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Beating the traffic in Los Angeles and New York was a challenge that every business person faced everyday. To overcome this challenge, the Moto Limos Club has come up with the idea of having the Motorcycle Taxi service. Similar services are available in Europe but this kind of service is a newcomer in the US.

The idea of being on a two-wheeler zig-zagging amidst traffic can be scary but the Moto Limos Club has stated that there was no need of fear as they would be hiring drivers who had an experience of 15 years and above. The club has thought of every little comfort that a passenger could need and they have promised to make the ride as comfortable as it could be. To help the passengers attend business calls on the go, helmets with Bluetooth connections are made available. To overcome the freezing cold during winters, they have committed to provide thick blankets for the passengers. And this is not all, if the weather turns bad, they have a weather gear for their passengers for protection.

The Club is expected to open up next month and the membership is at a fee of $125 to $250 and a per-hour rental charge of $90. The fee though high, the service is expected to gain popularity among the businessmen as it saves them the time of waiting in traffic. This service is going to be an interesting one.

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