well you can make a generator from a old toy
motor. for this you require some wood, two old CDs, a toy motor, an LED and lots of other
odds and bits. first make a wooden stand with an arm. drill a hole and fix a screw over
there. then take 2 CDs and sandwich some foam rubber to make a large pulley. also attach
a handle to this pulley. now take a sewing machine bobbin and place it in the screw like
a fat washer and then place the large pulley and lock it with a small nut. rotate the pulley
to ensure that it rotates smoothly. then take a 9V toy motor or a tape recorder motor with
a small pulley on the axle and attach it to the base of the stand with two screws. you
can see the white pulley on the toy motor. finally take a rubber band and place it between
the large and the small pulley. on rotating the large pulley, small pulley will rotate
much faster. now attach the two terminals of the motor to an LED. once you rotate the
large pulley, the LED will light up, because the motor is now acting like a generator.
you can put this LED in a bent straw and make a street light. so once you rotate the large
pulley, the LED lights up, the street light glows. in this case an ordinary toy motor
can be converted into a generator.

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  1. as it is gives 9v output (motor's output) so bulb wil not work here as bulb accepts 240 volt, LED can be replace by any device which accepts 9v as input.

  2. this is 9V motor. one can get this motor in waste tape recorder…i found 3 motor's from my waste music system,having 4v,5.9v and 9 v i took 9v motor for this purpose, anyway one can buy 9v motor from online (ebay).just type there "toy motor".

  3. It is a permanent magnet dc motor. all small motors in toys are pmdc motors. it works in both direction but led will only glow when forward biased. use small bulb(like size of led).reverse the led pins if you reverse the direction of rotation.

  4. I would really like to make such stuff but the thing is, I cannot seem to find that clip to fix the motor also what rubber thing did u use between those cds? if anyone knows a good hardware store near andheri (E) then please tell me 🙂

  5. Your and idiot tyson O'Neil, "what language is this I cant understand it lol" this is such a stupid comment you fuck tard??

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