First real Free Energy Generator – Magnet motor – proven functionality

First real Free Energy Generator – Magnet motor – proven functionality

Hi. I today I’m gonna show you first real free energy generator I
have made. First of all I’m gonna tell you why are
the other generators fake. I have seen many of such similar
generators on youtube but there has always been some kind of problem such as
not well hidden battery or a battery covered by something or visible
magnetic switch or the generator hasn’t been shown from its all sides or there
was any other obvious tunning of it. Then you could notice that all of those
generators have constant speed no matter how close or far the magnet is which
kind of proves there is a battery or common magnetic switch and their
generators are either on or off. Another prove of it is that any source of
light connected to the generator is also either simple on or off which isn’t possible.
When you have light source connected to the real regenerator the intensity of the
light will always be depending on the generators speed and in low speed it
would have to be blinking due to way of how is the energy by the stator coils
produced because in low speed there is not constant delivery of power it will
never be switched either on or off. There will always be some fluctuation of
light intensity depending on the generator speed. So such and other behavior always
indicates and pretty much proves some kind of lake. So here I’m gonna show you everything
and prove that my generator is real. As you can see this is common low speed low noise high profile fan from PC case. I have chosen this model because of its
very low friction, due to need to put these little neodyms in the way you can see
which I wouldn’t have been able if I had used common low profile fan and especially
due to bigger motor which is able to produce much more energy with low speed. You can look at it from all sides no redundant wires no batteries no
tuning only these sticked magnets that’s all. Inside of this is a big motor
and electronics. This place is whole filled of this
motor and electronics and there is no space to put any battery or even some
magnetic switch there as you can see I hope. Now we can look at how it actually works. Here you can see how big neodym magnet is really
need to make it work. When I bring the magnet closer to the generator, the one
is trying to start spinning but the magnetic field is too low to generator start spinning. When I go closer and move the magnet this way, the generator reacts on the way I’m a moving magnet which proves that the generator reacts on the magnet, reacts on the way I’m moving the magnet and doesn’t react on any
built-in switch as you can see on other videos from the others on Youtube. And now when I’m close enough the generator starts spinning, the closer
the magnet is the faster it spins. The further the magnet is the slower it spins
which proves that there is no battery or any switch that switches the generator
on when I move the magnet closer. This real generator doesn’t have permanent speed like you can see on the other videos on youtube and this
generator reacts only on the strength of the magnetic field. Here you can see green LED that shines according to speed and in very low speed
you can see real behavior of light source. I’m gonna explain it. Because of very low speed the generator isn’t able to produce
energy enough to make the LED shine constantly at that low speed and every single
blink of the LED is how the rotor goes over the stator coil, which by the way
produces very little amount of energy. Unfortunately you cannot see it
on the camera properly but the LED is blinking much more faster than you can
see on the monitor. So this is another proof that this is
real generator because if here was any battery the LED would be shining
constantly in low speed due to constant power from the battery the magnetic
switch would be on and LED would be shinning constantly which obviously isn’t.
In some videos videos you can see how some generators power big high
voltage bulbs or low voltage one’s but mostly those are very high brightness LEDs which is kinda nonsense
because generators like this can produce only maximally a few milliamperes. That’s why i put here commonon LED diode with very low energy consumption. Here is another proof that there isn’t
any battery and any magnetic switch in this generator. You cannot see this test anywhere else. So when I put this magnet on the middle
of the generator I have to do it carefully and slowly
because of the big strength of this magnet the generator is doing totally nothing. it’s not spinning
because magnetic field effects all these magnets by the same strength. So if there had been some kind of
magnetic switch or something similar the generator would have been spinning
but it isn’t because the magnet is in the middle of all these circles (little magnets) and
magnetic field effects all of them by the same strength which cannot
cause any spin of course and as you could notice the LED wasn’t shining or blinking which would have been if there had been any battery. So I hope you enjoyed this video and tell
others about this and share this. Bye.

