Elon Musk is Wrong, Hydrogen Cars are the Future, Not Tesla Electric Cars

Elon Musk is Wrong, Hydrogen Cars are the Future, Not Tesla Electric Cars

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna be
telling you the truth about hydrogen
cars, now to begin once you have to
realize it there’s two types of hydrogen
cars, there are cars that burn hydrogen
in an engine to propel the car along and
there are fuel cell cars, that use the
hydrogen in a fuel cell to generate
electricity and the cars are actually
electric cars with electric motors, now
the United States Air Force is presently
experimenting with both types of
vehicles in Hawaii, they’re creating
their hydrogen through electrolysis they
can make it out of seawater it’s no big
deal it’s just takes energy and realized
that the first type of hydrogen car, a
car that just burns hydrogen gas is no
different than many cars people have
where they run off of natural gas,
compressed natural gas, you see a lot of
city buses nowadays in big cities that
say running on clean natural gas, you can
actually run any internal combustion
engine off of hydrogen if you really
want to, it’s nothing to convert this old
Celica to run on natural gas or on
hydrogen, it’s actually a lot more
efficient than using gasoline, the
gasoline has to be sprayed to make a
vapor to burn the gas is already a gas
it just added it and ignite it and away
you go
the only problem with converting stuff
to run on gas, either natural gas or
hydrogen is, you have to store the stuff and
you need very good safe containers now
they’re using a lot of carbon
fiber-reinforced tanks on the
experimental ones that’s the big hassle
is, you gotta store the gas somewhere and
the range is a lot less than the tank of
gasoline because hey you’d have to have
a gigantic storage tank to go 400 miles,
where a small gas tank and a small
engine could easily do that, now if you
did turn your car into a hydrogen
burning car,
it actually would pollute less it would
last longer, it runs more efficiently, but
there is a hassle getting the hydrogen
gas of course, because as you can see on
the dots of this map, there are only 270
for hydrogen refueling stations in the
planet, so in this respect you’d be
better converting your car to natural
gas, quite a few people all over the
world have, there’s some areas where
natural gas is really cheap, so a lot of
people converted their vehicles to run
on natural gas, turning it into hydrogen
would be kind of foolish because you’ve
got no place to buy the hydrogen from,
now the second type of hydrogen car are
what people normally think about,
it’s the hydrogen fuel-cell cars they
take the hydrogen gas, they run it
through a fuel cell which turns it into
electricity, which runs the electric
motor on a electric car, so these are
just electric cars that don’t need
batteries to run them, they use a fuel
cell, there’s actually one out now here
it is it’s called the Toyota Mirai and
you can actually lease one today, at
least in California there are a few
hydrogen stations there and you fill it
up pretty much like you do a regular car
just takes a few minutes, and that fast
refueling is one reason I think if
electric cars ever become the norm, it’ll
be a long way in the future, but if they
do the hydrogen fuel cell cars are
actually a much better idea than a car
that has a giant battery to run an
electric motor, and that’s for two main
reasons, one there’s only a limited
amount of lithium in the world there’s
probably not enough to make the giant
lithium batteries for hundreds of
millions of people to drive electric
cars, and it’s always gonna take a
reasonably long amount of time to
recharge an electric car battery
the faster they go, the bigger they are
the longer it takes to recharge the
batteries, if you’ve got just a normal
112 plug in your house and you got a big
Tesla it can take three and a half days to
charge that battery up and even at one
of those Tesla super stations, if you’re
almost out of electricity it’s going to
take you almost an hour to charge it
back up, and if there’s hundreds of
people are waiting to charge up their
battery hey, it’s going to take hours and
hours and hours, people won’t stand for
that, now the hydrogen fuel cell car of
course is a non polluting vehicle, the
hydrogen goes in, out comes water vapor
and electricity, so they don’t pollute
the air at all they’re the cleanest
vehicle you can get your hands on, but of
course there’s a problem of getting a
hydrogen, it would take a massive
paradigm shift in our society to move
from an oil base to
economy to one that’s based on creating
hydrogen, now it’s not that there isn’t
any hydrogen, the oceans full of h2o
it can be turned from electrolysis into
hydrogen and oxygen and all the gases
can be used in commercial processes or
oxygen for medical processes, it just
takes energy, so if they wanted to make
giant solar plants that turned water
into hydrogen and oxygen, it’d be kind of
stupid to use coal or gas or oil to burn
that to create it and be kind of
counterproductive, but if you really
wanted to change the paradigm of society
to non polluting, it can be done with
enough money, and who knows what the
future will bring, but really if they do
want to create the hydrogen, we can run
the cars we already have on it, it’s
nothing to convert it and then as time
goes on and these things get old and all
fall apart, they could switch to fuel
cell cars it would run on the same
hydrogen, and like anything else it’s
just a matter of production scale if
they started mass-producing fuel cells
that run on hydrogen and create
hey they will get cheaper and cheaper
we’re with the all-electric car that has
a lithium battery, since there’s a
limited supply of lithium on the planet,
hey it might not even be feasible that
there would be enough lithium to make
enough batteries to run the things, but of
course everything in our modern society
is capitalist, and since the price of gas
is really low now, Toyota seemed to come
out with their hydrogen fuel cell car at
the wrong time economically, because gas
is cheap so people don’t really care, but
as oil supplies dwindle down, if they
want to make hydrogen from seawater and
run cars that use hydrogen fuel cells,
hey that sounds like the better idea
to me then cars with lithium batteries,
cause as I said the fuel cells don’t
pollute at all, they just put out water
vapor and since you don’t need to
lithium, there’s no problem about not having
the materials to build the stuff with, so
now you know a little bit more about
hydrogen cars and what’s actually going on
out there, who knows what the future is
going to bring but, hey my bet would be
on fuel cell cars instead, and the oil
companies yeah they’dprobably fight tooth
and nail but really, they’re businessmen
and if they see finally the oil is
running out or the earth is heating up
too much they can switch all their
money into doing fuel cells instead, hey
look at World War 2 in Detroit, they went
for making cars to making tanks and
fighter planes, just like that so they
could give up with their oil refineries
and start making hydrogen instead if I
really wanted to, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. One of the downsides of hydrogen is the lack of refueling stations. And then I found out that you need to replace the expensive high pressure tanks, the fuel cell stack, and many of the fittings due to hydrogen embrittlement. When you open the fuel door of the Toyota Mirai, there is an expiration date on the fuel door. Yup, high pressure tanks don't last too long. When you factor in the costs, running a regular petrol car is probably cheaper when you run the life cycle costs.

