votronic bluebike system
Votronic is offering BlueBike system which is a Modular Communication System. The system allows the rider to be in touch with the outside world whilst riding. The helmets have Bluetooth and can be tuned as per the necessities.

The two basic helmet versions are capable of communicating with each other and everybody (rider & pillion rider) and the good thing, they can phone with their own Bluetooth mobile.

The BlueBike Solo is a tiny device that can be used together with an MP3-Player or with a tuner as well as a walkie-talkie. Furthermore, it can be used with the phone.

The BlueBike Premium version consists of a basic control unit, which is resolutely installed at the bike. This enables the biker to hook onto external audio sources like tuners and MP3s, the voice output of the navigation device, even to a mobile which does not have Bluetooth and for a walkie-talkie.

The battery on all the three systems last for at least 20 hours. Votronic’s BlueBike system comes along a price tag starting at €350 or $481 and could elevate depending upon the options chosen.