Ford F-150 Auto Stop-Start Delete 4 ways (Auto Stop Eliminator)

Ford F-150 Auto Stop-Start Delete 4 ways (Auto Stop Eliminator)


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  1. NICE. I was unaware of this ASS mode when we bought our 2017 Cowgirl Cadillac. Will definitely be bypassing this thing one way or another.

    Well done on the video production, too. I need one of those 1/4 drive power ratchets! LOL. No Popeyes arms here like my professional mechanic pops has!

  2. I absolutely hate my wife’s honda pilot. Auto stop/start, lane departure warning, collision warning, its so annoying. I turn off everything I can.

  3. Arron why would I want to do anything else but disconnect that wire in the footwell than spend a 100 bucks. Does disconnecting the wire in footwell void the warranty?

  4. Would a 4 pin trailer light tester work? instead of a 7 pin? The 4 pin tester would be smaller and since the cover lifts up instead of down (like the 7 pin does) it would hopefully be less susceptible to water getting in it.

  5. Great video. One thing I am unclear about is this – If you install the Auto Stop start eliminator by trl automotive it appears to reverse the function of the switch, which is perfect, but does it retain the choice? 99.999% of the time I am unlikely to want the auto stop feature enabled, but if I turn it on when I drop it at a dealer I would like for them to not notice the light because it somehow defaults to the "off" position when the truck is started. And that raises another point…what to do about that irritating light when it is disabled. LOL Thanks and I'll hope for a reply.

  6. Thanks, good video for something that's a PITA. Q – does the "Auto Stop start eliminator by trl automotive" change it's default status when you change the transmission Mode settings? Currently who I've got the system off, then change the Mode, it turns itself back on.

  7. Disconnecting the wire harness from the module underneath at the gas and brake pedal location does not apply to the 2018 F-150 XLT.
    That white module is nowhere to be found. It must be way up underneath somewhere else on my truck…😤

  8. There are 2 wires connected to the back of the switch. Run a jumper wire from one wire to the other wire and the switch stays on permanently, eliminating auto stop start

  9. I have a 2018 Ford F 150 pickup XLT V-8 by disconnecting the wire harness from the module underneath next to the brake padle is that the only thing that is going to be disabled

  10. If you have a 2018, unplug the sensor on the negative battery terminal. It monitors the state of charge. It disables start/stop and will not trigger a check engine light. I've been doing this for months.

  11. If you drive the truck long enough you'll discover a "sweet spot" when applying the brakes in which the engine will stay running. When approaching a stop gradually apply pressure and don't push the brake all the way down. You'll stop but if you want the engine to stop press all the way down. In other words anticipate a stop and you will also be driving more safely.

  12. Keep one hand on the wheel shaking it ever so slightly to avoid the auto shut off feature.
    After a while i just got into a routine of hitting the disable switch ever time i start the vehicle, sort of a start up checklist.

  13. Why make something so easy, so complicated? You want auto start off, push the fucking button to disable it. No, spend more money on more stupid shit because you can't push the off button. The human world is failing!!!!!!

  14. What a horrible feature! Why not "automatic braking" for when ever you let off the throttle? Another "advancement," making contemporary cars hateable, IMO.

  15. Spark fuel compression…everything else is bullshit!

    PS… This is what happens to your automobile when the country of California wants to stick a diode in your orifice. Be warned however, they don't want to just stick that diode in your car's orifice. You, have several unmonitored orifices. And if it's up to the country of California, in any way shape or form … you, will be equipped with diodes in your orifices as well.

  16. Better than wearing out a starter. Fixed several on much older vehicles, not that big a deal. The new ones are probably a bigger job and lots more money.

  17. What’s the big deal? Who cares if it’s not running while Youre stopped at a light. Don’t be a douche.

  18. I personally hate it….here's a quick example why:
    Say I'm waiting to making a right turn at the red light and the engine is shut down because of the auto stop/start feature. When I lift my foot off the brake and start to accelerate I've ended up in the other lane a few times because I don't have power steering right away. Going straight isn't an issue but turning right away from stop mode is not good. Ford dealer said it was because it was so cold (over the past winter) but now it's warm out and having same issue. Maybe it's just my F150 doing this…..

