns a 15 min job into an all day job.

  29. Everyone is going to tiny starters for lightweight fuel saving vehicles.Aswell as lightweight hood gas struts over springs and hinges.The epa fuel mileage standards are creating crappy lightweight cars.Scotty doesn't seem to know much about cars.

  30. Because starters never go out on any other cars so it got to be piece of crap dodge. Of course its going to smell burnt. You had the solenoid activated all that time with a jumper wire.

  31. Welcome to the Ram Jam fun! Trucks look great imo , and I haven't had too many issues but in my experience they have been the least reliable and hardest on fuel by far , and yes I have 2 now and I take.excellent care of my vehicles so it isn't abuse I run all 9 of em'.hard af.

  32. Scotty I think your just too short too open then hood all the way. Also why do you hate on dodge so much did someone who drives a big lifted Cummins rail your wife or something

  33. when i saw that brake error code, I reminded me of the time my sister's mustang (~2008) wouldn't crank. Took me 2 minutes to figure out the brake switch fell off – it was one of those cars that requires you to press the brake pedal down to crank. Sometimes it's the weirdest thing that prevents a car from cranking.

  34. the hood isn't a piece of crap, the hood supports are. DUH. who manufactures the hood supports?
    It's not Dodge. Oh, i forgot, an ignorant ford lover speaks again.
    Time to hang 'er up Pal.

  35. This is the funniest video of his I've seen, he's just cursing the hell out of that Dodge. I own a 88 D100 with the 318.

    "So we need a stick" makes me laugh every time.

  36. Here's why people love Scotty – he's got the same anger as a million car-owners annoyed by faults in their cars but he's got the calm logic to go beyond cursing. I'll think of him next time a bolt is stuck, a lock gets jammed or my exhaust hangs low due to bad welding of the brackets. And don't mention the radio which changes station when I hit a bump in the road.

  37. …I mean….many cars have starter issues. Not just Dodge. I've replaced the starter (and alternator) on almost every Ford I've had. And, I've had 6 Fords. I have one now. I will say I agree with the fact that Starter is too small for that engine, though.

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