ESSEN MOTOR SHOW (Ken Block, Superautod jne.) ENG SUB

ESSEN MOTOR SHOW (Ken Block, Superautod jne.) ENG SUB

Ayyyyy What’s up yo?!? Do not laugh. Anyways yeah We arrived to Germany last night more specifically We are in the city of Essen Is it a city? yeah We are in Essen because of the.. I had spit in my throat I couldn’t xD We are here for the Essen Motor Show Kristi, from Mapco. Invited me to see some new Mapco products. They have new products called Special Parts by Mapco. They are like.. What are they? These are tuning parts There is like For example drive shafts that are stronger etc. If Mapco is making like original parts then Special Parts by Mapco is doing tuning parts yeah And we are going to check out what are they We have a really nice hotel here. I already showed it before. But the Motor Show is behind our front door Behind the door? Basically we step out of the door and… I was talking about the front door of the hotel We are walking out of this door and we are there and here is cool GTR Here is a Supra Here is one G wagon, behind it is a cool VW Golf and somewhere here is a RS6 and R scirocco and a Porsche is parking here. and a traffic jam Look people are coming. There was no traffic jam yesterday. Omg look how long traffic jam it is. and it keeps going Anyways.. we had our breakfast and they open at 10 so now we are going to the show Let’s go! We now arrived at the Essen Motor Show. Omg look a naked lady. aaaaand. There really is a naked lady. We have watched around a bit and the first impression is really crazy. What do you think? Very cool. Now we are going to look around and try to get something on video. For example I almost had a heart attack because of the cars Like just look at that Golf Zombie Hunter GTD, very crazy. Let’s go and see more Here is like 2 big halls only for wheels Just look at these cars. It’s really crazy. What is this place? I think we died and ended up in paradise. From here I’d take some rims. That’s sick! Aren’t the beautiful? And they have here really cool PC It is built inside the wheel That is a really cool idea and there are so many people here Basically both of these 2 big halls are only for wheels and I want them all Just look at these I just need to speak something because I am afraid that this video might look like my next one I am making a 4K edit of the cars here This will come out a bit later Looking at all of the cars here I discovered that my favorite car is a Lamborghini Just look! Crazy! If I dont buy a Lambo one day I am a failure. And just look at the color of this car. What is this color? I can’t. I need to buy a Lambo one day. Wait, There is one more. Look at that! This one is really sick and it has a matching G wagon. Look how f**king low it is. against the ground and then there is this thing I don’t know. Too crazy. We are just going to keep looking around here. Let’s taste some engine oil that was some strong oil. Now we have found the right place Something crazy is going on here Kristi is driving. That is so crazy I am hanging by my seat belt My glasses are falling off Really cool! This car looks a lot crazier in person. I think you know what car I am talking about That is not possible Just what is this car It looks so crazy. Straight from gymkhana. I want to sit in it. Exactly me too. It is not possible Thats mad! But, you know what? I have touched Ken Blocks car Yeah. We are going to meet Ken Block tomorrow. I will stand in the line as long as I need to get his signature But he is here tomorrow so I hope to get a picture with him They are selling cars here that are really expensive so we found some model cars I can’t even afford to buy this Liberty Walk model. And the real cars here cost hundreds of thousands but this liberty walk Looks so real, so real I just bought a new car for myself E36 325i Who buys E36? and then Kristi bought this thing it was 10 times as expensive as my e36 but I am really happy You can’t find one of these anywhere and it is also really old What do you think about your purchase? It is just money. Just money you know. It will come back Yeah.. Money comes and goes. So it is not that bad. 9.50 EUR I am so happy Where are we now? If before we saw companys and their cars Then here are cars from private people People have brought their cars here to show Just look at these things I’ll try to get some nicer ones on video now Now it is about 3.5-4 hours later and we have now finally been to almost all of the halls and almost seen all of the places here here are some of the most badass cars We are going to take some lunch and