  3. however Scotty hydrogen must be extracted very fast rate to produce enough hydrogen to accelerate 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. that sounds like it may take magic to accomplish. cheers

  4. Don,t think so Europe and China are buying electric and China is the next big economy .And so Scott Kilmer here your WRONG !, stick to car parts that is where you shine not social economic speculation.

  5. It is very cheap to install outlets for cars. It will be more expensive to produce the electricity but renewables seem to suit batteries quite good, specially wind since it produces at night, when the electricity is least used and when electric cars will be charging

  6. I designed a atomic / electric car that can go 250,000 miles on a piece of uranium the size of a lemon . But the Govt said I could not have the uranium. They said the Clintons sold all of it to the Russians,lol.

  7. Sorry Scotty, but I disagree, the big problem with H2 economy is infrastructure, who pays for it? All Tesla has to do is find a place to plug in their chargers, the power grid is already in place. Electric cars are cheaper to produce (in high volume), fewer parts, lighter weight. Fuel cell vs battery technologies? Fuel cells are more costly, you still need a cell that consumes energy to make electricity, which means it's not as efficient as battery technology. As far as finite resources for battery electrolytes, there are other abundant alternatives, and battery technology is advancing, in another 10-20 years, lithium ion will be obsolete technology. For cars, I think electric is here to stay.

  8. Imagine if we where to generate hydrogen everywhere. In electrolysis the waste product is oxygen, we would end up with too much oxygen which one if we breathe in to much oxygen we can become ill from it, secondly it would have a negative effect on the eco system as it would generate an imbalance. I know it's not balanced at the moment but I can see it being another issue if we take hydrogen as a new fuel source.

    Edit: If the concentration of oxygen in the air is to high and we breath it it can cause us to become ill.

