Ford Focus Faulty Ignition (2000-2003) | Mr. Locksmith Automotive

Ford Focus Faulty Ignition (2000-2003) | Mr. Locksmith Automotive

Ford Focus Faulty Ignition 2000-2003, Ok here we are with a Ford Focus 2001 the usual problem the ignition
the usual problems the ignition the
the key will no longer work the ignition
today we are going to pull apart the steering column
so what we are going today and then we’re going to try to get the
key going hopefully we can turn the key
the lock has to be in the on position for the lock to be removed
so when the lock is broken the its
hard to get the turned over so we’ll see
how it goes
going to stripper down the steering column and hopefully this goes smooth
if it doesn’t we have to drill it so Royce
is going to be the technician today
and away we go, this is our Automotive Specialist this is Royce Whin-Yates
also known as number three Son so he’s
our automotive guy
and this is this thing okay Royce get the key in there
and get the ignition going and have fun
What we are going to right now he is going to pull apart the shroud and then he can get at the retaining pin but agin the key has to be in the on position
pin but again the key has to be the on
but again the key has to be in the on position
so we’ve got some pretty good techniques
on how to these robots are removed and
now is to remove the shroud to expose
the whole ignition his little dark we
may not be able to use this but let’s
see what happens here
then the shroud just comes out pretty easy
now comes the hard part will that he
not turning as you can see pretty normal
that we gotta turned over
no turned on
football he won’t even go into compared
a race is a genius at this he’s got it
good now we’re gonna read now we’re
going to remove it yet to put in
push in the retaining
and will remove it to press in
see it’s on the top edge he’s got an
pushes and pulls that we were very lucky
on this area yeah

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  1. Ummm. Has the ignition actually piled up or is the key worn? A new code cut key that has been sight read would fix a sticky ignition most times. Beating on it with the end of a screwdriver isn't very professional. Almost looked like you were trying to bump the ignition for a sec (although that wouldn't work given the fact it uses wafers and not a split pin system.

  2. I just did mine today, and it was more daunting to look at then it actually turned out to be. You dont need to go to a locksmith, just take your key and slowly match up the tumblers till they are flush with the cylinder and then assemble it and pop out the other and swap them in, it was cake.

  3. Very helpful! I was going nuts trying to figure out how to push the retainer…I didn't think about coming up from underneath! But then,. that's why you guys are pros, and I'm a shade tree mechanic.
    The stratec locks are very easy to key, even for a non-locksmith. I've gotten that far.
    If I can't pull the old one out, i will be calling in a pro, Cheers!

  4. I have a 2005 Ford Focus ZX5 SE. My key is stuck in the ignition in the off position and wont come out and I can still move the Auto transmission from park. Any Clue?

  5. I had the same problem. tapped on the key and then removed the cylinder and cleaned it out with wd40 and oil lube jelly.

  6. The Ford Focus ignition has a defect with the sidebar. Just have a new key cut by code will not solve the problem. Note: Normally, with most car keys a worn key is the major problem and cutting a key by code will usually solve the problem.

  7. Temporary fix, the lock will eventually fail and will happen at the most inconvenient time. Replace the lock while you can still turn the key in the ignition. When the ignition lock fails you may have to drill the ignition to the "on" position to remove the lock. (drilling the lock can be difficult).

  8. Look up on eBay for Ford Focus Ignition Lock Cylinder Switch Tumbler Repair Kit… saved me a ton.. I gave him the key code to my focus, and the cylinder came set to my key.. saved me a boatload… give it a shot, hope it helps

  9. Thank you for this very helpful video. I replaced a barrel today and bought the new replacement from ebay for less than £10 including two keys. The procedure is pretty much the same or the UK focus with there being two main differences. 1 the steering wheel is on the correct side 😉 and 2 the music/radio stalk on the opposite side to the barrel needs to be removed before you can proceed which is easy to do.

