Every Car Needs This Engine Oil

Every Car Needs This Engine Oil

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk
about it radical new motor oil it’s very
important for people that have cars with
the modern engines in them the new oil
is gonna be called gf6 and it’s really
important for people with those GDI
variable valve timing engines and a lot
of modern cars have the little
four-cylinder engines that put out as
much horsepower as a v8 take the Honda’s
they’ve had a problem with oil dilution
where gasoline was getting past the
piston rings past the lubrication and
diluting the engine oil which leads to
engine damage and other GDI engines
have had carbon buildup timing chain problems
with the timing chains wear out
prematurely well that’s what this gf6
oil is made for you can’t buy it yeah
unless of course you’re watching this
video in the future this new gf6 oil
isn’t going to be out in the marketplace
until May 1st 2020 make sure you look at
the label on account oh well because the
label explains it all as you can see on
my bottle of Castro here then I using
this old car you go by the service labor
this is API service SN SN s M s l and SJ
how the quality of the oil fits your
engine and you want to research your own
engine to see what you’re supposed to
use now as I said it’s not gonna be
until May 1st 2020 that you’re gonna be
able to buy the new gf rated oil
you can see here it’s not gonna look
like the old one it’s gonna look like
this new one that’s a different shield 0
W 16 especially for the modern engines
and they’re gonna have two types GF 6a
and GF 6b and there’s a difference
between us to the GF 6 a it’s gonna be
backwards compatible so you can use it
for any vehicle that’s what they’re
gonna say you should really run your
cars on so they pollute less and less
engine wears down the GF 6 a and a GF 6b
that’s going to be only for those modern
engines don’t need the zero
w16 oil which in itself is hard enough
to find these days because that is a
relatively new oil and a lot of stores
don’t even sell the stuff now this new
GF 6 oil has to meet eat new parameters
that the old oil didn’t
the first one sequence 3h requires that
the oil be 33% better stopping oxidation
and deposits in the engine this is
especially for those GDI engines that
build up deposits more then it has to
meet sequence 4b which means it has to
have improved valve train where so the
valves and the cams and everything don’t
wear out too early and it estimates
sequence 5 reduces varnish and sludge
inside the engine now this is very
important and of course it’s
historically important to on the early
engines they just use oil they had lying
around and after it got dirty it would
build sludge in the engine to destroy it
so then later they came with detergent
oils the detergent oils contained
detergent which keeps all the sludge and
suspension so rather than clock stuff up
it gets in the oil and floats around and
then when you change the dirty oil the
sludge goes out with the dirty oil this
is just a further improvement of it to
keep sludge and varnish from building up
varnish is the real big problem in these
GDI engines they have a tendency running
hotter with all that pressure and
turbochargers throwing stuff and so it
has to meet that specification then
the gf6 oil has to meet fuel
requirements so that they get better fuel
it requires nineteen to thirty nine
percent better fuel economy and of
course is doing that by the lighter
weight lighter the light is the less
viscosity the less friction it is that’s
why they gone to zero w16 sequence 6f
which is another fuel economy thing
it requires that these oils meet a
certain minimum fuel economy in a test
done their sequence eight another test
there requires that these oils do less
corrosion that they keep more corrosion
from occurring inside the engine then
there’s a sequence nine tests an
estimate prevents corrosion two tests
that they’ve been doing for years and
they’re just making a test more
stringent for this new oil but last but
not least their sequence ten says that
they have to have less timing chain work
which is the big deal in these little
bitty engines that put out a lot of horsepower
the engines are spinning faster and
faster generator they have at least two
overhead cams it’s not for to have
variable valve timing you do not want
chain to wear out earlier now when I was a
young mechanic the timing chains
generally lasted as long as the
engine did, unless you went 300 thousand
miles and finally wore out they were
bigger thicker chains check out this old
Chevy timing chain it’s thick gets
strong the new ones are tiny compared to
these so they need more protection plus
they’re also spinning faster so really
why are they making this new
specifications GF 6a and 6b the oil has
to evolve just like it did in the past
originally cars used oil that would
sludge up then they made detergent oil
but even then most of the cars didn’t
even have oil filters to filter stuff on
we had a Ford didn’t have an oil filter
I was a ford fairly it had no oil filter
we would just change the oil and every
thousand miles then the oil filters
started making various different
viscosities for different usages they’re
upping the ante again and making it oil
that really is much higher quality than
the old stuff was and it’s
a real change for the better
I remember they started changing the oil
change intervals and I asked an engineer
once ok we used to say to change it
every 3,000 now you’re saying five
what’s the difference well back then the
engineer that I talked to said well
Scotty we have to make them more
eco-friendly so we’re telling you to
change their oil every 5,000 miles now I
said what did you change anything he said
no we didn’t change anything at all
except the mileage we told you to
changing it well these modern allows the
gf6 they do have a lot of modifications
to make them better having better
additives making the base more pure so
they have less wear because back when I
was a young mechanic you could rebuild
an engine four to three hundred dollars
really but today’s modern engines you’ll
go anywhere from three to twenty
thousand dollars rebuilding some of
those fancy Quad overhead cam 24 valve
you don’t want those engines to wear out
prematurely and coming up with this
better type of oil is a good thing and I
suppose like everything else when it
first comes out they’ll rip everyone off
and charge way too much for the oil but
when you consider what an engine cost
versus what the oil costs you’ve got to
be better using this law any of those
modern engines with GDI
valve timing turbochargers small
four-cylinder engines that put out a lot
of horsepower by revving faster you want
to use this new GF 6b oil on those the
ones that require the 0 w 16 oil and as i
said the stuff is not yet until May 1st
2020 so somebody tries telling you
they’re selling gf6b oil they’re full of
crap don’t buy it now and in the future
when it is out realized that the GF 6b
should only be used that call for the 0w
16 if they don’t you can use the GF 6a
because that’s backward compatible use
whatever the manufacturers suggest and
let’s say you have a car today that
requires zero w 16 oil you definitely
want to use it in those when the oil
comes out and you can buy the stuff so
now you know a little bit about the
history of engine oil and how this new
GF 6 oil is gonna work in your modern
car, so if you never want to miss another
one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

