Fuel Sent Us What?!

Fuel Sent Us What?!

– What’s going on guys, Fuller
here from Custom Offsets
Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube and today
Fuel sent us over a new wheel,
at least I’m assuming
that’s what’s this box.
Nobody has actually told me,
I read the sticker on the side
so I can guess that it’s
gonna be a Fuel Rebel
and I’m told new style
and we actually have
a build coming up on Zach,
he’s one of our employees,
he actually runs basically the website,
keeps it running so you
guys can actually buy
wheel styles and suspension from us,
that’s kinda what we do,
we also wanna bring
this to you and show you
what’s going on with the new wheel.
So I’m gonna unbox it and open it up,
like I said I haven’t seen this yet,
I know somebody came by and
opened up the box already
and then we had to
secretly tape it back up
and pretend like it was a brand new box.
But I literally have not
actually seen this wheel yet
but I’m told that it’s very cool
so we’re gonna see what’s up,
we don’t need this, get rid of that.
Do a little slice here.
Tuck this away.
This too this is a 20 by 10 negative 18
that we’re gonna look at, so not as large
as some of the other wheels
that we’ve showcased before
but Zach’s going with a
little bit more mild build
we’re actually gonna do like
a whole mini documentary
series on it too, so you
guys can check that one out.
All right, this is the
moment of truth right here.
Oh dang!
This is sweet!
So, then there it is,
this is the Fuel Rebel.
This is a very, I would say
aggressive looking wheel
with this like split spoke
design that they got going on
but it’s not a huge lipped wheel
which makes sense because
I know Zach was kinda
going for more of a off-road type look
little more utilitarian kinda style.
It does have almost like
a simulated beadlock
around the outside but
it’s not a true beadlock
because most beadlocks
are not street legal
so it makes sense why they didn’t do that,
but otherwise, style wise,
I think this thing is pretty slick.
Like I say kinda that that split Y spoke
but there’s a ton of depth right
where the hub sinks in here
and then the spokes
aggressively come outwards
and then kinda taper off and dive back
towards the rim of the wheel.
And then there’s a ton of
different milled spots on here
so you kinda have like this
inner rim and then there’s
these other spots here that are milled in.
You’ve got the steps in
the simulated beadlock
plus the hex heads, so there’s just like,
there’s a lot of small
details going on here
that I do really like.
The edges of the spokes too are milled,
now this one is obviously
an all black finish
which was gonna look really good
he’s got an all black I
believe it’s a 18 F150
so just kinda going with
that complete black out look
there actually aren’t a
ton of wheels on the market
that are completely black a lot of them
have some sort of milling
going on somewhere
so it’s nice to see this from Fuel.
The only other color on here
is the center cap itself
does have some chrome
on it for the Fuel logo
but it does look pretty sharp.
Another thing I noticed too is
that this is exposed lug nut
so this one, six by 135 pattern
and it is exposed so if you wanted to run
spike lug nuts on here
you definitely could
and with the way that this wheel looks
I think that would
actually look pretty slick.
Even if you were doing a bit
more of like off-road setup
just with kinda the sharp angles
that are going on with this.
Reminds me a lot of, it’s funny
there’s actually a ZL1 sitting outside,
this is kind of similar,
like styling to how,
they have certain options
obviously on the ZL1
but this looks very similar
to some of the wheels
that come on a ZL1.
Also reminds me of some
of the stock wheels
on like a Lamborghini Hurracan
if you’re in to the car scene at all,
they have this very
aggressive split spoke where
they get really thin towards the edges so,
kinda cool to see that combination of
a few different styles
all coming together here.
So of course due to movie
magic you didn’t see me look up
all the pricing and sizes on my phone
but what I found out is
the 20 by 10 is gonna
run you right around that $1300 range,
then they actually have
a couple of finishes
that I really really like so
not only do you have the all
black which, like I mentioned,
not everyone is doing
but then they also offer
this like bronze finish
where the spokes are bronze
and then the hardware is bronze as well
that looks really sharp, and
they also have a gray too,
so just like more color options than
your standard black and
milled, which is something
really nice too see from Fuel.
So if you wanna grab a set of these
they’re only making them
in, I guess the biggest size
they have is a 22 by 10, so I guess
you could call that a show truck wheel
but not very wide you
don’t see any 12 wides
or 14 wides or anything like that
but they do go as low
as like a 17 by nine.
I saw a couple photos of these on Raptors
and stuff like that so definitely like
fitting towards that more off-road style.
This is definitely
something that I could see
myself putting on my truck, so probably
gonna scoop up a set of
these, if you guys want some,
you can get them at customoffsets.com.
That’s the sales pitch, I know,
it was lame, but I had to put it in there
it’s part of my job.
Thanks for watching the video though.
(upbeat music)

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  1. You guys have it in the webpage
    I want to get the bronze colored one i love those wheels they kinda look like car wheels

  2. Why are new wheels still coming with the fake bolts on the rim of the wheel? Mine have them and I hate it. I was hoping this trend would die out.

  3. Wow that’s a dope ass wheel! Idk if I want it 12 wide but that may be the only thing that could make this beast of a wheel any cooler. It is very sport car like.

  4. Those look nice. Might get a set for my truck since they look like the stocks 2012 f-150 wheels except with hollowed spokes and its not chrome.

  5. Hello, I was wondering if you had any vids on what I can do to left my 1999 Dodge 2500 Cummins 2WD. It seems the only thing I can put on it is a leveling kit. I want to be true suspension lift for it but I can’t as they don’t make it for it. This is what two local lift shops told me. Thank you.

  6. I like them. One option for future "wheel reveal" type vids you show is to mention the weight of the wheel compared to a more popular wheel or two of the same size-especially for offroad/performance oriented builds.

  7. I was so down to buy these for my 3rd gen Tacoma but what disappointed me to see that they didn't make them in 16 inches,well.fuel you just lost a potential customer

  8. 22 X 14 would sell out very fast. It would wind up being the wheels you really want but can't get because of constant backorder

  9. Dope! I just got the hostile sprocket 20 by 12 – 44 with just a three an half inch lift on my 19 ram just traded in my 15 Chevy could not be happier.

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