vespa-s 5331
Vespa has emerged as a style icon from the past 60 years. After all these years it still seems to be young and ready to become the heart beat of somebody who wants to have fun with it. With the years passing by it has an immense capability to bounce back into the present-day rather than becoming a thing from the history.

The truth is that it is highly adaptive and looks like the thing for the day and can truly be defined as a legend. Redefining this legend Piaggio is set to launch a new version of the teenager at sixty-one, dubbed the Vespa S.

Vespa S has its origin based on the present 50cc and 125cc LX models. Moreover, as the Vespa is and always will be a symbol of modernity, it is been given a complete face-lift based on a reincarnated 70s vintage looks.

It has a squared head light which tells apart the slightly curved handle bar area. With its mudguards slashed backwards, it reveals a large region of suspension. To give it a vintage look a whole lot of hulking plastic has been detached to divulge the steel framed back, one of the characteristics from older counterpart.

Its availability and price still remains a secret untold from the makers Piaggio, but is expected to be priced around £2000 for the 50cc model and £2500 for the 125cc and is predicted to hit the market sometime around autumn or winter this year.

Credit: Telegraph