Following are the pictures of some of the bikes that showcased at the Goodwood festival of Speed 2007. From vintage to the latest ones it was a delight for every bike lovers’ eyes.
bikes-at-goodwood-image-2jpg 5331
bikes-at-goodwood-image-1jpg 5331
bikes-at-goodwood-image-3jpg 5331
It was a good blend of bikes and bikers abilities. Only thing I can tell is that it would have been a great pleasure to just be there and watch it happen all in all, in front of you.
bikes-at-goodwood-image-4jpg 5331
bikes-at-goodwood-image-5 5331
bikes-at-goodwood-image-9 5331
But no one can tell what it was and how enormous was the event without being there, you can only have a peek from the pigeons hole, by looking at some of the images below.
bikes-at-goodwood-image-6jpg 5331
bikes-at-goodwood-image-7 5331
bikes-at-goodwood-image-11 5331
We’ll surely miss this event, for it fulfilled our automotive appetite right till the gullet, which seldom happens!
bikes-at-goodwood-image-10 5331
Image Credit : Autoblog