100 Replies to “Funny Toyota Commercials 🚐 (Pt. 2)”

  1. Toyota DO NOT really have to advertise……..i had three of them and currently drive a Toyota Commuter bus which i would not change for anything!!! Loved the French segment….."It was a trap"!!!

  2. Love this upload!! There was a car commercial something to so with independent suspension. It had a lady shot with just her chest in the frame bouncing around, great spot. Anyone know this one?

  3. Времени осталось чуть.Если самураи не отрекутся от жидобанкиров то Японии конец.Да будет так.Прошлое лето было последним предупреждением и шансом сохранить свои острова.Более отсрочек не будет.Последнее время для последнего выбора.

  4. Чёт непонятно Королла гавно а Авенсис гуд……,тоже мне Тойота,ещё и бензин с маслом жрёт ,,,ну ну:))))

  5. Ich,****RESPEKT….
    Bin zwar Volvo Fan*, doch Toyota, mit seiner gleichbleibenden Qualität und dem***
    IHN, gibt es nicht mehr…“Camry“***
    Hat meine Überzeugung gestärkt,…
    Autos, fürs“ Leben,sind wieder zurück…
    Gut gemacht👍✌💜

  6. '
    it is not funny about toyota vehicles…
    big not honest, wrong over currencys, alot of recalled problems, weakenall

  7. Lol, the feminists would never allow these in the US or Canada… Both cucked countries bending the knee to identity politics.

  8. I know all the modi supporters r hea….I just came hea to comment that modi is chor, randi, rapist, corrupted, etc..etc..vote for Congress.

  9. Toyota lets go places
    You turn to your window and see a toyota car heading at full speed toward a lake

  10. I like the lady drives her Toyota away. That was funny. Thief thought she tried to save him. Haha. I would do the same to my Lexus.

  11. If you think the Toyota truck one was good, check out what U. K. TV show Top Gear did to a Toyota Hilux truck

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