Gill Lipton FSAE driver

Gill Lipton FSAE driver

What got me interested in Mechanical Engineering was actually the Formula project in particular.
. I started off on the racing side doing go karts through high school
and when I found out Texas A&M had a winning Formula SAE team I knew I wanted to come here and I wanted to get involved.
Engine Rev♪
Engine Rev♪
The Mechanical Engineering Department runs A&M’s Formula SAE team as a senior design project.
Where a group of 15-20 students get together as a Senior Capstone interdisciplinary class to build and compete with a race car.
What makes the Mechanical Engineering Department Unique to me is, its emphasis on bringing all the pieces of an engineering project together.
We have projects like the Formula SAE team other Senior design projects where students are getting experience in other disciplines
other than strictly Physics, heat transfer, calculus all the difficult stuff you have to learn.

You get exposed to so many different things that by the time you wind up in the real world you’re ready to go and fit in and learn on the job wherever you are.
Howdy, my names Gill and I’m excited to be a part of the Mechanical Engineering Department here at Texas A&M, thanks and Gig Em’

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