Google’s Proposal for North Bayshore

Google’s Proposal for North Bayshore

Silicon Valley has been
the cradle
of this series of innovations
that over the last decades
have propelled technology
and world economy.
But all of the resources,
all of the intelligence,
has been invested into
the immaterial,
the digital realm, the internet.
It was just fascinating to be
seeing the physical reality
of a valley that has
changed the world,
and that valley actually itself
hasn’t changed.
Tech really hasn’t adopted
a particular language
for buildings.
I mean, we’ve just found
old buildings,
we’ve moved into them,
and we’ve made do best we could.
We have an opportunity
to build new buildings,
which is nothing unique,
which people do every day,
all over the world,
but what we’ve tried to do
is take a step back
and say, “How do buildings
work with nature?”
You know, “What will transit
look like in the future?”
Not “What is transit today?”
We’re really making sure that
we make spaces
very open and accessible
so it’s just not for Googlers,
but it’s for anyone who lives
in the area to come by.
And then the last piece, which is
really Google at its heart,
in anything we do,
trying to leave the project
giving something back to
the world,
that they didn’t have before
we started.
We scoured the world,
looking for a special architect,
who could really
do something different,
who really listened and created
stuff from the ground up.
And we really got down to what
we believed were
the two best in class.
You guys.
My name is Bjarke Ingels.
I’m an architect
and the founder of
Bjarke Ingels Group,
or simply BIG.
The BIG Studios,
they’re ambitious.
They do a lot of very
community-focused projects,
and that was
pretty compelling to us.
Good actually.
Good reaction, by the way.
My name is Thomas Heatherwick.
I’m the founder
of Heatherwick Studio.
Thomas, on the other hand,
has this attention
to human scale and beauty that
I haven’t seen in anyone before.
And you bring
those two people together–
somebody who really thinks about
function and form
and you couple that with beauty,
and you just have this team
that does pretty amazing stuff.
When we met each other
in Mountain View,
we thought that it would
be interesting
to work with each other
and Google,
to maybe come up with something
that would be much more creative
than anything we could have
come up with ourselves.
What is the best possible
environment we can make
to invent, engineer, and most
importantly, make ideas happen
and go out into the world?
– It’s cool.
– It’s cool.
When you visit
the Google campus,
there’s lots of trees.
But there’s this constant,
major undermining of that
by the road system
and the infrastructure
required for all of those cars.
And it just feels like trees
are, like, street furniture.
And everything has turned into
parking lots.
We’re trying to sort of
reverse this process,
and really sort of recreate
some of the natural qualities
that have been there
in the first place,
really transform the sea of
parking that you find today
into a–sort of
a natural landscape,
where you’ll find an abundance
of green both outside,
but also inside.
These are greenhouses
that enclose and protect
pieces of nature.
Next to ecologically-sensitive
we’re able to
pull back buildings
and create wildlife habitat.
We’re able to create areas where
we’re restoring waterways
that bring water
out to the bay.
It’s interesting to try and
look at how you can
really augment or turn the dial
up more on that nature,
at the same time as looking to
really protect the land use.
Google’s presence in Mountain
View is simply so strong
that it can’t be a fortress
that shuts away nature,
that shuts away the neighbors.
It really needs to become
a neighborhood in Mountain View.
A motivator for the work we’re
doing now is to be generous.
You can provide facilities
that can be shared with people
who don’t work for
an organization,
and keep an organization’s feet
on the ground.
The buildings themselves allow
both the public as well as
employees to move through them.
We wanted to make sure that
we created communities
where bikes and pedestrians
felt like
they didn’t have to worry about
cars zipping by
at 70 miles an hour.
Part of our work is to try
to find ways
to make places that you would go
and have a conversation
and go for a walk
with great pleasure,
and choose in a weekend to be.
So in that sense, our idea
for the Google campus
is really to give it
the diversity, the liveliness
that you find in
an urban neighborhood
so that a lot of the traditional
distinctions in an urban setting
or in an office environment
will have evaporated
or at least been blurred
How will we work
five years from now?
How will we work
15 or 20 years from now?
We don’t know what it’s
going to be,
but we know that
it just needs to be
this incredibly flexible space
for it to work.
In nature,
things aren’t over-programmed
or over-prescribed.
And in a way, if our cities
or our work environments
could have more of
this flexibility
or openness for interpretation,
they would become
more stimulating and
more creative environments
to live and work in.
In a traditional building,
reconfiguring from office space
to automotive to bio-tech
would take months and years,
and you would
knock those buildings down,
and then, 5 or 10 years later,
you’d do it again.
The desire, really,
is to try to create pieces of
environment you can work in,
in multiple ways.
Suddenly, within this,
the architecture of the building
becomes almost like
giant pieces of furniture
that can be connected
in different ways.
It’s almost like the
Lincoln Logs when we were kids.
You can just pile them up and
assemble them differently,
with basically no new materials.
It’s a sort of structure
of looking, in a way,
at the historic city model
of making streets,
and then this is not
the historic model
of making environments
that bring together
and protect those streets.
Instead of having buildings
as these, like,
boxes with walls and floors,
dissolve the building into
a simple, super-transparent,
ultra-light membrane…
Creating, in effect,
a piece of glass fabric,
and draping it
across some tent poles,
and we’re blurring the outside
world and the inside world.
We’re really thinking about
how do we create buildings
that draw less energy?
How do we create buildings
that use less water
than a traditional building?
And all of this science and
is going into this project.
We will keep developing,
we’ll keep researching,
in terms of materials
or technologies.
The architecture will evolve,
as times evolve.
There are ways that we can
try and make space that
isn’t just for
the next 5 or 10 years,
but for many decades to come.
Between these
three different minds,
or three different companies
working together,
I think we have really arrived
at something
that I’m dead certain
we wouldn’t have arrived at
if any one of us were, like,
working in isolation.
We have a duty to reflect,
in the physical environment,
the values that have been
manifested in the innovations
that have come out
from this part of California.
A humanistic spirit is something
that–it feels really important
to embody in what we build,
and so that’s shared
between all of us,
and is exciting and driving us
and will be, in its way,

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