  9. I love you man but there are some serious issues with this suggestion: 1) If people want true freedom, requiring hydrogen stations might be much worse than just being able to plug your car anywhere. 2) I believe fast chargers are VERY affordable so if one has a garage that daily stores the car, they need nothing more for 95% of the lifetime of the car.
    PS. Also someone claimed currently they produce hydrogen with natural gas because it's the cheapest method so in practice it may not be environmentally friendly.

  10. All the push towards hydrogen is going to do, is keep us dependant on oil for the next few decades.
    The main type of poeple I have heard advocate hydrogen are petrol heads and George Bush (because they know it will take decades).
    Hydrogen has its place, but it's not the quick solution people want it to be.

  11. Burning hydrogen in a conventional engine produces nitric oxide (NO2) which is toxic. Fuel cell is the only way to go.

  12. You can't be serious. Hydrogen is too expensive. Look at the development in EV s these days and where are the H cars? Not gonna happen Scotty. Electric is everywhere and it's cheap and can be generated by anyone.


  14. Agreed but making hydrogen uses more energy then the hydrogen can deliver.. But hey I'll buy a hydrogen conversion kit👍

  15. H2 cars first sold in 2014 and I have still yet to see one on the road, nor have I seen a H2 filling station. The biggest issue of using sea water to make H2 is all the brine you leave behind, what do you do, store it on land, or dump it back into the sea, raising salt levels and killing all the marine animals?

  16. I agree…..sort of. Actually I think they were gearing up to do some large tests of hydrogen vehicles right before Obama was elected. He killed all that. Pretended he thought pure electric was superior. I seriously doubt that Obama knew the difference…..but he handled the auto crisis for outside 'handlers'. He knew little to nothing, his handlers were protecting the PROFITS of themselves and their masters! If I'm right, unless there is a paradigm shift among those who we can't even see or name…….I'm guessing you won't see a major come back for hydrogen. Sad but true.

  17. Scotty should really consider a "do-over" on this one.
    Some point are correct (energy required to produce hydrogen and the high costs involved) but critical other points are untrue particularly about hydrogen in combustion engines and limited lithium reserves (untrue) and the fact that no lithium is consumed by the battery and is fully recoverable for reuse and recycling.
    ICE engines cannot be practically converted to hydrogen for a number of reasons:
    – Low air to fuel ratios of 2.4:1 for hydrogen vs 100:1 for gasoline translates to up to a 50% loss in engine power
    – aggressive PCV is needed to avoid hydrogen bypassing the pistons and exploding in the crankcase, blowing the engine seals or worse
    – aggressive EGR is needed to avoid pre-ignition, this can cause excessive oil fouling the intake ports
    – aggressive thermal management is needed to avoid backfiring due to the low flash point of hydrogen
    – long life platinum tipped spark plugs are out because platinum acts as a catalyst with hydrogen leading to frequent spark plug changes

    – Hydrogen under pressure will combine with oxygen to produce water in the oil system requiring frequent oil changes

  18. Hydrogen is already there in petroleum and in batteries as ions. Nickel metal hydride = hydrogen. Hydrogen is also able to diffuse right through container walls and explodes …not nice

  19. Once got in a argument with a cousin of mine that was preaching electric cars I said electric cars are not zero emission. He said why not I said its hard for a vehicle to be zero emission in a country where a majority of electricity is produced from burning coal or oil. I said hydrogen is the better option, he said that puts out emissions too. I said it puts out water vapor and nothing else and is the most abundant element in the universe. You can create it from splitting water.

  20. All you have to do is shoot it in and light it. A pic of a man lighting a fart appears. Dang near busted by gut laughing.

  21. If they ever perfected Thorium fission reactors scientist predict they could power a car with a ounce of Thorium for 100 years or something like that. You could literally buy a car and never have to refuel it. No you can't have it go off like a nuclear weapon either.

  22. Hydrogen made buses in Chicago I think were made back in 1980 or 90's. Technology was created in burbank, CA. NY Times Square Sign still runs on this technology. Technology was later sold to Mercedes Benz in Germany which is why technology disappeared.

  23. Hence the scare of "climate change" or global warming. Hoping to make everyone change their cars into electric or hydrogen. Unfortunately, taxing people to death is not the best solution to save the planet.

