Elon Musk explains Electric Motor Cooling

Elon Musk explains Electric Motor Cooling

The bigger challenge is actually cooling it
effectively and then particularly cooling the rotor, cause you’ve got this rotor
going at like 18 000 rpm, so the Model S we coaxially cool the rotor in order to have
high steady state. So, also for electric motor it’s easier to get peak power for a
short period of time, it’s hard to have sustained peak power and – cause you overheat –
and then it’s hard to get high effeciency over a complicated drive cycle. Those tend
to be the problems we wrestle with, more than, say, the peak power. We can get peak
power pretty easily, but sustained power and efficiency over the drive cycle are hard.

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  1. How hot would the rotor become during sustained peak power? Let's say it stays there for 30 minutes or an hour.

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