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  1. great video bro,quick question would stacking mosfets on my ESC work to make it more resistant to burning and would it make the motor stronger?thank yoy

  2. Can you help me? If I had a motor like the EMAX GT5335/08. I would need to buy a esc with approximately 90 ampers. And the number of cells that the esc need to handle would be 10. Right?

    Specifications of the motor:

  3. Hey .I have a question .If i use a laptop charger 12 v direct to DC motor(`12 V ) will work ? ………or will burn .Ty for the answer.

  4. help! my brushless motor, is clicking and not providing power, i was going at a reasonable speed, then ejected from board. holding it upsidedown it only clicks and rocks back and forth when power is applied =/

  5. I want to replace the MOSFETs in my mamba phoenix rated for 50v 160a continuous. I need an ESC that can output 30v at 400a. I was wondering how feasible it would be to Replace each MOSFET with ones that can handle 30v (instead of 50).
    another thing I saw online were stacking MOSFETs on top of each other…. i already made an enormous cap pack using 6 35v 4700f (in parallel) so replacing the MOSFETs looks like it would be harder than stacking an extra one right on top.. oh and I'm going to use 2 larger cooling fans along with the stock heatsink. any suggestions?…. my brush less motor is rated for 25v 350a continuous; something like 7200w. (200km/h+ 1/8 rc car)

  6. Your videos are superb 🙂 No academese ("the flux cutting is propprtional to the cross product of the lagrangian transformation which as will be obvious on inspection is the second order differential equation of mah butt"), engaging style which is fun to listen to, and obviously a huge amount of knowledge behind it all 🙂

  7. GreatScott, your video is being uploaded by other people. here is one: https://youtu.be/eCR5M2KKVyc

  8. Can you explain what you are doing with the joystick around the @3:50 part of the video? I know that joysticks like that use 2 or more potentiometers and I've played with one in that capacity by hooking it up to a home made speaker as well as a simple led circuit, but the resistance was far too high for either of those circuits so it mostly served as an on/off switch…

  9. HELLO, I have a problem with my esc, when i connect my esc motor battery there is no think done but when i deconect the midle wire about the esc i heard some beep then no think doing, this problem made when i make a mistake connecting the wires, the bec is good it s make 5v, please should you give me some advice to resolve this probleme, thanks

  10. is there a way to make a setup to both test the motors and the ESC's of quadcopters? what would be the best way? what would be the cheapest way?

    Great content

  11. can you make a small winch with the brushless motor and a pulley system with it i think it would be a cool video if you lift some weights with the motor

  12. Hi everyone, I need to drive a brushless 2204 motor with a kind of potentiometer? I don't need a thing like show in the video at 3:50. I already have a power supply + brushless motor + esc. Then is there a place where I can buy card with included potentiometer to control everything? Thank you very much for your help.

  13. Scott your videos are very nicely done and a very good learning platform. May I com with a suggestion that you make your videos longer but with the exact same content so you don't just rush through things that no one have the time to snap up(understand) ? I love your channel but thats my only problem and it's is a big problem that makes your content much less interesting but it really is not. Please can you do that? Why the rush?!!

  14. i have a dc motor ~3,5cm drameter and 5cm long, i would like to power with my lab bench ( pc psu ) but while i connect the +12 and GND the psu spops (same stopping when i connect the +and gnd to a same conductor (i think its name "short circuit" in english , what is tze problem ? and how can fix ?

  15. hey I Know this is dumb and will destroy my motor and gears. but i got a rc car with a 390 brushed motor. that motor can pull my sister (65lbs) on a skateboard
    but i Want to upgade the motor so it can push me(127lbs)
    what kind of motor shall i look after ? is the t (turns) in the motor importen
    is it the torqe thats importen or the rpm or shall i go for a brushless setup?

  16. you plees helping sir
    am maid to home maid esc but not cliyer warking my fb althu althaf

  17. Silly question but if I wanted to learn about all things electronic should I pursue an electrical engineer degree? or are there other pathways?

  18. What happens when the motor are spinning without power from the esc? Can the esc handle the current coming from the motor?

  19. Hey why do you not used the beast motor for your longboard because it has a ideal kv rating and 6000watts would be great for hills

  20. Im a little confused.
    So its a star winding with a centre tapping…
    Where do you connect the positive and the negative current feed?
    and where does the yellow control wire for the windings connect?

  21. Hi! Amazing channel 😀 . i was trying to figure out a way to realize a moving system for a kayak. I was thinking to power a generator with pedals and wire it (they would be hard to mechanically connect to each other)to a motor. is this possible? Would it be cost efficient considering that you can buy a motor for around 140 euros? It would be funny for sure!

  22. Can you make DC genrater with brush less moter if yes, so what the winding is it? I have many brush less moter and trying to made genrater and also looking on internet but I didn't find any thing and then I remember you can help me. So plz help me I am waiting for your help you are my last hope

  23. Your speed calculation for the switching frequency, depends on the pole pairs.

    Calculation: electrical angle / pole pair = mechanical angle

    Your big PMSM has 4 poles (N+S, N+S) so 2 pole pairs therefore the factor ~ 2

    The small motor, PMSM has 7 pole pairs so 14 magnets inside, right ? 😉

    The fact with the KV story is correct!

  24. Hi friend can you make the video on how to make the ESC in home to general electronic components please make the video of ESC please friend

  25. What kind of bench power supply would be appropriate for running a bunch of BLDC motors? Like 81 motors each rated for a max 10amp with 30amp esc… I have a project I want to try building but I would rather not use batteries since this is a stationary project that would be used intermittently.

  26. Question ! What kind of motor should I use if I need 300 RPM with a 7.4 LiPo ( 2400mAh, C rating 35 ) battery ? All motors seem to have a very high kV rating !

  27. Very good video I always take time to watch them is a very good information thank u for keeping us informed sometimes i forget and I watch the videos and I keep going on with my projects.

  28. Hi! i have a brushless dc motor force feedback game wheel. I want to add a second identical motor for more strength. Is this going to put double the stress on my circuit board?

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