Here’s How Stupid People Change Oil

Here’s How Stupid People Change Oil

rev up your engine
anthony asks I recently changed the oil
last week on my 94 cutlass
with 53,000 miles Wow hardly any
miles on a car that old man, but after I changed
the oil I
noticed there was oil all over the place
so I checked everything in the drain
plug was tight but the oil filter seemed
tight I took it off and then turned it
back on and now I checked it’s not
leaking what do you think okay it could
be a classic problem that I’ve seen many
times so you want to check this right
away take the oil filter off entirely
look at the end of the oil filter and
get your flashlight and look at the
block of the engine where the oil filter
screws on you could have double gasket
it it could have been that the old
gasket on your old oil filter came off
and when they’re like that sometimes the
leak and if you tighten them up they
won’t leak but it’s dangerous having two
gaskets they’ll take it off and if you
do see two gaskets that was the whole
problem now if it doesn’t leak anymore
after I check that odds are and it
didn’t have the double gasket out there
you just didn’t have the oil filter I
thought nothing it was squeezing out of
the sides but I often see people do that
with double gaskets and you can earn
your engine later so take it off make
sure it is not double gasket with two
gaskets instead of just one, Electra
Marisa should I buy 2014 Kia Soul okay
well I personally think it’s one of the
ugliest vehicles ever made but beauty’s
now maybe older I realize it’s Kia they
have a limited lifespan if you buy 2014
let’s say it’s got fifty sixty thousand
miles it still might go trouble-free
till it gets 120 or something thousand
miles there are ok cars but you don’t
want to buy our mileage one cause they
kind of fall apart as they age it all
depends on the price point and what you
can get it for how many miles it has on
it you’re not gonna get to 300,000 miles
I could Toyota or Honda but if you can
get one cheap enough and you want to
drive that weird-looking thing around
go right ahead just don’t buy one that has
many miles on it,
Sergio Nunez says what do you think of
the Acura TL those are excellent built
cars they handle well they got those Honda
engines and their solid built engines the
only problem with acuras are as they
age and they get really high mileage
the parts are super expensive and then
something that cost a hundred dollars on
that might cost 350 for an Acura they
are well built cars and are fun to drive
if you like sporty little cars they can
be excellent cars to drive on
and you’d use ones that a decent deal too
I had a customer just buy a used one he
paid three grand for it it was a pretty
decent car for $3,000 so you know it’s
nothing with that the new ones are pricey
but you know most new cars are
rather price that’s why I was buy used
ones, ygg says I’m just curious about his
thoughts regarding performance VW
reliability when taken
care of including GTIs, VW
makes good engines they always did they
used to be solid reliable entire cars
like the Beatles they could run forever
they didn’t cause much they got more and
more high-tech hey they own porsche
they own audi they bought a lot of
companies up and they’re too high
technology these days you buy one it
generally turns into an endless money
pit as it ages who wants to get stuck
with that plus there’s a lot of plastic
junk on all of them, I got customers the
last 20 years not a single one ever
bought a Volkswagen and then bought
another one the door handles that keep
breaking off the air conditioners would
break they’re just are not very well
built reliable vehicles anymore but they
are fast and they drive what when
they’re working of course they’re not as
bad as I say alpha romeos but they
still are money pits as they age, grant
Jose asks Scotty my friend selling his
2002 mx-5 miata 125,000 miles for 1,200
bucks you think it’d be a good weekend
car are they reliable well if he’s
taken care of it 127 thousand miles
isn’t that much on one of those Miatas
they’re well-made vehicles now hopefully
it’s a standard transmission because
those are really fun to drive with
standard transmissions and they’re
pretty bulletproof they can run forever
if it is an automatic transmission Miata
you want a road test see if it’s
shifting right and if it doesn’t shift
right don’t buy it because the trannys
done those things the automatic ones are
absolute garbage you don’t want to buy
one with an automatic transmission every
time I have a cost or more it’s one the
reason they generally get rid of it is
because it’s an automatic transmission
Miata and the transmissions going out
when I tell them to gonna cost them
three to five to fix it
they just say and they get rid of the
vehicle so if it’s a standard
transmission and it runs good I’d say
it’s a good price and it could be a fun
car to drive around for quite some time,
Randy asks 2014 Scion tC I heard people
have electrical idling issues after they
disconnect to reconnect the batteries
there anything I should know when I need
this to clean my terminals a lot of
toyota products and that’s
the products do that you disconnect the
battery they go back to scratch and they
got to relearn the idle configurations
if you don’t want that to happen do what
I do when I’m working on customers cars
get a battery memory saver autozone
sells them for like 12 bucks you just
plug it in the OBD port and then it
powers the computer so when you
disconnect the battery and clean it and
put it on the computer hasn’t lost power
they’re called battery memory savers you
can get them anywhere you can get them
on Amazon they’re just a simple device
with 12 volt power or they’re really
cheaper once they plug in and they got
two terminals and you connect them to a
12 volt battery like a motorcycle
battery or any 12 volt battery supply
another battery from another car and
then it keeps the computer memory alive
it’s a good idea to get one for any
modern car, I says Scotty what do you
think of a hundred bucks for a pick up
part transmission worth the gamble for
my oh three Jeep Grand Cherokee when a
transmission fails alright well you
kind of answered your own question you’re
going to pick apart okay they buy those
cars for almost nothing then you got to
go and pull the transmission out of it
and buy it for honor bucks it’s a wild
gamble you have no idea it’s gonna work
it’s not gonna work
and it’s a lot of work taking a
transmission out of a car and putting it
into another one I would gamble
something that cheap I’d rather go to a
quality yard that maybe you’re gonna pay
four or five hundred bucks for a used
transformation that you can see it’s in
the vehicle how many miles are on it
rather than some piece of junk that’s in
a pickup park they’re gonna take apart
because they’re junk they don’t pay much
for them and they don’t charge much for them
you want a door or hood stuff like that wheels
can see it but something like a
transmission I’d kind of shy away from that
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. I wonder how dumb u think I am for buying a 94 saab 9000 turbo with 240k miles 🤣🤣 I work on my own cars. Parts aren't to bad it's the saab techs that are redicous. And parts can be hard to find. Lol. Love it tho.

