educaDreams visita: Coventry University

educaDreams visita: Coventry University

Welcome to educaDreams
At Coventry University
Coventry University is among
the 13 best Universities in the UK and was one of the best evaluated
in terms of teaching
The University is just 2 hours from London
And is very close to Birmingham, the second largest city in England
The city of coventry has a very interesting history
which explains why
the fenix is ​​the symbol of the university
the city was one of the main industrial centers
Before the Second World War
During the Second World War
it was bombed and completely destroyed
but it recovered from the ashes
and today is one of the main industrial centers
Of the UK – which is very good for students
because there are so many career
and job opportunities
During our visit all the university staff
Made sure to let us know
that the key word at Coventry University is “collaboration”

Everything was built thinking
and focusing on team work
I found it very interesting as well
that all mentoring and projects
are made in small groups.
I saw several groups
of 6 students with 2 teachers,
which is really cool
and shows
the university’s concern for its quality of education
so that the student can clear all doubts
and questions regarding a
project they are working on
In this building, the HUB,
is where all the services for
and also some leisure options are located
All students’ associations are here, the Student Union is here
And there is also a Movie Theatre
The first department we visited
was the Medical Sciences one
Although Coventry University
doesn’t offer Medicine
They invest a lot on facilities so the students
have access to practice and simulations
Coventry University offers degrees like Occupational Therapy
Physiotherapy and Sports Sciences
This last course I mentioned: Sports Sciences
Is very interesting because it was created because of market demand
of sports consultants and scientists
Students graduate and work for soccer teams like Chelsea
Of in Formula 1 teams, for example

It is worth doing some research about it
Maybe we will work on a video about this degree
Paramedical Sciences students can use an ambulance to simulate
emergency situations
They also have patient simulators
Look at this one breathing
Tutors use these patient simulators
To create emergency situations
and evaluate students
It is important to say that
students also have real experience
and practice
The next department we visited
was the engineering department
as I mentioned before, Coventry is located
at a very industrialized area
So companies invest a lot at the University
The Engineering building, for example, was renovated
and received millions of pounds in investment
Companies want that the students
practice on real equipments that they will use once they enter the job market
This way, they don’t need to spend a lot of time
training new employees
that just graduated from university
There are several types of simulators
available for engineering students.
they can even create their own software and test here
Their Wind Tunnel was developed
and donated by Mercedes Formula 1
The last department we visited was the Business
and Law department
I thought it was very interesting that they use
artificial intelligence here
The students work on cases
and need to take business decisions
The software analyse the students’ decisions
simulates it and make a report on what would happen to the company
in the real world
The university works a lot with simulation
There is a variety of simulation rooms
that can be tailored into meeting rooms
Each student is given a role in an imaginary company
And the tutors who are watching
everything from another room
Give the students real life situations
The students need to take the right decision about the situation that was given
they get feedback on their performance
Here is also where the Trading Floor is located
For students interested in the stock market
Students use real softwares to practice
So when they join the job market,
they are already trained
and used to them
And they also get a license to Softwares like the Bloomberg
That is all for today
But keep an eye out, because in the next video
we will interview a brazilian student
that went to Coventry to get his masters and brought his entire family
He brought his wife and kid and will tell us everything
about his experience. Keep following us, bye bye!

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