keep looking around after today we have here 2 and a half days more and I have a bit fancier camera in my backbag what I am going to use to do an edit of the show and I hope I am going to get some epic content the other videos are coming later because I will take some time to edit but they should come out banger videos Here are so crazy cars that I don’t want to leave We made it back to Mapco Special Parts booth Here they have a really cool VW Polo The interior is really cool in my opinion. The steering wheel and the seats. Basically they produce things like these. Like break rotors and drive shafts etc. Some of the products are out here They have cool decorations They are stronger than original and the breaks are better than original I want to use the breaks on my bmw next season I hope they are something cool Also they have a really cool VW van here Looking nice with Rotiforms But that interior is next level They to parts for all cars Riding the scooters didn’t work but we came to have some dinner How the f**k I am going to eat a pizza that large? and it’s not even cut film my baby puke I can’t get over it how cool this car is Your car is cool aswel but I like this one This is the end for today and we will continue tomorrow Day 2 There is a lot people than yesterday a lot more people than yesterday The time is still in the morning The time is in the morning.. It is 10.07 in the morning and it started at 10 and there is so f**king many people here and it is empty behind you It is not a good example. There is more in the front Don’t undermine what I speak You have so many errors It was a long night yesterday But now we are walking the way where should be Ken Blocks meet and greet autographs and stuff We hope that we can get a picture and autograph. that would be cool. Let’s go find the Toyo tires booth and let’s wait in line there we are so close, so close I don’t know how long we have waited but we are so close It is a bit surreal feeling I am using so difficult words It was so weird, it was so weird My hand is shaking. It was so weird My hand is shaking. It was so weird It was so weird I have never felt this way meeting someone It was an adrenaline rush right now f**king hell that was an adrenaline rush okay, let’s go back. sit and calm down a bit. I feel like a small fangirl I have stumbled on a Porsche paradise It only cost 130 000 EUR and then there is this really cool red one and this one is only 140 000 EUR They are all restored and the have books about everything done Very coool Ohh s*it just look at that red Lambo There are some nice Porsches here But that red Lambo. For real it cost 300 000 EUR and it is starting to end here we packed our stuff and now couple of more hours until we go to the airport just hanging around here for a bit more and waiting for others to take us to the airport and that is it with the show and I am going to look if I can find anything interesting here it has been really cool so far Damn.. just look how beautiful car this Huracan is I need to buy it one day. It is so cool but you saw a small sneak peek how it is to walk around here at the show this what I showed was only 1/8 of everything something like that Because here is 8 different halls and lower level for private cars Now I ended up in Levella booth and they have really crazy rims here It is really crazy here In conclusion I can say that it was a really cool event Big thanks to Mapco for bringing me here Oh wait there is another Lambo. I need to show it M5 and a beautiful Lambo But yeah. Big thanks for bringing me here and I hope my second video is going to be cool and this is the end of this vlog Like always Like, share, SUBSCRIBE and see you next fu*king time! Here is a really cool Ferrari but you know what? I have now touched a Ferrari in my life xD

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  1. Mul tulid külmavärinad selle video vaatamisega 😅 oled sa mõelnud saksas minna bmw muuseomisse? endal on plaan kevadel minna 😎 keep going!

  2. Muidu hea edit, või tegelt üle üldse on see video hea.😀Aga kade olen ma ikka, haha..😂 Ei tegelt video on super hea, vähemalt nägin neid autosid läbi sinu video ära. Haha😊

  3. Ma panin ennem like ära kui ma seda videot vaatama hakkasin kuna teadsin et see video stx hea ja see edit tipp tsaemel👌

  4. Lambo on lastud madalaks. nt kui paned talveks seisma, siis lased amortidest õhu välja ja pärast kompressor pumpab auto uuesti üles. S klassi mersudel sama teema ja kindlasti ka muudel autodel. Võin ka eksida, pead ei anna.

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