  3. I made the double gasket mistake once. Pumped all the oil out fast. Now I always check for the gasket in the old one when I remove it.

  4. When an industry is as untrustworthy and unethical as the auto service industry is, you can't trust anyone if you don't know who you can trust. In that case, teach yourself, and you'll know it is done right, and save a fortune too!

  5. I have a 2003 Kia with 140k, it’s still kicking it. Right now i have a 2015 Sonata Hybrid, almost 140k. Korean auto makers are going to take over, and the warranty is great.

  6. Buy good quality filters and you shouldn’t have any problems with gaskets coming off,they’re kinda crimped to prevent it.

  7. Stupid people don't change their oil! Did an oil change on a Prius the other day, got 2 quarts out of an engine that takes about 4.4 qts and it was as black as diesel oil!

  8. I had an oil filter gasket blow out from over-tightening. Oil spray must have hit the exhaust manifold because it smoked horrendously.

  9. Nobody ever drains there oil properly nobody!!!show me the bottom where the plug goes in were its flat to the surface? Show me the pan

  10. Scotty: disingenuous to brag often about the fact that you're a millionaire, then ridicule a fan as ''stupid'' for double-gasketing an oil filter. "Ignorant" is not much better than ''stupid,'' but more accurate. "Karma, Karma, Karma."

  11. What car doesn't fall apart when it ages? Even Toyota's, Honda's, Nissan"s, Mazda's, Ford's & GM cars and trucks, etc. In every case parts ware out and you have to replace parts or decide to get a replacement car, SUV, truck etc. I am as old, probably older, than Scotty and have been driving over 60 years. If you don't take care of it…it will fall apart. Like you Scotty, you are very entertaining and over all generally give good advice.

  12. Hi Scotty.
    Hope you are doing well.
    What do you think about the Mitsubishi pajero 3.5l v6 petrol?
    Are these cars durable?

