[ENG] ZEELANDER Z72 – Motor Yacht Exclusive Review – The Boat Show

[ENG] ZEELANDER Z72 – Motor Yacht Exclusive Review – The Boat Show

55 Replies to “[ENG] ZEELANDER Z72 – Motor Yacht Exclusive Review – The Boat Show”

  1. Un 20 metri con un
    stile esterno fantastico, peccato per gli interni di cattivo gusto e pacchiani.

  2. A great yacht!
    Very nice design.
    I guess it is more expensive than competitors, if there is anything similar.
    Great video!

  3. Maurizio, a te ed al tutto il vostro staff vanno i miei migliori e più sentiti complimenti. Descrivere a noi appassionati con tanta empatia, esperienza e professionalità un'imbarcazione come questa in soli "dieci minuti" è davvero da soli NUMERI UNO. Complimenti davvero.
    Olandesi sempre al top per la cantieristica.

  4. A really beautiful boat. It really is. But the marketeers of Zeelander clearly missed an important development which is that boats of this size have bow seating areas. The development is boats have a cockpit plus a flybridge and or bow seating allowing owners to get away from all the hustle and bustle on the quay especially in the Med.

  5. Good looking yacht. It took them many years, but finally now a more serious and larger boat. At a price of 3.3 million euros ex VAT it will be interesting to see how many orders they get

  6. Grandissimi!!! I miei complimenti per la qualità dei video e soprattutto per la passione che traspare! A quando il video in italiano?

  7. Nice boat! However the driving position does not look very comfortable? Seems you have to lean very much forward and sitting very uprigth.

  8. Surprising to see the hidden tender, then a jet ski as well! Oh my, they really are making it very, very difficult to suggest it might be over priced. The design is such that you would really like to speak with the designer(s) about it's conception. While the outside colour is somewhat traditional (really love the blue) I would like to know more about the white's used extensively in the interior. Is it to make it appear larger? Easier to navigate interior at night? It's "not boring" would be a suitable name.

  9. up to 22 people? Maybe if you drive at the coast of Libya and carry refugees. Never ever max. 5 people.

  10. Ma quanto costa questa barca e perche non hai fatto in italiano? How much does it cost, the asking price, the start call.Tks

  11. That is one beautiful boat! Would be an amazing boat to take on the grand loop. Love how much kitchen counter space it has. Only things I would change are give it a bit more room inside (there's so much outside in the rear) and give it the outdoor seating/table from the Z55.

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