Head Gasket Leak Repair Sealant for Your Car

Head Gasket Leak Repair Sealant for Your Car

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100 Replies to “Head Gasket Leak Repair Sealant for Your Car”

  1. I bought some today and I'm still going to try it but I've heard that it can clog up your thermostat and heater core is that true?

  2. this shit don't work. I used on Wednesday. the car drove fine for the rest of the day. I didn't drive the car on Thursday. today the car is overheating again. this shit worked for one day now I'm fucked.

  3. One more question. What do you think about Blue Devil's Head Gasket Repair product? It seems to work almost exactly like Steel Seal, but it costs 50% less than Steel Seal.

  4. says he been using the stuff for 15 year. this video is now 8 years old so that would mean its been about 23 year but on the bottle it says its been fixing head gaskets since 1999 . he must of been using the stuff for 5 year before they even started making the stuff. Canny that

  5. Hi Scotty

    My cars engine oil (my mechanic says) is whitish. And claims head gasket needs replacing.

    But I told him my coolant levels haven't been dropping (ever) , my engine temp never runs high, and no white smoke from my car. THOSe being the 3 main signs of a bad gasket. I am however suffering some engine oil loss (quart every few months or so)

    What do you think? Also my exhaust has some water dripping (no gas or oil) what could this be? I read water contamination? What's that

  6. any suggestions ? I have a 2001 Camry I just wanna try the sealant in the radiator cause I don't wanna buy a new one. the reason I'm doing this is because it's bent under and on the middle on the radiator but apparently works fine. I have not seen any leak. so this will be only to be 100% sure that will be all sealed

  7. sodium silicate work wonders as well it what they used to put in steam engines to seal leaks you can buy it on ebay for about 15 dollars a bottle

  8. Hi scotty, I was recently given a BMW for free! The only catch is it overheated and now has a blown head gasket. Everything is in great condition except the engine due to the head gasket. Will steel seal work in it? Also if the oil has already mixed with the coolant will steel seal work?

  9. this morning I notice thick smoke coming from my tailpipe which I had my friend check it out and my engine oil is milky , which means a blown head gasket right? if thats so can I still use the sealer?

  10. +Scotty Kilmer
    What about Titan Head Gasket Sealers? They claim they are better than any 'waterglass' sealer. (Not trying to insult you/what you say. I really like your channel.)

    EDIT: BTW, I HAVE to use a leak sealer. The car I am working on is probably not worth half the cost of a head gasket job. I have been researching for days. I just cannot decide what sealer. I was about to pull the trigger on Steel Seal and decided to ask you about this.

    I am going to buy a new torque wrench. (I need a new one anyway.) Then I was going to re-torque the head. Then do the sealer. (NOTE: I have to leave the thermostat in.)

    If I get your attention, and I hope I do, I was going to recharge the a/c, also. I need a good a/c sealer. It has no refrigerant. However, I had already put refrigerant in, and it leaked out over a month period. (It was not fully charged.) It was really cold, so obviously it is just a leak.

    Minus the torque wrench. I have everything I need except the sealers.

    I truly respect your advice/video, but I had to ask!

  11. R53s mini cooper s 2003 I had drips of water from the exhaust constantly and smoke not loads but a bit of white smoke. Used this stuff after a coolant change ran the car. Let it stand for a few hours and took it out drove it normally for a while and then quite hard for a bit as well proper 4 hours stoping and starting the car at different places for food or whatever. Drove it home. Checked no white smoke no water dripping the car actually feels quicker and the exhaust makes a nicer should than before with more bangs and pops. I think it's best used when you notice the early signs of potential problems. If your gasket is totally gone I don't know if it will work not sure. But for me so far it's working and no problems.

  12. I recently replace my head gasket top off the coolant 2 day later am loseing coolant and small amount of white smoke comings from the tail pipe 98 pathfinder opened up the oil cap and finding moisture on the cap why is this happening will the steel seal work with this or what is causing this thank you

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  14. Hello, my car is burning oil, also blue smoke coming out from the exhaust, can it it be the head gasket or the pcv valves ?? What would you recommend

  15. Muy caro el liquido con esto mejor compro el kit de empaques y lo hago yo mas una cepillada en el torno sale barato

  16. mate i not sure if this is what i need but i got that creamy throthy stuff on oil cap my coolant well water cus there no coolant init at the moment keeps going really fast theres no heat from heaters and my oil seemed to have drained could this be my problem if you could advise i would be gratefull cheres mate p.s the oil maybe cus the oil pressure switch went so i lost some then that might be why the oil went. oh and i forgot when i get to 3000 revs i can hear like a spraying sound from under the bonnet

  17. Scotty, I have a 07 impala 3.5 litre, will i be able to remove thermostat and replace housing and still get a good seal in order for the product to do its thing ?

