We’ve spoken about them all, from the Ducatis to the Moto Guzzis or the Harleys or for that matter even the ones, which don’t humm on gasoline. I thought the last option was attractive not in terms of the looks usually, but the way they gel with a youngsters pocket...hmmm! Very economical.

Science has always ensured that nothing is static, for otherwise the word wouldn’t exist. I deemed that the electric powered bikes was the last way a bike would run though I was aware of the upgradations to follow but then I never knew that even this form of power conversion into motion would be bettered.

Although I am late on this one, still no issues for it defeated my last thought and this is how it goes. Moto Solar Urbana is a bike that runs purely on solar energy, no grids, no gasoline pumps; just a bright sunny day and you are guaranteed a 20-mile ride.

Want to know how it looks!
moto solar urbana image 1

moto solar urbana image 2
moto solar urbana image 3
moto solar urbana image 4
moto solar urbana image 5
moto solar urbana image 6