  24. Thanks scotty but let the engineers take it away from here. You're a great mechanic but not an engineer. Maybe if you go back to school then you might invent a cheaper way with no consequences.

  25. The very problem when dealing with hydrogen is pressure. You have to waste a lot of energy to compress hydrogen into tank. There is no such problem with electricity, you have electricity you just put it in your battery. So, now electricity is better option. But Elon Mask is wrong anyway))

  26. I know the it's an old vehicle but fuel cell needs platinum to use hydrogen as a fuel from what I have heard. Which is more rare than *gold*.

  27. To bad it takes more energy to produce, compress, store and transport hydrogen gas is more demanding of the energy than it actually delivers.
    In business we call that …

  28. IF it was more economically viable to have hydrogen fuel cell cars than it is to have battery powered cars, we'd have hydrogen cars now and talk about a future of battery cars.

  29. I've said this… hydrogen is our future..
    Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe.. so.. How do we make it work efficiently and safely so it doesn't hindenburg on the road?

  30. Electric vehicles are going to create their own emissions problem with the ozone generated.
    Ozone in the lower atmosphere is toxic.
    Hydrogen burning engines are the future

  31. I think I once read that someone has designed an efficient means to convert hydrogen to and from ammonia. So, it would be conceviable to retrofit our current pipelines and gasoline distribution paths into ammonia transportation. And then convert it to hydrogen at your "gas" station to fill up your car.

  32. The problem with hydrogen as a motor fuel is storage. The hydrogen molecule is so small it will migrate through the steel of a high pressure cylinder.
    Back right after the 1973 gas crisis, a prototype was fielded using a platinum hydride hydrogen storage system. Platinum hydride will store over ten times its weight of hydrogen and release the hydrogen when heated. The prototype worked.
    The problem is economic viability. When your fuel storage costs more than five times the cost of the rest of the car; you have an issue. And, it takes time to refill a hydride storage so you would have to have replaceable modules. It works but taking an hour and an A-frame with chain fall to switch fuel modules is problematic.
    Being possible to do something and doing it affordably are totally different issues.
    What we really need is a fuel cell that will run on something like LPG or LNG and air. Well there is one, first marketed in the 70s then shelved when a power utility bought the company, but the catalyst is liquid phosphoric acid that is very corrosive.

  33. Scotty ; You may be " Unaware " That " In " a typical [ homemade ] H.H.O. System, you use " Water w/ baking Soda, " the Electricity from the Alternator
    And a Vacume Hose ( Basically ) !! And you'll need an " Anti Siphon Valve, " [ so that your engine Doesn't " Slurp water and Ruin itself " ] !!
    There Is " NO NEED " of " a Storage Tank " !! Because ; It Is " Hydrogen On Demand " !! It Is Safer and More Efficient Then Storage Tanks, whether
    gasoline Or Hydrogen !!

  34. Yes, Scotty, Elon is so wrong on so many fronts. What a stupid man! But NASA doesn't seem to think so, because he is doing all their launching for them now! Wake up, Tesla is light years ahead of all competition!

  35. Thorium-based Nuclear plants and Hydrogen would be the future. But it's never going to happen, too many lobby groups, too much invested interest.

  36. I have bin saying for years that hydrogen cars are the future is the most abundant Source in the universe are more powerful than gas thx for getting the word out

  37. Exxon was going to partner with California and build 155 hydrogen pumps in the state Arnold Schwarzenegger we're going to pass the the bill but the federal government shut it down

  38. Scotty you forgot about Japan's battery swap stations (monthly subscription) faster than filling gas.

  39. WE want less electricity, NOT more. Learn about the health effects, long term from electricity.
    I want a car that runs on WATER. THAT is a suppressed technology. We actually have cars that run on water. Look it up.

  40. Hi Scotty, this is a very nice and informative video, but u got it wrong too, partly if I may say. What you did not tell is that the Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle needs that battery technology that Elon Musk has, to bridge the gap for the instantaneous availability of power. A Fuel Cell has a ramp up time to be able to output its full power which is in the order of 6 to 10 seconds! Floor the gas pedal of a Mirai, its the small lithium battery pack of the car which bridges the gap for power availability until the fuel cell ramps up to maximum power.