  18. Scotty Kilmer If I'm getting exhaust gases in my coolant system, and I have burped it 3 times, and let run through 4-5 fan cycles and it stops producing bubbles , why does it seem to come back? If it is head gasket would this seal the combustion gases getting into my coolant system ? Still not sure if it's truly that, because after 30 min or so and cycling the bubbles stop. But am loosing 2-3" of rad fluid almost daily, NO OTHER SIGNS !! Runs perfect , idols perfect, no white smoke , no over heating, no oil in coolant , no coolant in oil , drips at tail pipe until hot , then no more dripping … Great heat in cab. Rad pressure checked great, no visible outward signs of fluid. Having cylinders pressure checked tomorrow. They already said there leaning towards BHG ? 211,000 miles 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo WJ 4.0l in line 6

  19. Will it work if my coolant is getting into my oil pretty quick. My plugs and cylinder are dry but the water is getting in somehow. And the car has never over heated?

  20. Hey Scotty…these guys seem to be a ripoff now. Bought the Elite formula for aluminum blocks/heads 2 years ago. At that time Robert English answered the calls and would always return HELP calls within a few minutes. Repair failed after 2 years. Now they don't return calls. You can only speak with an operator who doesn't even know exactly which company she is answering for. She can only ask if you want to become a distributor. I"ve left 3 messages for HELP over 2 weeks and no return calls. Might be new owners? They are not honoring "LIFETIME WARRENTY" it seems to me. They are going to ruin your good name if you continue to recommend them. THEY USED TO BE REPUTABLE BUT NOT ANYMORE IMO.

  21. I replace the head gaskets on my 1998 Cobra Mustang but my car is still overheating there is no sign of cheese in the oil or in the condensation at all I change the water pump and put a high flow water pump can you help me out

  22. People , don't debate with an expert here . When your not an experienced mechanic , take the advice given here , use what works , don't use what doesn't .

  23. Hi, Scotty–I love your videos. Been watching you for years now. So, what if I already stupidly added Barks Leaks first? I assume I will need to have my coolant system flushed…yes? Hopefully, I can buy this and just ask the mechanic to add it when he (or she) does the flush. I have a 2002 Honda Accord that is on its last leg, so don't want to spend money on new head gasket. I had a hose blow a few years ago–got that fixed, but then coolant problems ever sense. I get cylinder 3 misfires and white smoke out of tailpipe, so assume engine got too hot when hose blew and either blew the gasket and/or cracked the head…

    Thank you for all of your helpful videos!

  24. Hi I have a bad head gasket and last night I broken down my car would not get up a hill the engine still works is there anything I can do to fix this please reply to me at [email protected] thanks love your videos

  25. Question…i put Bar's Leak on my car a couple of days ago and it doesn't seem to have worked, can i put this one in it ? Thanks!

  26. I haven't used this brand, but I can tell you that these head gasket sealants do indeed work, at least for minor head gasket leaks. Of course you can't usually tell how severe the leak is, but as long as coolant lines aren't getting blown off or you're not adding half a bottle of coolant every day or two, definitely worth a shot.

  27. Hi sir I have vw golf 1.6sr I used steel seel but heater is not working and the engine produce air pressure to coolent system I don't know that I changed head gasket or thermostat please give me some tips for my problem

  28. I never figured that stuff was an actual fix more of just a bandaid maybe good for a couple of days or a couple of months but I won't expect it to be good for 100,000 miles

  29. Alright so my cars been rough starting with white smoke out the exhaust is it to late to buy a sealant product

  30. Scotty yesterday I was turning on my 2007 Ford Fusion with a jump start because the battery was dead and once I got it running not even a minute later there was steam coming out the hood so I quickly turned the car off and checked what happened, and air coolant was sprayed along where the starter on my car is located, I couldn’t start the car again because of the dead battery, so today I bought a new battery and ima start it up again, any suggestions on what I should do first or any idea of what it could be? ( I didn’t see any hoses torn or anything)

  31. Using it for a decade and a half from the date of this video would mean that you've been using it since 1994 but Steel Seal claims it's been a repair solution for head gaskets since 1999.

    I'd love to try it out but it's expensive and I'm a bit skeptical now, wondering how you were able to use it a full 5 years before it ever came out?

