Five Reasons Why Electric Motorcycles Are Great?


It’s actually from Zero Motorcycles and I have a friend, his name is Martin, who owns a car dealership and recently he became the latest dealer of the California motorcycle brand Zero Motorcyclesm. So today it was a fantastic and beautiful day, so I thought I would help him out at the car repair shop, and we went there to actually film a few things. so this is what happened to me today. So in the morning we drove all the way down to Wendelstein, where his repair shop is and we took the motorcycle. It’s brand new, he just got it from Zero like two weeks ago and we thought we would do something. So we took it out on a ride all the way to Neustadt, where we first had some lunch. We had Schäuferle actually which is a Franconian dish. Here is a screenshot I hope it looks delicious it’s so no there’s nothing for vegetarians but it’s quite delicious actually, and then we kind of filmed a walk-around and I thought, you know what, it’s a very innovative product so I’m going to tell you four reasons why we love electric motorcycles. So reason number one is, obviously it has instant torque. Everyone who rides motorcycles probably knows what I’m talking about.

It’s kind of like the torque is there instantly. Usually motorcycles don’t have that much torque, but electric ones have a ton of it, 150 Newton meters actually in this one, and it’s there right away, so that’s kind of cool and in combination with number two, reason number two it’s completely silent. Well it’s not completely silent, but it’s far away from you know the loud engine noise of let’s say Harley Davidson or something. So that’s kind of creepy. You have instant torque, instant power and it’s completely silent. That’s so weird. It feels like, you know, from a sci-fi movie actually. Reason number three why we love it is, because you basically have no operational costs. So you kind of just plug it into your power plug and you charge it up for a little bit of money and that’s it. It’s so much cheaper than gasoline obviously. Reason number four, why we love it, is because you pretty much have no maintenance cost, because it’s electric motor, it kind of, you know, has no moving parts anymore so all the things that can go wrong like, you know, air filters and don’t know, cylinder spark plugs and head gaskets and whatever, it just doesn’t exist, which is fantastic, because that means it will keep maintenance costs very low.


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