Failed to Fix Your Cell Phone? Make a Robot

Failed to Fix Your Cell Phone? Make a Robot

Hi. Do you remember when I broke my cellphone by my homemade hand crank charger? (old video) …it’s getting much hotter now. OH, NO, NO NO NO!! NO!!! (idiot) Now, I want to fix my phone. My suspicion is that I blew up the chip that’s responsible for charging and monitoring the battery, and cellphones are generally so compact, that I really have a little hope of fixing it. But I have the following plan. (Gibberish) (ElectroBOOM the turkey?) (royalty free spy themed music) *Open the Cellphone without breaking ANYTHING.* Where the **** are those Philips Screws? (more royalty free spy music owo) *Try to turn it on, and retrieve all the data available* (even more royalty free spy music OwO) snap ****, ****! *Find and identify the broken chip, order new part and replace it.* (why is there so much royalty free spy music?>:C) *Put the phone back together, and it will work like a charm.* (Hah ha, great PSA, ElectroBOOM.) Alas. Reality is much too far from fiction. I have little hope. How do you open this thing anyways? (Opens Phone) Ah! This phone just opens with brute force. I’m well familiar with that. Let’s do it! (Phone dissecting intensifies) Woah. Everything is well glued in here, even the battery. (Even more phone dissecting.) It’s like performing the brain surgery on someone who had a fatal stroke. You know, there’s no chance of survival. But you want to open the head, because you like to see the human brain (You sicken me -.-) (Phone dissection…) By the way, have you ever had a brain sandwich? The texture is kind of like booger, but the taste is out of this world! (More Phone Dissection.) Let’s check the battery. The label says is 3.8 volts Okay, it’s not dead. But it’s under charge it can’t turn on the cellphone, and I can’t charge it either. So, I’m going to solder some wires to the power lines, and power it from my power supply. There is no room for error here. And I have to connect everything back together. Can you imagine? There is the connector… …the port connector. Youth Connector…. 11 Connector… I set my power supply to 4.2 volts. So my cell phone thinks it’s a charged battery. Oh boy… Time to connect it up… Ready? 😀 Awww, ****! Look at that. It’s drawing 1 amp from my power supply. Obviously something is shorted in there. Have to open it up again. -.- Did you know that you could check some things beforehand? So you wouldn’t have to go through trouble of putting everything together? Now if something is shorted and draws a lot of current. it gets quite hot. So it’s easy to find it by tracing the source. You could either touch all the components, owo and find a source painfully. Or you can say hello to my little friend! Not too close… It’s a SEEK thermal camera! It’s actually pretty cool! You plug it into your smartphone, And it shows you a thermal image of everything that’s in front of it. So, I’m going to connect my mother board to the power supply again and look at it with my thermal camera. Looking at the thermal image, you can see that this side of the board is getting quite hot. Which is something under this shield feels like I’m just digging a deeper grave. Look at this. It’s like the entire city of New York in here. Let’s see if my thermal camera can figure out what’s broken. Obviously the heat is coming from that corner of the board… I wonder what it is. (sizzle sizzle>:D) AWUGH, ****!! How hot is it? Wow , 135 Degrees Celsius?! So this black chip is broken, and judging by the number of inductors around it. I assume it’s the main power supply for the board. I took this picture zoomed and enhanced. It’s quite easy to remove the broken chip, using my trusty, hot-air station. It has a hot-air gun that blows very hot air. that’s why I call it the trump Trump seems to be blowing pretty hard now…. ****, stupid Trump! And the chip easily comes off. Wow, just look at this! I checked online and this part is not easily available in single quantities. It’s a magical part, it has 16 different regulators, and battery charger, and a bunch of other circuits. In a 5mm X 5mm area, it packs 155 pins under the BGa package, BGa stands for ball grid array, and it yields, there’s no ****ing way I can change it at home! I would try it though, but I guess at some point you have [to] cut your losses and move on. This…. is gone. But maybe I can salvage something. Oooh, I know! Hi! Today, I’d like to make a robot. The first thing you have to do, is break your dad’s toothbrush. (rip toothbrush D:) This is what you need. A toothbrush, a cell phone vibrator, a coin cell battery, a switch, and some wires. Cell phone vibrator is a DC Motor, with an imbalanced load when it turns it shakes and vibrates. You need to connect things together like this! Have an adult to help you put things together. :3 Is that my toothbrush?>:O FOCUS!!1>:C And now, we’ll hot-glue the circuit onto the back of the toothbrush. OW!!! ;-; Don’t be a baby! XD And now you turn it on. (Cheering) You call this a robot? It’s much better than the cell phone you fixed. (Daughter Outro o.o) nvm XD Subtitles by Greeny (ROBLOX).

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  1. Bro did he just say he had a brain sandwich that tasted like I don't know but he said the texture is like a border but the taste is out of this world I'm disgusted anybody 2020

  2. I watch these videos to get away from politics. Why even bring President Trump up? You're Canadian, so what's he ever done to you? You've got Trubleaux to worry about.

  3. I don't care with electrocute: She said: The first thing you have to do, is break your dad's tootbrush' i will not do that if everyone can know it. So don't do that at home.

  4. حاجی خیلی دوست دارم دمتگرم کارت درسته واقعا ادم باحال باهوش و درس خونده ای هستی

  5. The Trump? At least he has done what he promised… so this Should be called the Shiff or the bull Shiffter. The Obama is the high powered version and the Nancy doesn’t work at all. 🤣😆😂😄

  6. Ok, first of all: I know an iranian when I hear one's accent
    And 2: I'm not into brains or kalleh Pache but I've had toungs

  7. Cute little girl you have and it's awesome you let her have fun with you and your videos 👍

    I remember when my son was young he didn't find remodeling a ski boat, rebuilding engines, remodeling our house or my Electronic projects any fun at all. He just wanted to play games! Lol

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