  32. This douchebag is a snake oil salesmen. There is no magic fix for a blown head gasket. And it isn't that big of a job to fix the right way. It really funny that Scotty's video on how to change your own engine is shorter than the multiple videos he has selling this dream. Maybe it has something to do with the Amazon affiliate link…it is scary how many people are believing this shade-tree mechanic douchebag. Where's your shop Scotty? You shoot all your videos in someone's driveway. Is it because no shop will touch you? Where's your ASE certificate? My guess is you don't have one. You look like a loser with some harbor freight tools who sleeps on his brothers sofa

  33. Hi Scotty, I have ordered steel seal and my engine oil is also due to change so should I change engine oil first and then add steal seal with my coolant or add steal seal without oil change go for ride and then change engine oil?
    I would appreciate your response.

  34. Scotty, I used the Steel Seal as per the directions and it worked wonderfully. I have a 1997 Lexus LX450 ( Land Cruiser). The LX450/Land Cruiser engines are great but, their “Achilles Tendon” is the head gasket. The vehicle had a little of smoke upon starting but, not anymore. I also, watched your video regarding the AT205. I used a similar product, Liqui Moly Oil Saver, with good results. Oil consumption is very minimal (valve guides ). Thanks for your awesome videos.

    Scotty, do a video on Land Cruisers.

  35. Soooo, on your videos. (this one and "how to repair a head gasket leak.")in this video you say I can just add it too my coolant and be done.
    But in the other video you go through a procedure of how to use the sealer which involves spark plug removal and fuel line power disconnection.

    Which is more viable? I have a 1996 Mustang GT with a very very small gasket leak, so small I wouldn't have known if the guy who sold it to me didn't tell me.

  36. Waw i am surprised to see a good and trusted mechanic to trust in this products! I am sure they paid you to do this review,😂😂😂,but doesn’t matter if the product works and he can fix your problem. I will use this product in my equinox only because I trust in you! You ever open an engine after few months of steal seal? I am curious how clogged it’s the head coolant line, if they are not completely clogged should be fine. I used already the blue devil head gasket sealer in my equinox yesterday and till now it’s good. I flushed the system after I used blue devil and now it’s just water in the system, now I will go to drain the water and to fill with coolant. What you think about blue devil head gasket sealer? What’s your opinion about this product? For me it’s very hard to trust in this products because i am a mechanic to and the best way to fix the problem it’s to fix the problem in the right way! Thank you!

  37. Can someone recommend a product for a head gasket that is leaking oil? I just don't have the $3k I was quoted for the repair. Thanks!

  38. Hey Scotty Kilmer. Question. Will this work if your gasket on your water pump is starting to leak a little? Or is it only for a head gasket?

  39. I have a 2005 dodge neon overheat problem. I have changed thermostat water pump radiator top radiator hose radiator cap bypassed heater core (it leaks inside car) getting bubbles while running. No smoke from exhaust no water in oil looses water. I'm thinking head gasket leak from coolant to piston. Is there a cheaper additve to fix this problem?tired of throwing money at this car. And if i use a gasket sealer like bars steel seal or whatever does it mater that the heater core is not hooked up? Thank u for any help.

  40. After doing some research I am going with either Titan or Fusion sealers neither of them have silicates in them and silicates are very bad for import radiators. Steel Seal has silicates so I will not use it.

  41. Will this work on my Mercedes s500 5.0 v8??? The oil is like chocolate milk and the car doesn’t even run for more than 2 minutes without turning off

  42. Will steel seal help on a 2002 Cadillac SLS with the North Star V8, 160,000 miles? White smoke just started coming out of the exhaust.

  43. Hey Scotty love your videos I know this is an old one I have an 07 Prius it's still running I just think the head gasket about to blow is there any way to use something like this on a Prius since the cooling system is different

  44. So does a mechanic really take the engine apart or just use this stuff and charge people huge amounts of money ? 😂

  45. Let's say for instance I will put Blue Devil instead of steel seal, can I still take off the spark plug so it can seal properly or does Blue Devil work different

  46. hey scotty, my name is will and I believe me head gasket is starting to fail. I have no water or steam coming out my tail but I do seam to have exhaust gases coming into my system seems to see bubbles in my expansion tank. I have a 2009 Mini S Clubman and just was wondering if Steal Seal would help. any input would be help full.

  47. Scotty, I am going to try this product soon. My question is…Do I need to change the engine oil 1st or after I put this in it, or both. I ask because the oil already has a water/anti-freeze mixture. I have a 2001 GMC Safari AWD Van with 105,000 miles. It doesn't seem like this Engine should have done this at this stage in mileage. Please help me with any suggestions. Thank You for your time.

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