Embrace Your Future: Motorsport Engineering | Oxford Brookes University

Embrace Your Future: Motorsport Engineering | Oxford Brookes University

Motorsport Engineering is a really cool subject to study.
You start by learning the fundamentals of engineering
and then take those and apply them to motorsport applications.
[ANNOUNCEMENT] Welcome to Silverstone!
I grew up watching Formula 1 from a very young age
and then that progressed to a passion in endurance racing.
I find it fascinating that sometimes the car has to last 24 hours
which is something that even we can’t do by ourselves.
I chose to study at Oxford Brookes because it’s in the heart of Motorsport Valley
and the industry links that the university have a really, really strong.
Oxford Brookes Racing is the university’s Formula Student team.
We are the top UK team and have been for a few years
so generally we go to competitions and have quite a good performance both dynamically and statically.
The best thing about the course is being able to be involved in Formula Student right from your very first day.
With Formula Student you get to design, manufacture and race your own single-seater race car.
You get to show from the very get-go that you have a passion and a drive to be a part of motorsport.
Engineering is everywhere from bridges to planes to medical applications
so it’s not something that is just centered around motorsport.
It’s something that the whole world needs.
So, having an engineering degree means that you can really go and do anything that you put your mind to.

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  1. I'm planning to join OBU for my Master's degree in a few years but I've yet to decide whether to go for Automotive or Motorsport. I've been told that the job placement is pretty hard in the case of Motorsport. It may or may not be a big deal for natives but as an international student, finding a job that can sponsor me for a tier 2 visa is a crucial factor in choosing either of two courses.

    If possible, I'd like some input on this. Thanks.

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