    In short i wouldn't have even attempted it without this video. Thankyou! 🙂

  10. In the past I have used the force tools, however, when the lock refuses to go to the "on" position we drill the lock.

  11. Different problem with the 94 Ford Thunderbird, you buzzer switch is most likely the problem, it bends or breaks and jams the lock. Or it could be the transmission linkage.

  12. The Ford Focus ignition has a defect with the sidebar. Just have a new key cut by code will not solve the problem. Note: Normally, with most car keys a worn key is the major problem and cutting a key by code will usually solve the problem.

    "using the end of a screwdriver isn't very professional" *it worked!

  13. That comment isn't even worth responding to. It's just a person who knows a little locksmith terminology trying to up one. we've replaced over 1000 of these ignitions . A code cut key usually NEVER works; it's nothing to do with the key. He also has no idea what bumping is. Oh, and I dont use a screwdriver, I use a hammer. call me unprofessional all you want, but it works just about every single time. In fact, when we are done with the job in about 15 minutes, that looks more professional

  14. Is there anyway to take the original cylinder apart and remove the tumblers? I've heard you can just take the tumblers out and the key turns freely. I know that's not the best idea but I'd rather that than hitting it with a hammer every time. Btw I have a 2003 Ford Focus SE.

  15. actually, your brake pedal requiring very high efforts is very normal – when the engine is off ("power brakes") is the reason.

  16. there would be a lot less comments on this page if the people watching this vid would also listen to what is being said.Mr locksmith is a pro and free advice like this is hard to come by. I only hope that N8Ryder was being a troll and is not a working locksmith.

  17. I was sorry they didn't need to drill it! I'm going to have to drill out my 2000 Focus ignition, and I hear it's not easy. Sure would like to see some help on how to do it.

  18. I tap the key with a screwdriver handle to shake it up and 99% of the time the ign will turn for removal…

  19. HELP!! So my key turns but it won't crank. I noticed also that the security light blinks rapidly. I take the key out an put it back in the ignition and wiggle it around a bit and try that several times and then it starts and security light doesn't blink. Is it a bad tumbler? Now I try it which ever way and security light always blinks rapidly and it doesn't start at all :/ The key got run over a few months ago by a couple cars and is roughed up and doesn't go in the ignition so smoothly either.

  20. Step one: cut and program a new key (you have a bent key and run over by couple of cars). If the key works without wiggling and no security light problems it was a key problem.

    If the new key doesn't work and you have a Ford Focus (2000-2003) you will need a new ignition.

    However, even if it is a key problem think about replacing the ignition lock before it leaves you stranded.

  21. Dealer just told me the transceiver ring around the ignition was bad and key was good. So they will put in new transceiver and have to program two new keys to it too. Pretty expensive as well.

  22. where do you drill? someone damaged by lock cylinder by sticking a flathead screwdriver in and now the key doesnt turn anymore.

  23. reply to OSV guy….. you damaged the transponder in the key. If you have no additional keys, call your fav locksmith to make two additional keys and bring his scan tool and program it on-site.

    rediculously easy, since you still got a key to decode. I love when clients have a key missing the chip or one that got smashed by someone trying to stamp numbers into the sides of the key head !

  24. Don't drill, watch tutorials on how to remove the stuck ignition. once it is out simply remove the tumbler from the casing, pry out the side-bar lock and springs, and viola, no more problem, and at no cost.

  25. I'm having an ignition switch issue with my 04 ford focus. I don't believe it's the chip because after hammering my key in it worked, but I've had to just leave my key in there and it needs to be inspected and registered so I'm trying to figure out how to get it fixed. The main thing I'm wondering about now is if I should order a new part, and if I'll need to get a new key as well. Then again, it could just be the key because it's pretty worn out. I don't know, but I don't have much money to spare and I need to get my car working and legal.

  26. Dude at 1:50 when he hit the end of the key to get it started! I mean, I still have to replace the ignition. But damn did that get me out of a bind. Thank you so much! I was freezing my ass off out here!

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