    Elon Musk has a big argument on his side too, the efficiency of charging the battery pack is around 99%, and taking it back to the wheels is another 94%. Whereas compared to the Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle filling it up is 100% efficient, but converting it back to electricity is only 60% efficient. But storing Hydrogen at 700 bars in a vehicle kinds of make it interesting as you only need 3 minutes to fill up, like in the Mirai. Compressing the Hydrogen gas to 700 bars is another energy hog.

    But I agree with you when you say Elon Musk is wrong about Hydrogen cars! U could produce an update to this video.

  41. Wrong Scotty. It takes 30% more Energy to Compress Hydrogen to use and transport. Their goes your production costs. Hydrogen is extremely corrosive to Piping, how do you transport it to fill stations. Or does each Gas Station have its own Hydrogen Plant?????
    Do some research Scotty. Hydrogen is NOT your answer to Cars. I used to sit 50 Feet away (In a Steel Box) from a a Massive Hydrogen Generator at an Oil Refinery, what did they use Hydrogen for in an Oil Plant. To crack the oil. Desulfurization and hydrocracking operations increase relative to the quantity of crude processed. By the year 2000, hydrogen willfully produced for U. S. refining operations is likely to be substantially above the current requirement of about 1.8 billion SCF/D. This willfully-produced hydrogen does not include low pressure, low purity hydrogen produced as a by-product of naphtha reforming for octane improvement.

  42. The fact that you’re pushing hydrogen, makes me doubt other tips you’re giving. Guess that old gen tech will die with your gen

  43. Sorry but even with the possibility of nuclear fusion looming it seems hydrogen is a long shot.
    Especially hydrogen gas in the tank of my car makes me think of the Hindenburg. Lithium will be replaced by another fuel cell material that's more plentiful and someday they'll make a decent EV station wagon. Until then my vehicle of choice is a diesel long roof! Viva la 300TD, best Mercedes W123 ever.

  44. Okay, here's the deal. Lithium prices have fallen by 50 percent leaving investors looking sad. A new market like that goes through a series of starts and stops between expected demand and supply. There isn't really a lithium shortage when you get the right market signals go get the stuff for a profit in the places where it's already enriched in brines. Your thing is mechanics and mine is scarcity econ of minerals and energy.

  45. Oh I thought Toyota specially designed its hydrogen car to be as ugly as possible in order to meet CARB requirements in California without selling too many of them at a loss. It's a genius response to the California regs situation when you think about it.

  46. May year ago there was an engineer who developed material that absorbed hydrogen and could be added to the frame of a car or bumper etc. I'm not sure how he got the hydrogen into and out of the medium he used but it was safe and ingenious.

  47. There is still lots and lots of oil on Earth.Only a bit difficult to get to today,but that will be much easier in the future.

  48. The future?! Electric cars are here, NOW. There are millions on the road. You can buy one at almost any dealer. Where are these futuristic hydrogen cars??

  49. I have had regular car batteries blow up on me so an electric car with lithium batteries I don't think it's a great idea

  50. The paradigm shift is happening now, don’t you see it the world is going through a Renaissance as we speak these times will be looked back on in the future as such and the switch from burning oil has to happen call and I got the car because it was the fastest goddamn thing I ever drove oh and folks, even if you don’t get one call Drive call one of those tesla performance models, I am a 50-year-old car guy who has had and drove a lot of cars and the Tesla left a little brown stain in my underwear

  51. Two years 29 k miles on Tesla!!! 0 dollars on gas and 0 on maintenance,I rotated the tires a couple of times pretty much just so I could look at the underside of the car. Drive a Tesla for a while Scotty and I promise you’ll change your mind

  52. One of the things i know from working with otis hastings inventor of the penske electric plane engine is if you want to recharge your battery you need a brushless alternator and must take some of the negitive ground which is wasted and regulate it back to recharge
    The real issue is some energy must be used to cool down the battery , so an additional cooling system must refrigerate the battery
    But why plug in when you can run a brushless alternator and recharge ?

  53. My only issue is if you use sea water, everyone can monitse it, how long until the oceans are destroyed? The air can purify, can the ocean always replenish?

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