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  2. Scotty my friend "although you don't know me but you are my friend" How the hell do you get all this fantastic info ?????????

    but we are all glad you do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it coming for god sake we need all the help we can get out here !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Eneos 0w-16 can be ordered at NAPA at about $10.99 per quart, otherwise every Toyota dealership carries 0w-16.
    The Japanese JDM market has been using 0w-08 for a few years now!

  4. Castrol vs Mobil1? Or is there another one that is better? 5W30. Also for 2007 toyota yaris. Going synthetic as well. Please answer

  5. Ow16??! Might aswell crack open a can of wd40 and pour it in the motor. This thin oil crap is a pie in the sky and I highly doubt you'll get 250k + miles out of the motor.

  6. Hi Scotty, can I mix dot 3 brake/clutch fluid with dot 4. I topped up my honda crz fluid with dot 4 but didn't know if the current fluid is 3 or 4.

  7. If it's so good, they would've made it already and advertised a hell out of it. I think it's just another label change of thin oil plus more detergent.

  8. 1) buy a real fuel injected car instead of GDI
    2) be able to use any oil and save… guaranteed this new crap will be 10 bucks a quart

  9. Scotty, I mentioned this to you before but I know you get inundated with messages. My mom has a 2007 RAV4 with VVT. A common Toyota problem, as you know, is a brief 1 – 2 second 'chatter' at cold startup. What do you recommend in terms of oil or additives to minimize this?

  10. Wow Scotty… Castrol? Rip, The only stuff I'd ever let touch my car is AMSoil. Castrol buys the left overs and uses in their green/white bottles.

  11. I have a turbocharged variable cam timing gasoline direct injection engine but it uses 5W-20 oil. So would I use the ILSAC GF-6A oil?

  12. When I was starting out as a mechanic timing gears where made of press fiber so they would be quieter wearing out in 80,000 miles then the aftermarket would be steel lasting another 200000 MI

  13. Hi, any one can help!!!!
    I have mustang 2005, no abs light but after diagnosing the system it cames of that abs need to be replace, my question is there any code or number for each module to be replace with same one or just any 05 abs can be work for a replacement??

  14. just change your oil every 2K miles with whatever oil brand you choose, does the same thing, just run clean oil you'll accomplish the same thing

  15. I have a 2008 Ford Edge with 150k miles on it…change the oil every 3k miles….uses the 5w-20 oil. I hope the new oil helps prolong the life of my Edge! The V6 engine in it is great…still has a lot of power when I need it…and beside normal maintenance…and a couple of Ford Recalls for a problem with the gas tanks, and the air bag fiasco… it's been a great car.

  16. Hey Scotty ? What duo you think about Marvels Mystery oil ?? A Friend of mine told me it was good as a friction reducer.

  17. Scotty for the time being will it be worth maybe changing the oil more often in a modern car until the GF 16 a and b come out? and would mechanics have GF 0:16 a RV in bulk before retailers would have it in their containers or they are going to be around May of 2020 poshmark good, because I would imagine little dealers and you and down to show me the chain oil shops would you be able to get the ball coil if they thought they can sell it and they would have to get both the a and the b containers.

  18. So are they still going to sell the "regular" oil for us that have 20+ year old vehicles or are we going to be forced to pay more for something that we don't need because of some government mandate?

  19. I know In the past you have said to wait for a couple of months or years on stuff that has just come to the market like a new car is this new oil something we should wait or start using it?

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