  13. I know you have been working on cars for 51 years, but if you double gasket an oil filter, it's not gonna slowly leak. It will put oil on the deck faster that you can think. Just from my experience in an auto shop

  14. Kia are great cars. I have two Kia mini vans. 220000 miles on one 280000 on the other. No major problems. If it's not a Toyota, scotty hates it.

  15. As we get older a transmission replacement is a bigger project but for the kids asking eh it's all about the savings so in my area in many instances they will write it on the car or trucks Drove In meaning it came in on it's own power and they had check engine oil and transmission fluid level before they empty them so I take a chance saving few thousands

  16. Wow your pretty harsh calling people stupid that may not have known about the double gasketing of the oil filter so I can imagine how you made the guy that sent you in that question feel. Your getting pretty cynical in your old age there Scotty

  17. Ahhh!! I did the double gasket thing back in the day when I first started working on cars.. its was a 93 Chrysler lebaron… it sprayed oil everywhere quick! Lesson learned!

  18. Scotty so i have a 12 chevy silverado that i really dont drive. Since dec of 18 ive had only put 1k miles in the dam thing. Shlould i still change my oil after 3 months? Dec was when i change it.

  19. 2014 KIA SOUL CATCHES ON FIRE (Didn't you say that?) In Hawaii, a 2019 KIA SOUL caught on fire, the guy lost some fingers and his Mom rolled out of the car at 40-45 mph.

  20. Oh, I had a terrible leak once. Then found out that I used the wrong oil filter for the truck. it was for my car. Same size but it leaked. Always double check!

  21. You need to change your Video header message "Rev up your engines". Its starting to sound stupid.. Especially after seeing several of your videos back to back.

  22. Love that you included The Beatles with your pictures! I've been obessed with The Beatles and cars for 55 years.🎼🎵🎶🎸🎤. And they will last forever. 😀

  23. Scotty my 2000 Ford F150 and my 2000 Ford Expedition idle up to high on startup for my taste. Is there anyway to lower that high idle at startup?

  24. Are you going to slam the Italians? I need another meatball sandwich. Don't forget to bash the Italians Scotty. Do what you do best. "Form over function"

  25. I have the stupid oil filter cap and when I went to screw it back in, I hand tighten it for once instead of using the oil wrench tool, and when I started the car the oil cap and filter came out, leaving a mess on the driveway and wasting all the oil. The car ran for about 30 seconds. Will that do any major damage to my engine? 2011 Toyota Camry LE 4cyl

  26. My 04 Ford has close to 200 thousand miles on. I have to agree with Scotty with vw they aren’t the best I had an 01 golf once one thing went everything was soon to go as well.

  27. here's how stupid people do xxxxxxx whatever. Scotty I love your channel and I know you like to help. Spare me the "stupid" bit please. Deep down i know you're classier than that. Imagine your wife a former teacher would say things like – here's how the stupid kids did their homework. That wouldn't go over so well. I hate political correctness also but you can say it much better saying i will share a smarter technique. Your Fan, Louis

  28. DO NOT BUY A TL THEY ARE GARBAGE! My mom has an 05 with 160k miles and the interior is falling apart the Bluetooth antenna drains the battery so you have to disconnect it, it's gone through two power steering pumps, 1 radiator, an ac leak and the trans is on its last legs!

  29. I double gasketed an Olds 455 engine in a GMC Palmbeach coach (12,000 lbs). I lost all my oil on the roadway when it slipped. I drove 2 miles in traffic before seeing the oil gauge had no oil and backtracked to see how long it was without oil. I think the Slick 50 treatment saved my engine.

  30. I got a 45 year old c5 transmission from the wrecking yard had it in my old f250 in one morning . Lasted for years and years I sold it but I bet it still is working 👍100 bucks beats 1400 at the transmission shop👍

  31. The fundamental problem with Scotties vids and opinions is that they are useful for junkmobiles only. Who cares about a car that will run 300 k miles ? I don't.

  32. I love how you called VW cars an endless money pit as they age.

    I had a 2010 Volkswagen CC. Had no problems for the vast majority of ownership. 6 miles after the warranty, the transmission needed replacement! We got rid of it and never bought VW again!

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