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  1. Whichever blade magnet is repelled by the large magnet, the opposite blade magnet will be attracted by it.
    The only way this can work is if you have the opposite poles of the blade magnets shielded so they don't attract the big magnet instead of repel it. And I don't see any shielding.

  2. Free Energy Generator… Well, I hope your next video will show us the first million $ you've made with that. That would be a strong indication your machine does what you say.

  3. I been following numerous people online for more than 7 years now in the hope that we can all share this kind of info. So far , those that found it, either dissepaired or didn't share their inventions fully. I greatly respect what you have achieved and understand how complicated is to share your idea with others. I hope you help others to break away from being a slave to a system rather than hide it . thanks in advance

  4. Want to see the same construction with this big magnet in hand as the fan magnets and a much bigger magnet to turn this machine on.

  5. I believe that this could work…the resistance from the smaller magnets in the motor are being overpowered by the magnetic field of the larger magnet causing it to spin and generate a small amount of electricity..

  6. That is one big peace of magnet over there, would love to test it myself, how much did the big one costed and do you have a diagram on how the magnets on fan should be placed ? Would be much appriciated.

  7. Well done ! Looks pretty genuine. This can only work this way, if these
    metals on the rotor are very asymmetric magnetizable materials, that
    means, with a weak magnet field they are attracted to the external
    magnet and if the magnetic field gets stronger, they are no longer
    attracted and loose their ferromagnetic effect, so the external magnet
    will no longer attract these special metals and the rotor can rotate on and will not cogg….
    So only if you tell us,
    how you made these metals then we could replicate this…otherwise it
    will be your secret and nobody will benefit from it….Maybe write a
    book about it and open source it. People will always be grateful to you,
    if you open source it. Regards, Stefan.

  8. Tech Torr. Great video, as well as the other new one you recommended! I'm having trouble finding a company to re-polarize the magnets as you specified. Any suggestions?

  9. Hi, Can you remake the video showing how you prepared the surfaces for adhesion between the fan blades and magnets, also any coatings you have applied. What were the 'N' ratings of the magnets on the blades and the one held in your hand?
    Please also leave out any comments about it being a fake, please don't listen to the idiots that say this as they probably think that the earth is flat, maybe just put a few links to other similar projects on the web.

  10. I've seen so many of these videos but none is showing how to change the system of the fan to create energy. Any one has any video to show what to do with the fan before it can produce energy??

  11. I have tested Free Energy Resonator with simple LEDs. Video with many proofs of genuineness

  12. To take away all doubt make a diagram, showing exactly what brand and size the magnets should be. Make detailed directions on how exactly you put this all together.

    You can still make a profit off of this. Sell them in a package for a Fee. By not sharing this knowledge your creating two things, your creating doubt and your repeating the cycle of holding knowledge from the masses of humanity. Truth be told the universe has shown you this for a reason, it's up to YOU to help humanity or keep it all for yourself or for financial gain. Negative or Positive

    There's no escaping karma

  13. I built one of these and added a flux capacitor dual Pole parallel to my TV and it is running my TV for free. I am now saving$18 a year beautiful!

  14. I'm going to try this, but I know it won't work with regular magnets. He must have done something to the magnets to prevent the cogging effect that would normally occur, where the rotation gets stuck in one position due to the opposing magnetic fields. But this video does show a working model that would be difficult to fake due to the obvious flickering of the led which increases and decreases according to the speed of rotation.

  15. im totally fine with you that you didnt sell youre generators thats good but pls Make sth out of youre creations with youre Team and dont just sit there and be happy about you build sth that other dudes can not build thats Dumb. But i think youre didnt do tjsi so keep going and fuck the Energy Lobby

  16. My only question is will a brushless motor work? I know that one's with brushes will for sure.. Did a science project 35 years ago or so with a brushed motor.

  17. Very cool your attitude because so you really showed what is possible and creates joy for people who have faith, unlike others who do videos here on YouTube just saying that the possibilities are impossible. Congratulations

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