  19. Good tip but for 100 bucks savings I’ll keep pressing the button after starting. This will make me feel good knowing I just saved 100every time I press it. That company should sell it for $25

  20. First, be aware the using the trailer hitch tester disables the back-up camera, so that is probably not the best solution. Secondly, it looks to me like the "auto-start eliminator" device is really an over-priced jumper. People are getting the same result with a paper-clip. Lastly, I used to LOVE Ford Trucks…now thinking about something else – something without this idiotic, asinine "feature" that NO ONE requested or wants.

  21. I unplug the white box. The only thing is you have no trailer brake lights if towing. Still have turn and running lights. Need to move a trailer, plug it back in. Simple fix for me.

  22. Ford fourskin lol ha! Na but all seriousness auto stop and start is no joke… make many people and penguins unhappy 😐

  23. If you don't like the auto start/stop, why would you buy it. It's a gas saving feature that causes me no problems. If it works, why mess with it.

  24. I hate my 2018 FORD F-150. I will never buy a FORD again. 1st it didn't come with a built-in fuse for the trailer brake controller, and every-time I slow down and start to re-accelerate around 3rd, 4th, or 5th gear, I hear a loud noise, like the gears aren't engaging correctly. I basically gave up trying to have FORD fix these issues. NO MORE FORD for me…

  25. Option #2 worked like a champ in my F150…no need to spend extra money to get rid of the damn stupid thing.

  26. Yesterday mine was about to shut off but the light changed and it started making a wierd noise like it was racing.. then my truck stoped completly twice. Had it off since then

  27. Seems like the auto stop start would shorten the life of the starter. Can you imagine the cost of a new starter and labor.

  28. WARNING on unplugging the thing. It will mess up your trailer turn signals and brake lights, if you tow a trailer. I unplugged mine on my 2019 F150 XLT. i lost turn signals and brake lights on my camper. I spent 2 days after work trouble shooting my camper electrics system. I plugged my buddies truck in and everything worked. I figured i would take it back to the dealer for warranty work, so i needed to plug my module back in. I remembered in tow mode, the computer turns the auto start stop feature off. So i plugged the module back in, and my camper brake and turn signals started working. I guess the computer uses that connection during tow mode, so whatever you do, don't unplug it. I don't know about the other methods.

  29. Short sightedness at Ford with the Auto/Start Stop (ASS) has the potential to doom them in a few years when these now new vehicles get some miles and years on them. Let me explain. Most cars that break down are inoperable because they cannot be started. This almost always are vehicles that have 50, 100, or 200 thousand miles and are several years old in a driveway or parking lot where they effect no one, but the driver and passengers. ASS has the potential to become bigger than the Pinto fiasco. In a few years when these vehicles are several years old and have thousands of miles on them they will start to stall out in traffic lanes. Stalled vehicles are cause of accidents resulting in injury and death, not to mention traffic jams. Just as Nader portrayed Ford sacrificing lives to to save a few bucks production cost on Pintos, so will lawyers or consumer groups portray the ASS as Ford sacrificing safety to squeez another 1/2 MPG out of their "oversize, gas guzzling trucks" for the sake of making more money or getting around MPH requirements. There will be lawsuits filed on behalf of families who have lost ones in accidents involving stalled Fords. Let's face it, they will have good cases. Lawmakers will call for investigations, and laws making illegal automatic cutoffs that will shut off a normally operating engine without input from the operator, for the sake of bypassing CAFE standards. NBC will probably stage an accident of a stalled F-150 and have it explode in a giant fireball. Ford will be forced to recall these trucks and have the ASS changed to where the default setting is "off", or removed all together. One thing I am sure of is 10 years from now Ford F-150s will replace road repair/construction as the No.1 cause of traffic jams. The resale/trade-in value of Ford trucks will drop drastically to the point that many in still running condition will become parts trucks when other manufacturers trucks of the same age and miliege will have a couple of resales left in them.

  30. Nooooo! Can't stand this feature. Turning off our 2019 as soon as we get it. I cannot believe you cannot disable in the computer. Sooooooo stupid!

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